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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2006

Attending: Dick Baerman, Dale Guidi, Marleen Anderson, Becky Douglass, Diana Seider, Sandra Cahill, Mary Michael, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes from previous meeting that had been sent out were approved.

Financial Reports: O & P grant application was approved. Jackie received the letter. Regular Commission fund balance is $1726.67 to date. Ads campaign total of $483.60 was paid on Jan 4, 2006. Monument Fund: Net to bronze to date is $116,263.52. This includes 51 bronzes sold and 285 bricks. Expenses paid to date are $18,066.34. We own 8 bronzes to sell. Penny sent in request for 1/2 of the NPS grant to date.


1. Artist's report: Mary is working hard on the clay sculpting now. She brought bronzes #56, 57 and 58 from foundry today. Foundry would prefer doing the numbers "in order" to avoid confusion. #'s 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 will done next. She attended Ranch Week opening event Sunday; lots of contacts and sold a brick. She will be attending the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner at Chico Hot Springs this Friday. Greg is going too.

2. Construction-deferred to end of meeting.

3. Party for donors & VIPs: Pretty Good String Band is certain for Saturday, Sandra will check on Friday availability; waiting for confirmation on Roseann Abramson and Shoshoni elders; also for Great Falls Honor Guard. Hal Stearns will be present as a Montana Committee for Humanities speaker. Working on looking for funding to bring Gary Moulton here. Library Foundation pledged $500.00. Sent e-mail application to State Commission for $1,000. Will use tents from Depot; have wine on reserve (22 bottles?); cheese?

4. USPO booth: Had meeting last Friday and designed the cancellation stamp and the envelope. Montana Edge (Sharon Walker) has the ideas and will print 500 envelopes and the stamp design. This we will send to Kim Tashjian at the Lavina P.O. The Post Office mans the booth that day. Penny to contact our Postmaster to make arrangements. Agreed to use two 1 cent stamps as they are better color match with the 37 cent L & C ones we have.

5. Plaques: Dennis Springer will make the two plaques, one for the story of Sacajawea (24x36 inches) and the other for the large donors names. A third is needed for the Monument itself... AT THE YELLOWSTONE, July 15, 1806, by Mary Michael. Large plaque is $1560.00.

6. American Bank, Bruce Erickson, purchased a bronze because Marleen called and asked him too. WAY TO GO MARLEEN!!

7. Silhouette--Penny got the boards from Mary and has sprayed one white. Will hook up with Dick and get the image traced on it as soon as they can.

8. Montana Travel Governor's conference is in April in Great Falls. Sandra will be going for sure; Penny will go too if in Montana then.

9. State Commission meeting in Miles City 2/16..Penny will try to attend.

10. Mary & Greg going to Chamber dinner.

11. Adult Ed Class this Friday night: Dick and Penny will present a free program on Sacajawea down the Yellowstone with focus on the monument and garden. 18 are signed up to attend.


Mary had shared the video of the dedication in Three Forks. Discussed at length and motion passed to hire Steve Fox to make one of ours. Mary will contact him. We can make copies later.

Diana shared that on 7/13 there will be an exhibit at the Depot, 7 pm. Bob Spannring and a man from Missoula are the artists. Also there will be a Northern Pacific Railroad national meeting in Bozeman that same week.

Rest of the meeting focused on the Construction work and plans for the garden. Becky had met with Sandi Blake at the site today and many needs were lined out in order:
a. We need the conduit in for the perennial beds. Moos pretty much has this done. Discussed not doing "uplighting" due to potential vandalism. Will check on having a light pole closer and possibly a camera high on the pole, motion activated??

b. need contractors and workers for the patio and sidewalks. Penny wrote and delivered a letter of request for the City Commission for help here. Took it to Darren Raney, acting city manager. Darren agreed to take it to the next meeting but wanted to also make some calls and solicit financial donations and labor for the project.

c. Need to grade the area and remove old grass to prevent pooling. Maybe City could do this? Dale will follow up with Ed Hillman on this.

d. Need to set big boulders.

e. Need irrigation conduit placed..Becky will call Hank on this. (Talked about getting estimates for sod as we will need this in time for "settling in" prior to the dedication. Wagner Nursery did Three Forks work.)

f. Need electrical conduit in if we do lights.

g. Need to re-do the dry creek bed and use concrete....will ask Dennis Moos on this. Can then spray the rocks with a glossy sealer.

h. Need compost put in.

i. Need masonry (bricks) done. Dale will get estimate of cost from him.

j. Need iron fence installed..Jim Nardella.

k. Metal edging work done with Sandi Blake supervising at $35.00/hr for estimate of 1 day. Need to know price of metal.

l. Beds filled with planting soil.

m. Plant the trees and shrubs & cover with colored rock mulch.

n. Plant markers installed.

o. Laying of sod.

p. Sprinklers adjusted.

Discussed other items needed for the two days. LOTS to think about and get arranged.

Next meeting Feb 13th. 5:30 pm in West Room Courthouse.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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