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Chronology of Committee Activities

Background: This committee (also known as the Licensing, Endorsement & Promotion Committee) was originally charged with the responsibility of soliciting for a consulting/planning firm to develop a Montana Bicentennial Master Plan. Due to the fact that the resulting new plan has "Fundraising" as a component, the Committee has worked hard over the past 1 years to finalize both the Bicentennial Master Plan and an accompanying Fundraising Implementation Outline. Therefore, this summary of the Committee's activities will mark key points in the development of both the Master Plan and subsequent efforts to finalize a Fundraising Program.

The Commission hired the firm of Communication and Management Services (CMS) who was contracted on June 29, 1999, to "provide services to the Commission related to the development and selection facilitation of a request for proposals (RFP) for a strategic planning and product licensing and sponsorship program."

An interview committee was established and consisted of the following members: Matthew Cohn, Leif Johnson, Curley Youpee and Jim Parker (a non-commissioner volunteer), and Clint Blackwood. * Arnie Olsen was added to the committee on 9/18/99 when Leif Johnson resigned from the Commission.

The Request for Proposals (RFP00-12R) was released on September 3, 1999. The RFP was listed on the Department of Administration's web site, and approximately 40 potential applicants were sent direct invitations to respond to the RFP. Additionally newspaper ads referencing the RFP were placed in Montana's seven largest newspapers and in the Idaho Statesman, Salt Lake Tribune and the Spokesman Review.

September 17, 1999: The Commission scheduled an 'RFP Clarification Conference' for 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon in the Boo Conference Room in the Montana Historical Society. Note: Only one potential applicant attended the Clarification Conference.

The deadline for the submission of proposals was set for October 8, 1999. Note: Only one proposal was received, from The Hingston Roach Group.

November 18, 1999: The Committee met to review and score The Hingston Roach Group proposal (attending committee members were Matthew Cohn, Arnie Olsen, Clint Blackwood; not attending, but available via conference call were Jim Parker and Curley Youpee). Based on the strength of their proposal, the Committee decided to invite The Hingston Roach Group to participate in a personal interview.

January 10, 2000: The Committee interviewed The Hingston Roach Group in the Haynes Auditorium in the Montana Historical Society. Participating for The Hingston Roach Group were Lorraine Roach, Tom Hudson and Gail Brockbank. Attending on behalf of the Review Committee were Clint Blackwood, Curley Youpee, Matthew Cohn, Arnie Olsen and Jim Parker.

January 11, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group made a presentation to a meeting of the full Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission. At the recommendation of the Review Committee, the decision of the Commission was to enter into a contract with The Hingston Roach Group for the "Master Plan" portion of their of the Scope of Work (Part 1), dated March 1, 2000. The Commission requested more information on the firm's expertise on product licensing and sponsorship programs before making the decision to award that portion of work. The Committee was given the authority to decide, after another interview with THRG, whether or not to also contract with THRG for the development of the product licensing and sponsorship programs.

March 20, 2000: The first public stakeholders meeting was held to meet the planning team members of The Hingston Roach Group, and to outline a timeframe a process for creating Montana's Bicentennial Master Plan. The meeting was held in Room C-209 in the Cogswell Building in Helena. Four Commissioners attended and approximately 35 interested public and private sector stakeholders participated. A brief summary of this March 20, 2000, meeting is attached for reference.

March 21, 2000: The Commission's Licensing & Sponsorship Committee met with, and again interviewed The Hingston Roach Group (THRG) concerning the firm's proposed approach to developing a product licensing and sponsorship program. Attending for THRG were Lorraine Roach, Tom Hudson and David Eaton. Attending for the Committee were Matthew Cohn, Clint Blackwood, Arnie Olsen and Jim Parker. During this meeting the Commission realized that more research was necessary before launching into programs of this type. Therefore, at the conclusion of the interview the Committee decided to structure the pending contract with THRG to allow for the completion of the "Master Plan," and Part 2-J of the THRG's proposed Scope of Work dated March 1, 2000. Part 2-J facilitated the drafting of a Product Licensing & Sponsorship Feasibility Report.

April 24, 2000: A contract was finalized and signed with The Hingston Roach Group to initiate the Part 1 "Master Planning" and "Part 2-J" portions of their proposed Scope of Work, dated March 1, 2000. (contract in file)

Summer, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group contacts and discusses (by telephone and e-mail) projects identified by Regional Bicentennial Commissions, Indian Tribes and agencies of the Bicentennial Focus Team.

May 17, 2000: Lorraine Roach met and discussed the Master Planning Process with the Education Committee of the state Commission. The meeting was held in the downstairs conference room in the Department of Commerce Building from 9AM to 3PM.

May 18, 2000: Lorraine Roach met and discussed the Master Planning Process with the Bicentennial Focus Team of the Montana Tourism & Recreation Initiative (MTRI). The meeting was in Helena at the Helena National Forest Headquarters Building from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

June 15, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group (Lorraine Roach and Tom Hudson) make a presentation to outline a proposed Strategic Outline to the full Commission at the Commission's meeting in Fort Benton. The Commissions accepted THRG's proposed Strategic Outline as presented.

