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Montana Historical Society
Helena, Montana
February 10, 1999

Commission members in attendance were Jeanne Eder, Leif Johnson, Darrell Kipp, Jack Lepley, Edythe McCleary, Hal Stearns, Betty Stone, Curley Youpee, Matthew Cohn, Doug Monger and Sharon McCabe. Society staff included Dave Walter and Rita Cortright. Guests included Shawn Peterson, Travel Montana, Peggy Trenk, Congressman Rick Hill's Office, and Kevin McDonald from Townsend.

Betty Stone called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and introduced Shawn Peterson and Peggy Trenk. Ms. Trenk thanked Mr. Blackwood for the invitation to today's meeting. She said Mr. Hill chairs the Lewis & Clark Caucus in the House of Representatives and said they will be making appropriations requests for various projects. She invited the Commission to submit requests to Mr. Hill's office for Montana Lewis & Clark projects by mid-March. Mr. Blackwood asked if the Senate will also have a Caucus and Ms. Trenk responded that she did not know. Betsy Allen, with Senator Conrad Burns' office, was also invited to today's meeting, but had not arrived prior to this discussion. Mr. Blackwood said he wants to coordinate a strategy meeting with Ms. Trenk and Ms. Allen based on discussion with the Commission.

Approval of Minutes

Ms. Stone called for a motion to approve the minutes of the November 10, 1998, meeting. Matthew Cohn made a motion to approve the minutes as mailed. Hal Stearns seconded and the motion carried.

Director's Report

Ms. Stone called on Clint Blackwood to deliver his Director's Report. He highlighted a couple of items in his report, the first being his November trip to Missoula to discuss the community's planning efforts. He called attention to the planning map on display at the back of the room. He reported that over the last three months progress has been made in establishing regional planning organizations in the following counties; Broadwater, Gallatin, Beaverhead, Missoula, Glacier, and Richland. Mr. Blackwood announced that he is on the State Rest Area Advisory Committee, and said there is a growing awareness withing DOT for the realization that rest areas need to be updated. As new and improved interpretive signage for Lewis & Clark is developed, these signs may be recommended for placement in some rest areas. He said DOT is very interested in working on this project. Their discussions have included keeping more rest areas open in the winter, building new facilities, and revamping existing facilities to make them more accessible for interactive kiosk units. Mr. Blackwood reported on two new chapters for the Trail Heritage Foundation, the Crimson Bluffs Chapter in Townsend, and the Gates of the Mountains Chapter in Helena. This brings the total to six chapters. He was unsure of the status of the Upper Marias Chapter, and said Billings is discussing a local chapter. These groups meet monthly and host speakers. Mr. Blackwood noted a request he has received to support a name addition for a site near Townsend and said Kevin McDonald will address this item later on the agenda. He did ask the Commission to begin thinking about a policy regarding the naming or renaming of sites related to Lewis & Clark. Mr. Blackwood announced Brian Cockhill's retirement and introduced Sharon McCabe who is serving as interim director of the Society. Mr. Blackwood is serving as a member of the Society's transition management team. He reported on the MTRI Focus Team's first project, a proposed Interpretive Sign Plan. The Commission made application to the National Park Service for a $20,000 challenge cost share grant. That money is to be matched by funds from the Historical Society's sign program, money from Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and $5,000 from the Montana Power Company. Currently, $55,000 has been earmarked for this study, with a significant part of it being in-kind services, as much of the work will be done by agencies. Mr. Blackwood said he has a verbal commitment from NPS for the full $20,000 grant, but cautioned that this is not yet public as a letter of confirmation has not been received. He added that an interpretive planning group made up of Forest Service employees from Colville, Washington, will serve as the contractor to perform the work. They will review the current interpretive signage in Montana, and recommend the location of new or improved signs. He said this will assist DOT with their statewide coordination as requests are received for new interpretive signs. The deadline for this plan to be in place is September or October, 1999. He added that this team will make a specific effort to contact Indian Tribes. Mr. Blackwood said after October, a better strategy can be formulated as to federal appropriations requests and spoke about the potential tie to Legacy. Mr. Blackwood distributed a letter and Lewis & Clark sign plan developed for seven sites in Beaverhead and Madison counties. He spoke about the need to develop a consistent sign plan throughout Montana. Mr. Lepley announced that landowners who have a recognized Lewis & Clark Trail site are eligible for a free National Park Service sign. Ms. Stone asked if a press release will be issued once the confirmation has been received and Mr. Blackwood said it would. Ms. Stone asked that copies be sent to each commission member to be distributed in their communities. Mr. Cohn suggested that information on the national markers be included in the release. Mr. Blackwood announced that he will be attending a planning meeting in Idaho on March 4-6, and invited commission members to attend.

