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Commission Overview

The Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission was created by the 55th Montana Legislature to aid in preparation for the Bicentennial of Lewis & Clark in Montana to be celebrated from 2003-2006. It is comprised of 12 Commissioners who are responsible for providing the overall leadership and coordination of Montana's Bicentennial Observance. The Commission meets regularly, as well as sponsors a number of conferences and workshops to aid communities in their respective planning for Bicentennial events, activities and projects. The Commission hired an Executive Director, Clint Blackwood, in May of 1998 to oversee the execution of the goals it has set out for the coming years. The Commission is working hard to promote education of the Expedition including the history of Montana's Indian people at the time of the Expedition, and to generate, maintain and coordinate Montanans' enthusiasm for this historical event.

Strategic Plan
This is the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission's Strategic Plan, created in September of 1998. It contains the Commission's mission statement, guiding priniciples, and goals and objectives for the Bicentennial.

Current Commissioners
The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission is comprised of 12 commissioners, three of which are state agency representatives, and three of which are Native American. This is a list of the current commission members, with pertinent contact information and term expiration dates.

"journal notes" Newsletter
The Commission produced the first edition of its periodic newsletter, "journal notes" in July, 1999. This is the complete newsletter on-line. The newsletter is mailed to interested groups and individuals throughout the state. To be added to the mailing list or notify the Commission of an address change, complete the Feedback Form stating your request and complete mailing address.
journal notes Newsletter

Press Releases

Director's Reports
The reports listed here are brief summaries of work completed by the Commission on a month-to-month basis written to update Commission members and other interested parties between Commission meetings.

Tasks Completed
Shown here is an annual bullet summary of major tasks completed by the Commission.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Interested in what the Commission has accomplished in the last two years? Curious about the agenda for the Commission's next meeting? This is the compilation of Commission meeting minutes and agendas, as well as Committee meeting notes from December 1997 to the present.

Commission Sponsored Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings
The Commission, in its effort to offer assistance and guidance statewide, periodically presents a variety of conferences, workshops and meetings open to anyone interested in the Bicentennial. This is a complete list of those events in Montana with overviews, agendas, and on-line registration(when possible).

National and Regional Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings
Numerous conferences, workshops, and meetings are being held all around the nation to prepare for the Bicentennial. These events, both regional and national, are listed here with dates, brief explanations, and information for attendance.



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