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Project, Events & Program Standards

As the Bicentennial nears, projects, events and programs are being planned all around the state in commemoration of Lewis & Clark's Expedition through Montana. The Montana Bicentennial Commission supports and encourages projects, events and programs that show good quality, authenticity, and historical integrity.

The Commission does not anticipate implementing an endorsement program; however, you are encouraged to utilize the following standards that were adopted by the Commission during their June 2001 meeting. These are recommended standards only and are provided as a guideline to assist in your planning efforts.


    The purpose of these standards is to...

    1. a. Ensure that Montana hosts only quality projects, events and programs related to the observance of the Bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark Expedition in Montana.
    2. b. Encourage public and private investment in educational, heritage and cultural resources related to the Bicentennial.
    3. Ensure that projects, events and programs focus on one or more aspects of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and reflect authenticity, historical integrity, and are of good quality.


    Any project, event or program must meet the following standards to be considered for endorsement...

    1. Good quality
    2. Thematically accurate
    3. Fair price for value (if applicable)

      Other criteria that will enhance endorsement are...

    4. Promotes historical accuracy and integrity
    5. Promotes multi-cultural themes and images
    6. Advances educational and commemorative goals of the Commission and/or is potentially capable of creating lasting legacies
    7. Promotes authentic Native American culture

      Other criteria that will enhance endorsement are...

    8. Event is well-planned and organized
    9. Event offers the proper facilities for attendees
    10. Event has a set of goals and a plan of action to accomplish those goals
    11. Event is in "good taste" and reflects the mission and goals of the Commission







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