Development of a Lewis & Clark website was addressed. Mr. Blackwood said the current plan is to collect as much information as possible regarding events, speakers bureaus, and traveling trunk information, to be included on the website. Mr. Blackwood plans to work in partnership with Travel Montana as they have a Lewis & Clark section on their website and he invited Mr. Peterson to today's meeting to address website development. Mr. Peterson said in the next few months the Commission needs to decide what kinds of things they need in a website and what role it will play in the effort to disseminate information. Travel Montana does not foresee a huge project, but sees this as a way to integrate information about the Commission into a static page on their website. Mr. Blackwood said he is very pleased that Travel Montana is willing to provide this interim site for the Commission, as creating their own site would be very time-consuming and expensive. He said depending on funding, a more elaborate site can be developed in the future. Mr. Blackwood noted Joe Musselman's website, saying that it is becoming intertwined with the University of Montana's Information Technology Resource Center, and has the potential to become a dynamic site. Mr. Peterson said Travel Montana's website is minimal and is based on the brochure that Travel Montana published a year and a half ago. This work was contracted with a graduate student at the University of Montana. The number of user sessions on the site, which averages about 8 minutes each, was estimated at about 40,000 last year.

Mr. Blackwood spoke about the National Park Service's plan for a Traveling Classroom, which is in addition to the National Moving Marker being proposed by the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council. The cost for the Traveling Classroom is estimated at $12-13 million dollars. Mr. Blackwood said this will have a significant impact on Montana as they want to follow the Trail by the encampment dates, which could be right on top of the Moving Marker and could potentially determine events across Montana. Mr. Blackwood said the NPS is sending letters to governors and tribal leaders seeking their input on this proposal. Mr. Stearns said he received notice yesterday in the mail from the U.S. Army that a planning meeting will be held at Ft. Vancouver, Washington, in April, 1999, to discuss the possibility of sending a military expedition to also travel the route on encampment anniversary dates. Mr. Blackwood said that a couple of months ago in Great Falls the federal agencies said they did not intend to dictate the events of Montana's commemoration, but he sees that taking place as the Park Service and the U.S. Army begin to plan this type of activity. Mr. Cohn suggested contacting other state commissions to determine their level of involvement and concern with these plans. Mr. Stearns suggested it would be beneficial to have a gathering of all the state Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commissions to discuss coordination. Ms. Eder said the National Council will hold a planning workshop in Vancouver on April 20-24, where they plan to discuss state commissions' plans, and suggested this would be a good opportunity for Mr. Blackwood to address Montana's plans.

Ms. Stone called for discussion on the several upcoming Lewis & Clark Conferences. They are:

  • March 4-6, Lewiston, Idaho (Jeanne Eder will pay her own expenses and Clint Blackwood will attend)
  • National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council Annual Planning Workshop April 21-24, Vancouver, Washington (Jeanne Eder and Hal Stearns will pay their own expenses; Jack Lepley, Betty Stone, Clint Blackwood, and possibly Leif Johnson will attend)
  • Lewis & Clark Rendezvous, May 22-23, St. Charles, Missouri (Clint Blackwood may attend)
  • Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Annual Meeting, Aug. 1-4, Bismarck, North Dakota (Jack Lepley will attend)

Ms. Stone called for discussion on covering travel and registration expenses for Commission members. Mr. Blackwood said the budget would allow for covering registration, but not per diem. Mr. Stearns made a motion to pay the registration fee plus $100 in travel expenses for any Commission member wishing to attend any of the four meetings. Ms. Eder seconded. Ms. Stone called for further discussion. Mr. Cohn asked if there are sufficient funds to cover the travel expenses. Mr. Blackwood said there is approximately $2,000-$2,500 available through June 30 to cover these expenses. Ms. McCabe said Mr. Blackwood should attend these meetings, plus as many Commission members as the budget will allow. Ms. Stone called for the vote. The motion carried.

Governance Plan

Mr. Blackwood explained that the Governance Plan was mailed to members for approval and comments after the meeting with Virginia Tribe, but no comments were received. Page 4, Item 2, a. Executive Committee reflects some changes in wording made by Ms. Tribe. After discussion the wording was changed to: AConducts the Executive Director's annual performance evaluation after input from the full Commission.@ Edythe McCleary made a motion to accept the revised wording. Leif Johnson seconded and the motion carried.

