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License Plate Committee Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2001

Committee Members: L&C Bicentennial Commission: Homer Staves, Betty Stone, Clint Blackwood, Rita Cortright; H2O: Tony Hines, Mare Etta Sodja, Shawn Crum; Sara Groves, Montana History Foundation

A conference call was held on November 2, 2001, at 3:00 p.m. between the parties listed above to discuss the various components of the Lewis & Clark License Plate Marketing Plan prepared by H2O Advertising. Because the Commission had set a budget of $30,000 and the total reflected on H2O's marketing plan was $32,369, the committee agreed to prioritize the 7 components of the plan and limit spending to the budgeted amount. Storage and distribution costs were not known at the time of the meeting. The components are listed below in priority order as determined by the committee.

Poster - The poster would be the essential component for point of purchase, to be distributed to licensing offices around the state. Posters could also be distributed by local communities on a statewide basis. H2O bid the poster as 4-color, one side, 11" x 17", full bleed, 500 quantity. The Commission would distribute the posters to county licensing bureaus along with a sample license plate from the Department of Justice. Posters would also be sent in early December to Regional Bicentennial Commissions, Foundation Chapters, and Commission members for distribution in their communities.

Dept. of Justice Registration Cards - These are the reminder cards mailed to all Montana vehicle owners when their current license comes up for renewal. The 2-color card would feature a check-off box for persons wishing to purchase plates through the mail. The bid from H2O covers sufficient cards for all vehicle registrations through the first six months of 2002. H2O agreed to contact the DOJ following this meeting with the quantity to order and would also develop the 40-character line for the front of the card. Quantities would be reviewed in February, 2002, and the reorder in July 2002 would be at no cost to the Commission. The committee reviewed the proposed card design and suggested changes in the wording and layout. H2O agreed to provide a new version to the committee by e-mail.

Insert - This piece would be used for a variety of purposes, including direct mail inserts to various lists (state employees, MPC customers, handouts, title work, etc.). The planned size of 6" wide by 4" high would allow for mailing it in a standard business envelop. Regarding distribution, permission had been obtained from the Department of Administration to include the flyer with state payroll on December 12. Phil Scriver, contact for the Upper Missouri Bicentennial Commission, agreed to follow up with the City of Great Falls to obtain agreement to include the insert in city utility mailings. Montana Power Company would place the insert in power company billings for a fee, and this option would be considered. H2O agreed to obtain specifications from the DOJ to allow for the insert to be included in title work mailings, which could total 415,000 annually. Rita Cortright agreed to contact DOA to obtain the requirements for including the insert with the December 12 state payroll, as well as the tag line on payroll checks or notices.

Press Kits - The press kit would include a 9" x 12" pocket folder, a press release, and a CD-ROM with artwork files. Other materials may be included in the kit on an individual basis, such as posters or sample license plates. H2O's bid provided for 200 complete press kits with foil imprinted folders, and they will also develop the press release. Commission staff agreed to work with Tom Cook, Montana Historical Society Information Officer, to disseminate the press release.

TV/Radio PSA's - H2O would arrange for production and distribution of a 30-second PSA for airing on television and radio stations statewide. The bid cost included production, dubs, and distribution to all Montana television and radio stations.

Web Banner/Post Card/Button - H2O would design a web banner and button to be placed on participating web sites.

PSA Placement Campaign - H2O would arrange for a 3-month PSA campaign on television and radio stations statewide. They guaranteed at least $30,000 of air time for the Commission's $10,000 investment.

H2O agreed to provide a timeline and draft a contract with the Montana History Foundation for the advertising campaign.









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