July 18, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group (Lorraine Roach and Gail Brockbank) in a 2-hour meeting presented to the Licensing & Sponsorship Committee (Jim Parker, Clint Blackwood, Matthew Cohn in attendance) the Product Licensing & Sponsorship Feasibility Report. This report essentially outlined that Montana should not develop a 'stand-alone' product-licensing program in Montana. The Committee agreed, and accepted THRG's suggestion to not create a stand-alone product-licensing program, but instead to work with the product licensing and sponsorship programs currently being developed by the National Lewis & Clark Council. The Committee furthers concurred and agreed to amend THRG contract to allow for the completion of Part 2-K of their Proposed Scope of Work dated March 1, 2000, which would create a Proposed Fundraising Strategy for the Commission's review and consideration. (Report in Master Plan Binder)

July 18, 2000: The Commission convenes in a special meeting from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. to discuss and review progress of the Master Planning process (not an official Commission meeting as a quorum of Commissioners were not present). The meeting was held in the Cogswell Building and among other issues the project prioritization criteria and corridors within the final plan were discussed.

August 3, 2000: The contract with The Hingston Roach Group was appropriately amended to allow for the creation of a Proposed Fundraising Strategy. (Amendment filed with contract)

August 2000: The state Commission reviewed and commented on the first draft of the Master Plan.

October 4, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group presented the final Master Plan document to the full state Commission at their meeting in Great Falls. The Commission adopted the Plan, but requested some time to review for "clerical errors." A deadline of October 20th was set for the return of any such comments from the Commissioners or from other interested stakeholders.

October 5, 2000: Lorraine Roach presented the newly adopted Master Plan to the 2nd Annual Lewis & Conference in Great Falls.

October 20 to November 15, 2000: Edits were made by the THRG to the final Master Plan document.

October 23, 2000: The contract with The Hingston Roach Group was amended to allow for their Termination Date to be extended to January 31, 2001. (Amendment filed with contract)

November 22, 2000: The Hingston Roach Group presented the completed Proposed Fundraising Strategy Report to the Licensing & Sponsorship Committee for their review and comment. The Committee reviewed the three options outlined in the report and generally favored Option #2, whereby the state Commission would become pro-active in raising funds, but would not 'manage' the corridors for project and event development. (Report in Master Plan Binder)

December 8, 2000: The Licensing & Sponsorship Committee requested THRG to prepare and submit a Fundraising Strategy proposal outlining in detail how their firm would develop, implement and manage a fundraising strategy for the Commission. This request was specified as an option within their contract, therefore no contract amendment was necessary.

December 15, 2000: Copies of the final Master Plan were sent to key stakeholder groups (approx. 500) and posted on the Commission's web site.

December 20, 2000: Lorraine Roach officially informed the Licensing & Sponsorship Committee that her firm would not be offering a specific implementation proposal for fundraising to the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.

February 13, 2001: During the Commission meeting held this day, the topic of Fundraising once again surfaced. The Committee reported on both the Product Licensing & Sponsorship Feasibility and Fundraising Strategy Reports prepared for the Commission by The Hingston Roach Group (Committee Report is attached). It was also reported that THRG had declined to exercise their option of presenting a plan for how their firm would implement and manage a fundraising strategy for the Commission. The Committee recommended that the Commission hire an 'in-house' fundraiser, and directed the Commission's Executive Director to come to the June 2001 Commission meeting with a Proposed Fundraising Implementation Outline.

April 30, 2001: The Commission entered into a new, short-term contract with The Hingston Roach Group for the purpose of developing a Proposed Fundraising Implementation Outline. (Contract in file)

May 17, 2001: The Licensing & Sponsorship Committee held a conference call with Lorraine Roach to discuss the results of a "Needs Questionnaire" (copy attached) that had been distributed in late April to identify funding needs of Regional Commissions, Heritage Chapters, Regional Tourism Regions, MTTA members and public agencies of the MTRI Bicentennial Focus Team. Matthew Cohn and Clint Blackwood joined Lorraine on this call; other committee members were unable to participate. It was agreed that based on the "Needs Questionnaire" that THRG would move forward to draft a Fundraising Implementation Outline. (A brief summary of the conference call is attached).

June 8, 2001: Another conference call was held with Lorraine Roach and Clint Blackwood, Matthew Cohn, Jim Parker and Arnie Olsen from the Licensing & Sponsorship Committee. During the call the group discussed a draft of an Implementation Outline that Lorraine had distributed via e-mail to the committee. It was agreed to meet in person at a breakfast meeting in Missoula on June 12, 2001, immediately prior to the Commission's scheduled meeting to discuss this Outline in more detail.