Strategic Plan

Mr. Blackwood explained that the Strategic Plan was developed directly from the Commission's work with Virginia Tribe. He stated that the action objectives listed under the goals are not meant to be all-inclusive, they are representative of the ideas developed last September. Mr. Blackwood suggested adoption of this plan so it can be sent to interested parties. Ms. Stone said the plan will be revisited during the Commission's fall meeting to determine if any changes are needed. Jeanne Eder made a motion to adopt the Strategic Plan dated September, 1998. Edythe McCleary seconded and the motion carried.

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

Mr. Blackwood explained that his cover memo dated February 6, 1999, outlines the Proposed changes to the Commission's Bylaws. These changes have been approved by the Bylaws Committee (Jack Lepley, Sharon McCabe, Terry Korpela) and are incorporated into the attached Bylaws. Because Article XII states that 14 days of prior notice are needed to amend the Bylaws, Ms. Stone tabled this item until the next meeting. The handout will serve as notice of the change to the Bylaws.

Committee Reports

Mr. Blackwood unveiled the Commission's logo. Two versions were displayed; one incorporating color and the second a line-draw format. Mr. Cohn asked if the design will be registered as a trademark and Mr. Blackwood responded that it would. Mr. Cohn suggested stipulating the PMS colors to be used. Mr. Blackwood agreed with recommending the PMS colors, but not mandating their use. Ms. McCleary inquired about the logo's immediate use. Mr. Blackwood explained that the logo can be registered on the state level, but it must also be registered at the Trademark Office in Washington, DC. He said it depends on how many different product lines will utilize the logo and estimated that it may take six months to complete the licensing agreement work. Mr. Stearns asked how the Commission will deal with multiple requests for similar applications of the logo, i.e., tee shirt sales. Mr. Blackwood said hopefully answers will come through the process of hiring a company to manage product licensing and endorsements. Ms. Stone asked about the envelop design and whether postal regulations were considered. Mr. Blackwood said the artist is familiar with the regulations and took them into consideration. Ms. Stone recommended that the Commission officially adopt the logo as presented by Mr. Blackwood. Mr. Johnson made a motion to adopt the logo. Hal Stearns seconded. The motion carried.

Mr. Johnson reported on behalf of the Licensing, Endorsement and Promotion Committee. He provided a handout and reviewed its contents. Mr. Johnson received a proposal from Lance and Associates just prior to this meeting and will report on it at the next Commission meeting. He is also expecting information from Harris & Love Advertising & Public Relations. Mr. Stearns asked Mr. Johnson for the locations of the firms contacted. Historic Connections is located in Alexandria, Virginia; Lance & Associates is located in California; and Harris & Love are in Salt Lake City. Mr. Stearns asked if Travel Montana is required to utilize the services of a Montana firm, and Mr. Cohn responded that they incorporate the Montana requirement in their RFP. In this case, he said it would be nice of the selected company were Montana-based, but expressed his concern that because of the specialized requirements, this may be too limiting. Mr. Blackwood said any one of these companies may respond to an RFP, but to this point they are simply brain-storming ideas with the Commission. Mr. Johnson suggested developing criteria for agency selection and then preparing an RFP, but not limiting the selection solely to Montana-based companies. Mr. Blackwood explained that the RFP would cover Product Licensing, Sponsorships and Events/Planning, not the coordination of Education, the Marketing Plan, or Legacies. Mr. Johnson expressed his desire to have a firm assist with developing the Master Plan and explained that an outline of the Master Plan could be developed by the Commission and submitted to these firms as part of the RFP. Mr. Blackwood asked if the committee's logic with regard to the Master Plan was clear and acceptable and the response was affirmative. He said the draft Master Plan will be developed over the next few months.

Mr. Kipp reported on the Education Committee's meeting. He said they have met 4-5 times and he reviewed the three goals that resulted from last evening's meeting: 1) developing a resource guide; 2) planning an Academic Symposium; and 3) planning an Educator's Symposium/ Institute. He reviewed the list of guidelines they developed for the Resource Guide: 1) that it focus on the Montana portion of the expedition; 2) that it have a Native American voice represented (past, present & future); and 3) that it be based on factual, historical record, including oral histories. The types of resources that these guidelines would be applied to are educational kits (traveling trunks), a Commission speakers' bureau, a tribal information directory, websites, and K-12 curriculum. He said the committee discussed creating curriculums and reached the conclusion that, because so much has already been done and is available, the Commission should not involve itself in this area. He explained that holding a Symposium might result in publishing proceedings, posting information on the Internet, and encouraging Native American participation as scholars. Mr. Kipp explained that because the subcommittees serve as brainstorming committees, they must come back to the Commission for general consensus and approval. Mr. Blackwood added that the three items are not meant to be all inclusive, but are a starting point. Ms. Stone called for comments. Mr. Lepley said Fort Union is planning a Fur Trade Symposium in 2000 and suggested it might be a good opportunity for observation. Mr. Stearns suggested a tie-in on the Symposium with the Montana Committee for the Humanities because of the funding prospects and Mark Sherouse's offer to collaborate. Mr. Kipp agreed to address this with the Education Committee but explained that the activities the committee chose were intended to raise the status of the Commission, that too much coordination or use of other groups's activities dilutes the status of the Commission. Mr. Stearns explained the grant process with MCH, and said the Commission retain total control of the project, with funding assistance from MCH. Mr. Johnson said he does not want to see the Commission focus so heavily on the academic world that the general public is excluded. Mr. Blackwood cautioned that a mechanism must be developed to match the criteria with the products seeking Commission endorsement. He summarized by saying they must determine what can be endorsed, what can't be endorsed and determine how endorsement will be accomplished. Mr. Youpee asked the Education Committee to consider a statewide activity during their next meeting.

