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Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission
Education Committee Meeting
August 19, 1999

First of all let me say thank you to those who attended our 8/19/99 Education Committee Meeting in Great Falls. The main purpose of the meeting was to go over our goals and focus areas. Don Erdman from Helena was our facilitator for the meeting. We also were fortunate to have a presentation of our newly developed Intranet site by Clint Blackwood's able summer assistant Stephanie Hanna. Stephanie had sent out a questionnaire to various groups requesting information regarding speakers, educational trunks, and items of interest that could be displayed on the Intranet as the beginning of our educational clearinghouse effort. From the discussion that followed, we all were quit impressed with the work already accomplished on this Intranet site. We also agreed of the importance of gathering as much information as possible for this site. There was much discussion on what should or shouldn't be on the site, and how is that determination should be made. This all led us right into our discussion of our first focus area set at our last couple of education committee meetings.

Attached are the new Goals and Focus Areas as discussed and agreed upon at our committee meeting, with one exception. After reading over the goals and focus areas, I believe we inadvertently left off the development and implementation of our Intranet site. We discussed in length if our clearinghouse "stamp of approval" would allow anything submitted to go on the site, but we never actually came up with a focus area for the site. Clint and I are proposing a possible Focus Area 1B for your approval and discussion. It simply states "To develop and implement an electronic database system (Intranet Site) for the central compilation and distribution of pertinent Lewis & Clark information". Please let either myself or Clint know ASAP if you agree or disagree with this proposed addition. We can then incorporate that modification into our report to the full commission. We would appreciate it.

I am very pleased with the results of your hard work at this last meeting. I will take our goals and focus areas to the Full Commission on September 28th at which time we will also pick another education committee meeting date. I hope that you will all continue to be involved in this process. Our next step as a committee will be to create action plan(s) for implementation of these goals and focus areas.

Thanks again for your hard work and we will keep you posted as to our next meeting date.



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