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Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission
Transition Committee Meeting
L&C Bicentennial Commission Office
Helena, Montana
December 5, 2005
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Attendees Hal Stearns, Chair, Betsy Baumgart, Homer Staves, Mark Baumler, Carol Bronson, Steve Kubick, Clint Blackwood and Rita Cortright.

Committee Chair Hal Stearns called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and explained that the order of business for the meeting would be the same as e-mailed to the committee on November 29, 2005. He provided background information regarding the Commissionís decision to terminate day-to-day operations as of Dec. 31, 2006, noting the Transition Committee was formed to make recommendations to the full Commission regarding the transition steps leading up to that date. Committee chair Hal Stearns agreed to present the Committeeís recommendations from todayís meeting to the full Commission at their February 16, 2006 meeting in Miles City.

1. Review Proposed Mechanism for Providing Stay Pay

Clint explained that prior to resigning from the Montana Historical Society, Arnie Olsen authorized reclassification of Commission staff positions in the new stateís Pay Plan 020. All of the conditions of the original offer remained in place. Mark Baumler confirmed the intent of Arnieís email and said he had talked to Jody Brant regarding the migration to the new pay plan, which should begin in January 2006.

Recommendation: Steve Kubick made a motion to support migration of the staff positions to the new 020 Pay Plan; Mark Baumler seconded and the motion carried.

Steve Kubick also suggested including staff in the list of names to receive the framed bronze medallion plaque. Hal Stearns agreed to add the item to the February 16 meeting agenda. Mr. Blackwood thanked Mr. Kubic for this thoughtfulness.

2. Motion to Empower Executive Committee into 2007

Hal reviewed the membership of the Executive Committee; Homer Staves, Hal Stearns, Darrell Kipp and Betsy Baumgart. He explained that there would very likely be business to conduct past Dec. 31, 2006, dealing with such issues as license plate revenues, the Senate Art project, and a possible post-Bicentennial event in D.C. Clint added that there could be revenues left in the budget that would need to be allocated. He noted however that the Commission would not formally sunset until Dec. 31, 2007. Steve Kubick asked if a 5th member should be added to the Executive Committee and Homer Staves responded that in the event of a tie vote, the Chairís vote would serve as the tie-breaker. He also explained that the membership of the Executive Committee was established in the Commissionís Bylaws.

Recommendation: Steve Kubick made a motion to support empowering the Executive Committee to conduct Commission business through calendar 2007. Homer Staves seconded and the motion carried.

3. Plan to Close Legacy Campaign in Early 2006

Discussion of this item was informational only and no action was recommended. Clint explained that the Coordinating Committee of the Legacy Campaign would meet January 11, 2006, to discuss plans for formally closing the campaign. Homer Staves and Mark Baumler represent the Commission on this committee and they agreed to report to the full Commission at the February 16 meeting.

4. Final Commission Meeting Date

Hal reviewed the dates for the Commissionís two upcoming meetings; Febr. 16 in Miles City, and July 21 in Billings during the Signature Event. Betsy Baumgart asked if there would be a wrap up report on the Signature Event. Mark asked if the meeting could be moved to the end of the Signature Event. Steve Kubick suggested moving the awards ceremony to a later date. Clint explained that the date had already been publicized and could not be moved. Betsy suggested the Executive Committee had the option to meet later in the fall if they deemed it was necessary.

Recommendation: Homer Staves made a motion to recommend that the Commissionís final meeting should be held July 21, 2006. Mark Baumler seconded and the motion carried.

5. Final Report to 2007 Legislature

Clint explained that Rob Bauer was scheduled to complete his work on the Legacy Document by July 2006. Rita added that she had contacted Jody Brandt to ask if additional information was needed from the Commission for inclusion in the Societyís report to the Legislature. Mark said he would also follow up with her. Rita explained that the Legacy Document should be printed and ready to mail by Oct. or early November. Steve Kubick recommended including comments in the report on the lack of state funding support for the Bicentennial. Clint agreed to consider including comments.

Recommendation: Betsy Baumgart made a motion to recommend utilizing the Legacy Document as the Commissionís final report to the Legislature, and working with Mark Baumler to ensure the format was appropriate for the Societyís reporting requirements. Homer Staves seconded and the motion carried.

6. Final Newsletter Ė July or November 2006

The Committee considered whether the final newsletter would be issued in July or November 2006. After discussion it was agreed there would be sufficient material to produce both the July issue and a Fall issue as well.

Recommendation: Betsy Baumgart made a motion to recommend producing the July newsletter on schedule and a fall issue in October or November. Steve Kubick seconded and the motion carried.

7. Plans for Archiving Website

Clint reviewed suggestions from the previous meeting which included transferring the website to the Montana Historical Society. Rita said the current cost of hosting the site was $25/month, and noted this arrangement could be continued or the site could be archived on CD. She said previous discussions also included printing and archiving a paper copy. Homer had agreed earlier to check with a company that archived websites and he agreed to follow up. Betsy suggested not paying to keep the site live. Carol Bronson requested archiving it to CD and providing a copy to the L&C Trail Heritage Foundation. Mark agreed to check with the Society Archives staff regarding a recommendation.

Recommendation: The Committee agreed to delay making a recommendation in order to allow for further research and a report at the Febr. 16 meeting.

8. MTTA Funding After 2006

Clint explained that Arnie Olsen had agreed to consider providing funding for MTTA past Dec. 31, 2006, and asked Mark if he was aware of that agreement. Mark was not and asked for background on MTTA. Homer explained that helping to continue MTTA provide a great legacy. MTTA has one staff member and all of Montanaís Tribes participate in activities that help promote tribal tourism. Various sources have provided funding assistance, including the Commission and Travel Montana. Mark asked if others would be willing to provide assistance. Betsy responded that the current level of funding ($10,000) from Travel Montana was not tied to the L&C Bicentennial Commission. Steve suggested setting up a funding mechanism.

Recommendation: The Committee agreed to leave this topic open-ended and Betsy and Mark agreed to address the topic during the Febr. 16 meeting.

9. Mechanism to Receive and Allocate Funds From Senate Art Project

Clint explained that the project was off schedule and there were many unknowns at this time. The wax mold for the large piece was nearly ready for shipment to the Kalispell foundry and the final product was expected to be completed and ready for installation in the Senate by late June. Betsy asked Mark if he planned to deliver a detailed report on finances and the project timeline during the Febr. meeting and Mark confirmed that he would.

Recommendation: The Committee agreed to leave this topic open-ended for further discussion during the Commissionís Febr. 16 meeting.

Hal Stearns asked committee members if they had other topics to discuss. Carol Bronson asked if action had been taken regarding funding the Interpretive Signs. Clint explained that this was an agenda item for the Commissionís Febr. meeting at which time they would consider the proposal from FWP to manage the program. An inventory was being compiled at this time. He said funding from the Commission was not a given, and that any unspent funds might be redirected to the Senate Art Project. Carol asked to be kept informed on the progress.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.



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