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Montana Historical Society
Helena, Montana
November 10, 1998

Commission members in attendance were Leif Johnson, Darrell Kipp, Teresa Korpela, Hal Stearns, Betty Stone, Curley Youpee, Matthew Cohn, Doug Monger and Clint Blackwood. Sharon McCabe attended in Brian Cockhill's place. Guests included Jane Weber and Society research historian Dave Walter.

Betty Stone called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. at the close of the Commission's Governance Planning Session with Virginia Tribe. Ms. Stone called for a motion to approve the minutes of the September 10, 1998, meeting. Leif Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes as mailed. Hal Stearns seconded and the motion carried.

Ms. Stone called on Clint Blackwood to deliver his Director's Report. The first topic he addressed was logo design. He displayed the same design in two different color schemes, and asked for feedback from commission members on their preferred design. Mr. Blackwood said he has received professional guidance and has learned that a clean and simple design is preferred especially when it will be used in a variety of applications and sizes. Mr. Johnson responded that he fears there will be too many logo designs in use related to Lewis & Clark and spoke in support of a universal design. Mr. Blackwood said he will continue to work with a graphic designer to finalize the logo. Mr. Youpee suggested broadening the lines on the tepees and mountains. Mr. Blackwood said when the Commission's letterhead is designed, the mountains and tepees could serve as the logo, with the three human figures screened on the paper.

Mr. Blackwood spoke about the MTRI focus team which resulted from LCBC joining MTRI. He said there is now an interagency group that is represented by most of the agencies in the MTRI. They will meet regularly and talk about Bicentennial issues and opportunities. He reported that one of the first tasks the focus team wants to address is signage. They have recommended conducting an interpretive sign study on existing L&C roadway signs. This will evolve into a master plan for new interpretive signs across the state. The focus team is anticipating a total project expense of between $35,000 - $40,000 and will submit a grant application to the National Park Service for a Challenge Cost Share Grant for $20,000 of which half would have to be a non-federal match. They would then hire a consulting firm, and may be able to utilize an interpretive sign team with the USFS. He said they hope to have the study completed and a plan created by mid to late summer. Mr. Blackwood referred to the map created by the DOT which shows where all the trailblazer signs, rest areas and proposed rest areas are located. He said DOT will not put up any more trailblazer signs and at one point said they were not interested in putting up any more interpretive signs, but have later clarified that any new and/or enhanced signing proposals would be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Transportation Commission and must be approved by the Governor. Mr. Blackwood suggested the Commission may want to meet with the DOT or Highway Commission regarding their plans for the Bicentennial. He also reported on plans by a North Dakota representative to submit a bill in the next Congressional session asking for up to $750,000 for Lewis & Clark interpretive signs. He said Montana has been approached as a co-applicant for funds for signs. Mr. Blackwood has contacted Montana's congressional representatives regarding this bill. Ms. Stone asked what action on the part of the Commission would be appropriate in terms of supporting this bill. Mr. Blackwood suggested drafting a letter of support from the Commission. Mr. Johnson made a motion to draft a letter of support from the Commission for the joint effort between Montana and North Dakota for funding for interpretive signage. Ms. Korpela seconded. Ms. Stone said these signs could serve as a part of the Commission's legacy. Mr. Monger suggested incorporating into the letter the Commission's offer to serve as a clearinghouse for those funds. After discussion the motion carried.