Regional Forums & Statewide Planning Workshops

Mr. Blackwood said a main component for gathering input is the Regional Forums. He plans to hold a one-day or one-and-a-half-day meeting in each of the Regions between now and mid-summer. The agenda would include: an update on regional activities; an update on LCBC; solicitation of ideas on what kinds of projects and events communities would to host; solicitation of community needs in planning events; solicitation of ideas for Legacy; and also what communities do not want to happen. Mr. Blackwood suggested that the Licensing, Endorsement and Promotion Committee could work with him to plan the Forums. Ms. Eder asked if it would be beneficial to partner with Homer Staves and Mr. Johnson said ultimately, yes, it would. Mr. Blackwood suggested holding the Regional Forums in the Spring and Summer and a one-day Statewide Planning Workshop in the Fall. The following sites were suggested by Mr. Stearns; Great Falls, Billings, Missoula, Bozeman, Helena, Sidney/Glendive, Browning/Cutbank, Glasgow and Dillon. Mr. Blackwood said that Mr. Kipp's suggestion of an art show could be a component of the Fall Workshop. Lewistown and Great Falls were suggested as possible locations for the Fall Workshop. Mr. Blackwood said the Governor's Conference will contain a session on Lewis & Clark and he suggested making an announcement there regarding the Forums and Fall Workshop. He said events mapping will be a logical outgrowth of these Regional Forums. Mr. Stearns suggested that the Forums could run from 1:30 - 4:00 p.m., which would allow sufficient time to cover the necessary material and also allow for travel time. Mr. Johnson noted the need for press coverage of the Forums and Workshop. Mr. Blackwood asked for a subcommittee to be formed to assist him in determining the dates, locations, and agendas for these meetings. This committee will consist of Hal Stearns, Matthew Cohn and Doug Monger. Mr. Cohn said depending on the budget, the Commission may need to hire someone to assist with this planning. The committee agreed to meet on February 17, at 11:00 a.m. at Travel Montana.

Edythe McCleary displayed a copy of the Yellowstone Floater's Guide which has been produced jointly by Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the DOT. She announced their plans to eventually map the entire Yellowstone River in a series of floater's guides.

Chuck Sundstrom and George Knapp from Missoula, presented the Traveler's Rest Traveling Trunk during lunch.

Legislative Update

Sharon McCabe presented an update on the Commission's Legislative Request for Fiscal Years 2000-2001. She reported that Mr. Blackwood and Ms. Stone presented the request before the joint Education Subcommittee, asking for $400,000 to be included in the Society's budget to initiate and implement key programs and projects that have been identified by the Commission. Ms. McCabe reported that this request was denied, along with many of the Society's requests. She said they plan to pursue an amendment to the bill in the Full House Appropriations Committee, and added that Commission members' support is vital to get the amendment passed. Mr. Blackwood will seek a member of the committee to make the amendment. Ms. McCabe said if it fails at this point, then a cats & dogs bill could be prepared which will go to House Appropriations where the bill will receive a full hearing with testimony from Commission members and supporters. The deadline for preparing the bill is March 19, as the transmittal date from the House to the Senate is March 25. Mr. Blackwood reviewed the list of members on House Appropriations. Mr. Cohn said he would like to see the appropriation come from the general fund, but if they choose to take it from the Bed Tax, it means some other projects will not be accomplished. Mr. Blackwood asked members to begin considering who would be strong sponsors and/or co-sponsors of a separate bill. Mr. Blackwood will coordinate contacts by Commission members and will also prepare talking points and distribute them immediately to the Commission to be used in conjunction with the Funding Request Summary.