June 12, 2001: A 7:00 A.M. breakfast meeting was held at Finnegan's in Missoula. Lorraine Roach was joined by Clint Blackwood, Matthew Cohn, Arnie Olsen, and two additional, interested Commissioners, Betty Stone (Commission Chair) and Doug Monger. After some discussion the Committee agreed to recommend to the full Commission that a Fundraising Coordinator be hired (possibly through an agreement with the Montana Historical Society's Foundation), and that additionally a fundraising firm be solicited, interviewed and hired to assist in the Commission in developing a "Montana Game Plan" to be referenced as a fundraising campaign strategy. The Committee's recommendation would be to utilize The Hingston Roach Group's Fundraising Implementation Outline Report dated June 2001 (copy in Master Plan Binder) as a reference in moving forward in developing a specific Montana fundraising program.

Two sub-committees of the Licensing & Sponsorship committee were formed in early July, 2001 to facilitate two goals in partnership with the Montana Historical Society Foundation: 1) To hire a Fundraising Coordinator (to be an employee of the Foundation) to generate funding for Montana's Lewis & Clark Bicentennial; and 2) To contract with a fundraising consultant to assist in the development of the anticipated fundraising campaign. Serving on the sub-committee to contract with the Fundraising Consultant was Jim Parker (Hamilton Stores); Jay Russell, Development Director of the Montana Historical Society Foundation; Commissioners Homer Staves and Curley Youpee, and Commission Director Clint Blackwood. Serving on the sub-committee to hire the Fundraising Coordinator was Jay Russell, Clint Blackwood, and Commissioner Arnie Olsen.

On July 13 a letter and a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was sent to 15 fundraising consulting firms that the sub-committee had identified, inviting them to respond with an outline of their qualifications and proposed approach. Six (6) responses were received as of the August 3 submittal deadline. The responses were then reviewed and rated by the sub-committee.

On July 15 and 22, 2001 advertisements were placed in the five larger Montana newspapers to solicit applications for the new Fundraising Coordinator position. Additionally, the Position Announcement was posted with the Montana Job Service and on the Commission's web site. Fifteen applications were received and rated by the sub-committee as of August 10, 2001.

August 16th - Three of the 15 applicants for the Fundraising Coordinator position were selected and contacted for interviews. Interviews were set for Thursday, August 23.

August 20th - Three Fundraising Consultants were selected and contacted for interviews. Interviews were set for August 31, 2001 (tentatively).

August 31st - Interviews were held with three fundraising consulting firms. Present from the selection committee were Jim Parker, Jay Russell, Homer Staves and Clint Blackwood (Curley Youpee was unable to attend). The 2-hour interviews were conducted in the Boo Auditorium in the Montana Historical Society. The firms interviewed were the Community Counseling Service, TRIAD, and Charles H. Bentz Associates, Inc. No final selection decisions were made as a result of the interviews. Reference checks will now be made of the committee's top two rated firms, at which time the committee will re-convene to arrive at its final selection recommendations.

September 11, 2001 - Meeting of the "Fundraising Consultant" sub-committee. The Fundraising Consultant sub-committee of the Commission's Licensing & Sponsorship Committee met via conference call today to discuss the three firms interviewed on Friday, August 31st. Participating in this conference call were Jay Russell, Jim Parker and Clint Blackwood (Homer Staves was traveling and was unable to access the conference call). From August 31st until this date, Clint conducted reference checks on the top two rated consulting firms as determined immediately following the August 31st interviews. Based on the responses to the Request for Qualifications (RFP), and the interviews, the sub-committee today discused and the "voted" the following in order of selection preference: #1, Charles Bentz Associates/#2 Community Counseling Service (CCS)/and #3 TRIAD Communications. The sub-committe will now report their selection recommendations to the Executive Committee of the State Commission.

September 14, 2001 - Meeting of the "Fundraising Coordinator" sub-committee. The Fundraising Coordinator sub-committee met today for a second interview with the leading candidate. Due to unforeseen transportation problems, this interview was conducted via a telephone conference call. Pariticipating in this interview were Arnie Olsen, Jay Russell and Clint Blackwood. Pending the completion of reference checks, it was the unanimous choice of this sub-committee to offer the Fundraising Coordinator position to the number one rated candidate, Sara Groves. Jay Russell, on behalf of the Montana Historical Society Foundation, will contact and offer the position to Sara.

September 19, 2001 - The Executive Committee of the L&C Commission met via conference call at noon today and agreed to "take to the full Commission (at their October 10th meeting), a recommendation that the Commission move forward to contrct with the consulting firm that was recommended by the selection committee (Charles Bentz Associates) for a fee to be negotiated to be mutually acceptable."

The Executive Committee chose not to make the decision to commit the additional funds necessary to contract with Charles Bentz Associates; they wanted the full commission to make the final decision at their meeting in October. However, the Executive Committee was accepting the selection commttee's recommendation that Charles Bentz Associates was the number one choice of the proposals received and reviewed, pending reaching a satisfactory contract fee.

October 11, 2001 - The full L&C Commission voted today to retain the services of Charles Bentz Associates to provide fundrasing consultant expertise to the state Commission in the development of a fundraising campaign for the Montana L&C Bicentennial.



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