Mr. Johnson was called on to report on the Marketing, Promotion & Endorsements Committee. He provided a written report dated November 11, 1998, and reviewed its highlights (see attached). Mr. Johnson said they have received good input to date and expect to receive additional information and will bring it to the next meeting. Ms. Stone asked for clarification on the statement that the Commission could expect to receive services without up-front costs. Mr. Blackwood said it is customary to pay significant money up front for the design, and retain a larger percent of actual product sales, or incur fewer expenses up front and split the product revenue fifty-fifty. Mr. Johnson addressed the logo design and suggested that the Montana LCBC could take the lead and hope that the National Council will follow. Ms. Weber cautioned that the National Council has already issued an RFP for logo design and they hope to have it and a marketing plan developed by next April. Mr. Blackwood discussed the concept of a national logo design that might be incorporated in each state's identity, but after further discussion recommended that Montana not wait for the National Council, that the two identities would be separate and used for different purposes. Mr. Johnson suggested that the Montana representatives on the National Council could express our concerns to that Council regarding overall coordination and in particular on the logo design. Mr. Blackwood made it very clear that there has not been any decision made by the Commission or committee regarding the selection of a promotions firm. Mr. Johnson said their next step as a committee will be to come up with selection criteria prior to requesting proposals. He hopes to make 4-6 more contacts before progressing to the RFP process. Mr. Blackwood said an overall marketing plan is needed for the Commission. This would incorporate Travel Montana's five-year plan and the Commission's proposed approach for handling promotions, sponsorships and special events. Mr. Johnson recapped that at the last meeting the Commission discussed Travel Montana's Lewis & Clark advertising plan and the Commission's desire to have input into that plan. He said the Commission would rely on Travel Montana to accomplish the public relations and media, and sales, and the Commission would focus on the promotional aspects. He said it will all come together as a comprehensive plan.

Mr. Stearns asked to address 1999 meeting dates as he had to leave soon for Butte. The next meeting was scheduled for February 10, 1999, in Helena. Members were cautioned to make reservations as soon as possible as the Legislature will be in session.

Ms. Stone asked Mr. Stearns to provide his comments regarding the Education Committee prior to his departure which he did. Terry Korpela was called on to continue the report on the Education Committee's activities. She recapped the meeting held on November 9th and outlined the four focus areas that were identified:

  1. Guidelines for endorsements;
  2. Higher education involvement;
  3. Serving as a clearinghouse and the Commission's Aseal of approval;
  4. Teacher immersion experience.

She said an underlying concern that surfaced was the need for manpower to accomplish the work and to identify a funding source. The committee will continue to meet the night before the Commission meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be provided by mail. Mr. Johnson asked whether interpretation falls under the Education Committee. Mr. Cohn said if the signing of the sites is part of the legacy and if the Commission looks at developing a curriculum, the two could potentially be tied together.

Doug Monger provided a report on the status of Primitive Parks. He distributed and reviewed a handout on development limitations and a copy of the statute put in place in 1993. He said the Missouri Headwaters State Park and Beaverhead Rock State Park are the two primitive parks with Lewis & Clark connections. Mr. Monger explained that FWP, as part of their capital improvement package for all state parks, included a line item request to the 1999 Legislature for Lewis & Clark projects for $225,000. He said Senator Swysgood has expressed his willingness to carry legislation to remove some or all of the restrictions relating to primitive parks. He said FWP will wait to see what comes from the Legislature and the public scoping process regarding the spending of the $225,000, assuming the funding is granted. It was agreed that February 10 is early enough in the Session to review any pending legislation. Mr. Cohn questioned whether Mr. Blackwood should register as a lobbyist. Mr. Blackwood responded that it would be appropriate for him to register. Mr. Johnson made a motion to expend the fees in the amount of approximately $50.00 to register Mr. Blackwood as a lobbyist on behalf of the Commission. Ms. Korpela seconded and the motion carried. Mr. Blackwood asked for clarification that the Commission does not want to be involved with any Primitive Parks legislation. Mr. Cohn said if FWP is unclear about the ramifications, the Commission would not be in a position to make recommendations either. Ms. Stone suggested it would be appropriate to say that the Commission supports the concept of necessary development to mitigate some of the impacts these parks will incur from increased visitation. She asked if anyone present was opposed to that concept and nobody expressed concern. Mr. Blackwood said he would rather respond to inquiries by saying, send us the information, let us become aware of what you are proposing and I will take it to the Commission for their review and comment. Ms. Weber asked if there is a process in place for bill tracking and notification of Commission members when immediate action becomes necessary. She also questioned what will happen if the Commission takes a position that is opposite that of FWP. Ms. Stone said it is good to be aware of the potential but did not feel it was appropriate to address at this time. Regarding bill tracking, Mr. Cohn said the bills will be posted on the Internet. Travel Montana and the Society both monitor introduced bills, and Mr. Blackwood will be aware as a lobbyist. He agreed that the Executive Committee should be called upon to act in the event the time frame is too short to involve the Commission as a whole.