Discussion of Proposed Name Additions/Changes for Lewis & Clark Features

Mr. Blackwood raised the issue of the Commission adopting a policy regarding requests for support for name changes/additions for Lewis & Clark features. He introduced Kevin McDonald from Townsend, explaining that Mr. McDonald sent a letter to the Commission requesting their support for the naming of a group of islands in the Missouri River seven miles south of Townsend as AYork's Islands.@ Mr. McDonald explained that a part of the USGS Naming Bureau's process of evaluation is to scope local governments and communities to determine if there is any opposition to the naming. He explained that the USGS has an evaluation process in place, but was simply asking for a letter of support from the Commission. Mr. McDonald explained that their application has been prepared, they have received letters of support, including letters from Bob Bergantino, landowners, county commissioners, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, state representative Rick Hill, Stephen Ambrose, and Dr. Robert Morgan of William & Mary in Virginia. They have researched maps beginning with Clark's map which names the islands as AYork's Eight Islands,@ up through current aerial maps which do not name the islands. Ms. Stone called for discussion. Mr. Stearns spoke in support of giving an authentic name to a feature that was recorded by Lewis & Clark. Mr. Johnson agreed with Mr. Stearns. Mr. Cohn asked if research had been done to determine if the islands have a Native American name. Mr. Youpee spoke in support of changing names that are offensive to Native Americans and women. Mr. Monger and Mr. Lepley spoke in support of developing a policy to deal with naming features. Mr. Stearns suggested obtaining the policies from various agencies, including the Trail Heritage Foundation, to aid in developing the Commission's policy. Mr. Kipp suggested deferring to those agencies who are responsible and abstaining completely from this issue. Mr. Blackwood agreed that there is a process in place, that the Commission does not need to reinvent the wheel. Mr. Cohn said this is beyond the scope of the Commission's mission. Mr. Lepley made a motion that the Commission not become involved with naming or renaming of features, and that if more requests for letters of support or recommendations are received, our stated policy is one of hands off. Mr. Kipp seconded. Ms. Stone called for further discussion. Ms. McCleary asked for clarification of the Commission's position on the renaming of Pompey's Pillar. Mr. Cohn said the position is that there are numerous agencies and organizations in place to properly consider and deal with this issue. Mr. Lepley amended his motion to include Mr. Cohn's statement, Athat there are numerous agencies and organizations in place with the expertise to properly consider and fulfill this role and that it is not the role of the Commission.@ Ms. Stone called for the vote and the motion carried. Mr. Stearns congratulated the Townsend group's efforts to commemorate the Expedition, which he sees as having a direct tie to Legacy. Ms. Stone thanked Mr. McDonald for his presentation.

1999 Governor's Tourism & Recreation Conference, March 29-30, Helena, MT

Mr. Blackwood announced the Conference segment, AAre You Ready for the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial?@ He said the segment is designed as a panel presentation, and will include a panelist from BLM, the Forest Service, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, himself, and a representative from the National Park Service. The panel will be held on the 30th from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. and will discuss agency plans for the Bicentennial.

1999 Meeting Dates

The next Commission meeting is set for June 2, 1999. The Education Committee will meet the afternoon before, on Tuesday, June 1.

Nominating Committee

Ms. Stone asked for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee. Election of officers will be done at the June meeting. Edythe McCleary and Curley Youpee agreed to serve.

Executive Committee

Ms. Stone said she will contact the Executive Committee prior to the next meeting to plan and conduct the executive director's annual performance review, as May will be Mr. Blackwood's anniversary date.

Fundraising Committee

Ms. Stone asked the Fundraising Committee to meet or plan conference calls regarding the planning of a fundraiser in conjunction with the Fall Workshop. Mr. Stearns asked if it would be possible to utilize one of Robert Morgan's Lewis & Clark paintings as a fundraiser for the Commission. He suggested that since the National Meeting is set for 2000, in Dillon, a scene of Beavers' Head Rock might be very popular. Mr. Johnson displayed prints used as a fundraiser for the Grand Canyon Chamber Music Festival, and said the Commission could model a fundraiser after this example. Mr. Stearns offered to contact Robert Morgan regarding this project.

Other Business

Mr. Lepley asked if other Commissioners were aware of the KOA Campgrounds of America call for Lewis & Clark volunteers. He reported that they will head up the national moving marker project, and asked if the Commission will be involved and who will coordinate this effort. Mr. Lepley's concern is how the areas of responsibility along the river will be divided among communities. Mr. Blackwood said the Commission will be involved. He recommended that after the Forums are held, information on events such as this need to be evaluated and the Commission will have to decide what it wants to get behind and help coordinate.

Ms. Stone adjourned the meeting at 2:45 p.m.



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