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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Dick Baerman, Dale Guidi, Marleen Anderson, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes had been sent out prior and were approved. Time sheets to Becky.

Financial Reports: Monument Fund-Marleen reported that the net to statue currently is $108,498.52 after Dale brought in another check tonight. The invoice from Moos for the base came in at $15,137.50 but he wants a bronze also (#50), due will be $12,987.50. The second payment has been submitted for Mary and that check will go out around Jan. 18. We have sold 260 bricks and will also be adding a brick for each member of the Corps that rode through here in 1806. (13 more) Also will have an in-kind brick for Avery from Paradise Artworks for doing the frame on Dick's painting.

We decided to have Mary pick out the stain for the base with Moos' assistance. Marleen has #51 and is taking it to Billings tomorrow with hopes of selling it there. Mary has #42 (needs altered to that #) to work off of in her studio for now. #47 is at the Chamber; #39 that was on display at Mordam Art has been sold and delivered as well as #43 and #49; #48 is spoken for and will be delivered when payment arrives. #28 & 32 are at Sterling Bank. We are to have four more ready next week.

Penny reported for O & P; application was submitted ($1000) and we won't know till Feb 16th at the RBC meeting in Miles City on the award.

The regular Commission fund is $1726.67. We paid $484.60 to the Enterprise for ads and have $200.00 for the Weekly and $200.00 for the BEST TIMES yet to pay. No more advertising is planned at this point in newspapers. Might try to get a PSA on KPRK regarding the bricks, as we may need to set a cut-off date for those.


1. Artist's Report: Mary is putting on clay (Sandra explained how she warms a roaster. Good plan Mary!)

2. Construction Update: Dale reported that the projected cost for the sitting benches and sidewalks will be close to $10,000. Hank Fabich needs to be alerted to come and see the base and decide when to put in the conduit for the water lines. Dale will contact him. Penny will draft a letter of request for the City Commission, via Darren Raney, acting City Manager, for help with the sidewalks portion ($6,000) and to get the electricity across River Drive to the garden site.

3. Three Forks Dedication Video: Becky watched it and we are sending it around for all to see. Marleen took it and she & Penny and Sandra will view it this Friday at 9:30am.

4. Party for Donors: Sandra brought Mike McGrath's address to include. Dale suggested we invite the landscaping class from MSU to see what other students created.

5. Commemorative Envelopes & Cancellations: Penny got details from postmistress in Lavina on this. Sandra and Penny will meet Friday to design the envelope (Mary, would you like to be in on this??) and cancellation. Becky has some samples of "First Day Covers" for us to see for this.

6. Plaques: Dennis Springer says it takes about 3 weeks to make these. He needs the "write-up". Marleen had one with her and gave it to Dale. Dale is going to cut a piece of wood and take it to the rocks to see how large we can handle. Sandra said we could get different rocks if needed.

7. Ranch Women's Week: Dick was called by Bob Moore who is heading this up, to be involved. Dick will call them to see if we can display a bronze. He took postcards to put out there too. Starts Sunday the 22 of Jan. Dick, do you want some Driving Tour Brochures too?

8. School's Exhibit Day: All 4th grades want to take part from Winan's and East Side. Waiting to hear back from St. Mary's. (Should we include Gardiner and Wilsall?) This will be in mid-May to coincide with their lessons plans and when they are teaching about L & C. Penny will make the "invites to participate" on the postcard and get them out in mid-March so parents will know early. The displaying will be coordinated by the Links for Learning program at the old Washington school, in the gym and library. We will ask PTO's to provide refreshments. We may be able to have the Sacajawea Quilt on display as well by then.

9. Silhouette Sign for Public Awareness: Penny & Mary not been together yet. (illnesses) 10. Montana Travel's Conference in April in Great Falls: Sandra attending for sure. Penny may go along to display the bronze. Will contact MT Travel about doing this.

11. Anyone available to attend the next RBC/State Meeting in Miles City on Feb 16th? PLEASE let us know.

12. Chamber of Commerce dinner meeting at Chico on Jan 27th. Becky will confirm with Mary if she can attend. Would be nice to have Greg go too. Chamber will sponsor two meals and we could pay for a member to go also.

13. Dick and Penny will be teaching an Adult Learning Class on Sacajawea on that same night. (Becky, Sandra, and Marleen will all be gone.) They will take a bronze, post cards, driving tour brochures and all printed materials. Using John Roger's works.


Proposal to have a crew build a dugout canoe came from a builder that knows Becky's sister. The costs are more than we can afford, but the idea is terrific. Some places had libraries get involved and then the library gets to keep the can't get in the canoe unless they have a book to read! Sandra will e-mail the Pomp's Birthday photos....(Jim Sargeant is the man's name, not Stewart....oops.) that was held at Becky's before Christmas.

Next meeting will be January 23rd; 5:30 pm. We need to get driving tours spread around that night to put out around town!

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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