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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2004

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Diana Seider, Penny Carpenter

Minutes: Minutes were previously sent out. Approved. Jackie Robbins had sent e-mail stating 2003 O&P report was completed and sent inw ith revisions requested by Amy Baird. 2004 O&P application was sent in.

In-kind time sheets need to be turned in.


1. Driving tour report: have heard nothing from Sea Reach as of tonight (got the call this week that our signs are FINISHED and will be shipped on Friday 1/9/04).

2. CTEP funds: no report.

3. Statue project: Becky worked feverishly to make labels and she & Sandra mailed out 300 letters (with photo that Tom Murphy took). Had 20 returns to date. Motion made & passed to pay the bill for the letters out of the Commission Fund, $166.00. Sandra donated cost of photos. Received on $35.00 donation & one $100 request for an engraved brick from the letters so far. Discussed at length the details involved in record keeping to meet Finance Office manager's requirements. Receipts must be in triplicate. Park County tax Id # and 501 C-3 number must be printed on receipt. Name of fund will be Monument Fund. Becky will order these made at Montana Edge, Sharon Walker. We need someone to keep track of the account-- contributions, orders for bricks or statues, deposit money with county, send receipt correctly filled out, and thank-you note. Penny suggested asking Marleen Anderson to join us for this accounting responsibility. Motion made and passed to ask her. Penny will do. (Marleen said yes).

Becky also worked on getting the contract from Bill Frasier, art attorney, and getting it sent to Mary Micheal. No word back yet from Mary.

Becky spoke today at noon to the Rotary group about the monument, small statues, and our event on 1/24. Got two orders for bricks from that meeting. Dale is also getting a brick done to have to show at the Depot Event. Penny will send thank-yous to Tom Murphy, Bill Frasier and Sharon Walker and include free admission for two to the Depot Event on 1/24.

4. 1/24/04 Kick-off Event: Named it "A Taste of the Trail: Happy Hour with Captain Clark". Sandra will call Enterprise and get it in the briefs asap; also will ask Tom Mason about doing a story on it. It's to be a reception for our Bicentennial artist and a presentation in memorium, of the new book by the late Leandra Holland. "Food, libations and fun". Becky will draft a poster and get 50 free ones from Insty Prints. Diana will get the sign painter going for the Depot sign. Expense estimates include: Depot-$300.00; Sign painting-$25.00; Ritchie Doyle-$200.00; Pretty Good String Band-$200.00; advertising-$50.00. Caterer ??? Sandra offered to call several for bids. She will also call Ritchie and Bob Frisbey (with the band). We'll need attendance of 100 at least ($10.00) to break even. Beer and wine will be sold separately.

We will make signs for the "food" items; quotes from the journals; and "Toasts" from Leandra Holland's book. Sandra and Penny brought their copies (just arrived) and we scanned through them to get ideas for "hors douvre's".

5. Penny will find out cost of placing an ad in national foundation magazine, "We Proceed On". If affordable, the group voted to do this.

6. Sandra & Becky will attend the City Commission meeting tonight regarding placement of the monument in Sacajawea Park.

7. Sandra wrote Jon Axline about the L & C markers for our Interpretive sign as they are not there yet...."it's in the pipeline".

8. Jane Inderland coordinating the "Day in the Life of the Yellowstone River Valley. Sandra spoke to Brian S. about this and he will ask his board about being able to take this on. Pictures will be taken on 7/20/04. As many photos as anyone wants can be submitted--must be in duplicate though as one will be for our own display here. Diana suggested contacting the Livingston Center for Art & Culture as they have many artists & photographer contacts that may want to participate. Sandra will call Bob Ebinger.

9. Penny brought a sample of the L & C placemats made by Yellowstone Country and has contacted them about getting some for this event and local restaurants. Diana said a box of them came to the Depot that she thinks was for the Chamber.

10. Jeff Dietz in Billings needs a memo of understanding to co-ordinate events along the river. We are wanting to join in on the Corridor happenings. (?? who was going to reply to him?)

We need to meet often to pull off the Jan 24 evening reception. Next meeting will be 1/13/04 TUESDAY night at 5:30 in Penny's counseling office (conference room not available on a Tuesday--Penny gone Monday night).

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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