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March 2006
Issue No. 8 Vol. 1

Senate to Receive Bronze Relief

Lewis and Clark Bronze A "leg-a-cy" is defined by the Webster's dictionary as "...something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past." That is what the Montana Historical Society and the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission desire to leave the State of Montana; a permanent, and treasured remembrance of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. The Senate Chambers will be the recipient of a large (6'x 18') bronze bas-relief by acclaimed artist Eugene Daub in late summer of this year. When completed, the bronze will hang on the west wall of the Montana Senate Chamber. A limited edition 'maquette' of this piece is available for $3,500 (to date 23 of 75 have been purchased). In addition, 422 (out of limited edition of 1,000) of the bronze medallion are also still available for sale for $80. Interested persons are asked to contact the Montana Historical Society at 406-444-2694.

New Placemat Maps Available Soon

The state Commission is once again entering into an agreement with the Great Falls Tribune for the printing of maps of the Expedition's travels through the state (40,000 maps to be printed). These maps will show Corps II host locations and key events in Montana in 2006. Advertising space around the edges of the map will pay the majority of the cost to produce the maps. Rita and Clint plan to attend the state Travel & Tourism Conference in mid–April in Great Falls and make the maps available to attendees.

Commission News

The state Commission met for its next to last time in Miles City on Thursday, February 16, 2006 (the last meeting will be July 21st in Billings at the Western Heritage Center in conjunction with the Clark on the Yellowstone National Signature Event). This last meeting will feature special recognition awards for key folks who have gone above and beyond to assist in preparing Montana for a memorable Bicentennial Observance. Special presentations will be made of the Lewis & Clark bronze medallions either mounted in a frame or free standing in a wooden stand. Certificates of Appreciation will also been awarded. Clint Blackwood will end his 8+ years association with the Commission as of July 31, 2006; Rita Cortright (with almost 6 years of Lewis & Clark service) will remain with the state Commission until it ceases its daily operations as of December 31, 2006. Various other elements of "closing shop" were addressed by the Commission's Transition Committee over the preceding months leading up to this point in time.

Events Review

As the commemoration of the Lewis & Clark Expedition continues in 2006, federal and state agencies, local communities and Tribes are busy making preparations. The following is a review of what to expect this coming summer:

Lewis & Clark in the Rockies Bicentennial Festival (June 22-July 9, 2006):

This 18–day event will start with four days of Corps II at the Southgate Mall. The Montana National Guard will join Corps II with their large tent display, as will the Bureau of Land Management's Lewis & Clark display. Other agency and Tribal displays will complete this outdoor exhibition. Following the Corps II stop in Missoula local tours will be offered to local points of Lewis & Clark interest, and the Arlee Pow Wow on June 30–July 3. The Travelers' Rest State Park will then host their 2006 anniversary on June 30–July 3 with many activities planned. A huge July 4th fireworks display is planned, with activities at Gibbons Pass, Lewis & Clark Pass and in the Blackfeet Valley wrapping up this festival on July 9th.

Clark on the Yellowstone National Signature Event (July 22-25, 2006):

This is the second of two National Signature Events to be held in Montana. The new Pompeys Pillar Interpretive Center will be officially dedicated on Saturday, July 22nd. Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone will perform their Odyssey West show on Sunday. A Native American Symposium will be on Monday, and the National Day of Honor will be on Tuesday, July 22nd. An Indian encamp–ment with 20+ lodges sponsored by the Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance will run throughout the event, as will an Authors' Rendezvous hosted by Stephanie Ambrose–Tubbs. Re–enactors from throughout Montana will join the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles to depict life of 200 years ago.

Lewis & Clark Expedition in Blackfeet Country (July 26-29, 2006):

The Blackfeet Tribe will host this 4–day symposium on the Blackfeet Reservation in late July to commemorate this ill–fated encounter between two cultures 200–years ago. The symposium will provide a setting for local perspective on the expedition that traversed through Blackfeet Country in 1806, and culturally related activities will be offered throughout the four days. The host site will be the Meriwether Meadows Campgrounds, which is located 15 miles east of Browning on highway 444.

Corps II Host Sites:

This by now well–known traveling interpretive park, sponsored by the NPS and select other federal agencies, will visit seven Montana communities in 2006. These sites include: Missoula June 22–25; Lincoln June 30–July 2; Browning July 7–10; Crow Agency July 15–18; Pompeys Pillar July 22–25; Miles City July 30–August 3; and Sidney August 8–12. All of these communities have been working hard to arrange for speakers for the Tent of Many Voices and other auxiliary activities within their respective communities.

Challenge Cost Share Grants Raise Millions in Local Match:

Through 2005 the National Park Service's Challenge Cost Share Grants (CCS) Program offered $4.4 Million in grants to communities, agencies and interested parties to fund a wide variety of projects in Montana. That generated in excess of $13.9 Million in local match (the 2004 local match was not even calculated)! With this as a background the Circle of State Advisors (COSA) has invited key Congressmen to join them for reception and dinner to be held at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls on March 31st to seek funding support for the CCS program beyond the Bicentennial.

Upcoming MT L&C Bicentennial Commission's Final Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of all Commission meetings are available on the state Commission's website, under the "Commission Overview" section.


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