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USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry Grant Programs

Helping Communities Commemorate the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

State and Private Forestry Focus - Our goal is to work with public and private partners to help maintain and improve America's forest and rural communities. We provide financial and technical assistance to State and local governments, tribes, non-profit organizations, and other key partners.

1. Rural Community Assistance (RCA) - Activities within RCA are carried out primarily through local Forest Service offices by channeling technical and financial assistance directly to local communities or through partner organizations. In addition to technical assistance, cost-sharing for community strategic planning and projects are an integral component of RCA. RCA is needs-driven, is based on community-led and community-based efforts, and involves the whole community. RCA strives to integrate economic development and enhanced quality of living with environmental protection. RCA emphasizes working through partnerships, developing flexibility, and working for long-term sustainable solutions. There are two key components of the RCA program that vary in a few areas: Economic Recovery or National Endowment for the Arts.

Who is eligible and what are the Requirements?

Economic Recovery - Provides technical and financial assistance to rural communities located in or near National Forest lands that have become economically dependent upon natural resources and are disadvantaged due to public land management decision. Grants on a competitive basis, are designed for communities to implement an action oriented plan which promotes diversification and revitalization through partnerships.

  • Communities, counties, tribes, and non-profit organizations can apply.
  • Federal to non-federal match - 80:20. The non-federal match may be any combination of cash or in-kind services and materials.
  • Applicants must be within 100 miles of a National Forest to apply.
  • Projects must be based on a strategic plan and must be supported by the tribal governing body or the municipal governing body of rural communities.
  • "Rural" is defined as communities with a population less than 10,000 or counties that have not been designated a "metropolitan statistical area" (MSA). Communities under 10,000 that are within a county designated as a MSA qualify for the RCA program. Unincorporated communities: certain not-for-profit corporations, incorporated communities, or counties may represent unincorporated communities.

National Endowment for the Arts - Demonstrates linkages between the arts, natural resources and people. NEA also support performing, literary and visual arts for economic diversification and conservation of cultural, heritage and natural resources.

  • 50:50 match. Note: NEA provides community match but other match is highly desirable.
  • State, local and tribal government and non-profit organizations can apply.

What size are the grants? Awards are up to $20,000 depending on total appropriations.

When and how do we apply? The request for proposals generally goes out in January of each year. Applications are typically due in our office by March and grants awarded by May. This can sometimes change so its important that you contact our office if you are interested.

2. Urban and Community Forestry - The purpose of U&CF is to establish, maintain and/or improve trees and forests within communities, counties, and Tribes thereby enhancing the quality of life in these communities. Cost-share funds are available through U&CF. Communities need not be rural to qualify. The Forest Service provides technical and financial assistance to the State Forester in each state to implement most of the program. However, some community projects are funded directly through the Forest Service.

Who is eligible and what are the Requirements? Any community, tribe or non-profit organizations can apply. Coordination with U&CF requires a 50:50 federal/non-federal match. The non-federal match may be any combination of cash or in-kind services and materials.

What size are the grants? $1,000 to $3,000

When and how do we apply? Request for proposals generally goes out around May or June. It is important that you contact your Forest Service and State Forester office to find out the exact date and details as they may vary somewhat by State.

Who do we contact for our State?

  • Urgan and Community Forestry - USDA Forest Service, Missoula, MT, Glenn Roloff at 406.329.3521
  • Rural Community Assistance - USDA Forest Service, Ogden, UT, Scott Bell at 801.625.3259

More information, including Request for Proposals can be found at USFS Website




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