Mr. Cohn was called on to address the Marketing Strategy and how Travel Montana's role will fit with the Commission's role. He apologized for missing the last meeting, but added that he did review the minutes and said he did not understand some of the comments made regarding their website. He invited anyone with concerns to talk to him about them and said Travel Montana is concerned with historic accuracy and generally consults with Dave Walter at the Society. Mr. Cohn reviewed where Travel Montana has been and where they are headed with regard to marketing Lewis & Clark. He addressed their L&C website, which he said is linked to other good websites. He said Travel Montana was one of the underwriters of the Ken Burns documentary and as a result they and the Commission have use of six hours of filming for promotional advertising. Travel Montana provided $200,000 for the construction of the L&C Interpretive Center in Great Falls, and have organized a number of media tours in the 6 regions. Currently, they are providing the funding for the LCBC through this biennium and are planning to continue LCBC funding (if necessary) through the next biennium. He spoke about their extensive electronic calendar of events and said the Commission does not need to reinvent that wheel. He reported that TIP funds are still available through Travel Montana for infrastructure improvements. Mr. Cohn said he could not tell the Commission how Travel Montana will market Lewis & Clark in 2005 as their marketing plans are made on a yearly basis. He also cautioned about the effects of CI-75. Their present media buy, about $75,000 to $100,000, is using a Lewis & Clark theme and he said this will increase as the celebration draws closer. He stressed that this is only one component of the promotion they will accomplish for the entire state and expressed his desire to work cooperatively with the Commission to promote events statewide. Mr. Blackwood said he hopes that statewide events will be tied to sponsorships and questioned whether the money should be invested through Travel Montana to do the additional marketing or whether the Commission should arrange for its own marketing. Mr. Johnson said it is his hope that future promotions related to Lewis & Clark can be worked on cooperatively between Travel Montana and the LCBC. Ms. McCabe suggested a cooperative agreement between the Society, Travel Montana, and the LCBC. Ms. Stone said she felt that joint marketing pieces could be addressed as the need arises. Mr. Cohn offered to have Travel Montana's marketing staff come to the Commission annually, possibly in June, to share their marketing plans for Lewis & Clark for the coming year. Mr. Blackwood said as he talks to potential sponsors they will be very interested in what the state is doing with regard to promotion and again encouraged the development of a 5-year bicentennial marketing plan in the near future.

Ms. Stone called on Mr. Blackwood to discuss the funding request for the 1999 Legislative Session. He reported that the consensus from the last meeting was to not approach the legislature for funding this session. After considering this further, Mr. Blackwood discussed his concerns with Mr. Cockhill and drafted a funding request outlining three areas that he feels need seed money to proceed. Mr. Blackwood distributed and reviewed his request dated October 22, 1997, (see attached). This proposal was mailed to Senator Mahlum to see if he would be interested in including it with his rental car tax proposal. Senator Mahlum contacted Mr. Cockhill to say he felt it was a great idea. Mr. Blackwood explained that the money would flow from the tax to the Montana Heritage Commission to be regranted. After discussion, Mr. Blackwood was asked to research and determine if there are other legislative options available for funding in addition to the rental car tax bill. Ms. Stone said if he identifies issues that need to be brought to the Commission for approval, it could be accomplished by conference call with the Executive Committee. Mr. Cohn said there may be $30-$70 million dollars available to the 1999 Legislature from the sale of the Montana Power Company dams.

Standing committees were reviewed next. Ms. Stone said as a result of this morning's session, a Funding Committee was added. Doug Monger and Darrell Kipp agreed to serve on the committee and Ms. Stone will ask Edythe McCleary to serve with them. The committee's responsibilities will include coordination of an annual fundraising event and seeking grant funds. Ms. Stone noted that the Logo Committee is finalized and the Personnel Committee has been incorporated into the Executive Committee.

Mr. Blackwood reported on the 1999 Governor's Conference. He spoke with conference coordinator Victor Bjornberg, and reported that they want to organize an hour and a half break-out session with a Lewis & Clark theme. Mr. Blackwood said this will present an opportunity for state agencies to give a 15-minute update on their agency's activities. Mr. Blackwood plans to present an overview of the Commission and its work and said it would be a good time to introduce as many commission members as could attend. He said it could also provide an opportunity to poll attendees on what they would like to see as part of the Lewis & Clark observance and legacies in Montana.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.



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