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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2005

Attendance: Becky Douglass, Dale Guidi, Dick Baerman, Marleen Anderson, Diana Seider, Penny Carpenter.

Time sheets need to be turned in to Becky.

Finance Report: Marleen reported on the Monument Fund account--Net to statue now is $30,619.00 (that includes the two pledges remaining). We subtract for 8 sculptures that we own and balance is $23,019.00. When all eight of those get sold, the balance will be $40,219.00. Way to go--sell, sell, sell!


1. Driving Tour: Laurie Heupel e-mailed earlier today and couldn't make it to this meeting. She had e-mailed her photo of the Shield river and it is very beautiful. Will make a wonderful sign for that site.
Penny sent the contract to the Clymer Museum for permission to use the buffalo crossing the river image but no reply yet.
Jackie had e-mailed that we received the letter from CTEP authorizing us to go ahead with the project, pay bills, etc. She and Dale & Penny will meet with the Commissioners this week to explain all this and get a check cut to Sea Reach for the bases. (The County has to pay and then CTEP reimburses.) We also need to set up a meeting with the Commissioners about our projects, need for a new representative, and request funding in next year's budget for the statue.

2. Driving tour brochures- we received the NPS cost-share challenge funds ($5,000) so a check will be cut also for the artwork CD for the brochure. Sandra & Penny met with Lea Chatham on Jan 11 and all is good to go with her on the brochure.

3. Statue & Site- Becky and Dale presented the power-point landscape proposal done by the MSU group to the City Commission on 18th. (Marleen and Penny attended the Lolo Trail slide show the same night). It seemed very positively received....they had some concerns over the lighting and neighbors, Dale will contact those neighbors and find out their feelings. They will remove the two dead trees and have electricity available.
This was a good connection too as the Urban Renewal committee wants to know all about our project and Becky will follow-up on this with them. City Manager, Steve Golnar asked Becky to present to them on Feb 3rd. Dale will attend also.
Penny & Becky presented to the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner meeting. We also performed the skit, "DIRECTIONS!" (written by John Russell, Director of the Pioneed Museum in Boze)that we had seen at annual conference 2 years ago and it was a hit. Kent Douglass played William Clark; Brian Sparks was M. Lewis; Mark Pesa was Charboneau; Scott Whiting was Sgt Patrick Gass; and Zanya Betley was our wonderful Sacajawea! No rehearsal, straight from the hip and they did GREAT! Special thanks to all of them and to Dick Baerman for the loan of his props & costumes. We also had a bronze purchased while we were there!
Ian Tyson Concert- Marleen manned the table by herself with help setting up from Brian and Dale. Brian announced the project and display from the podium. Lots of interest and info handed out. Dale will contact Bob Moore (organizer) and ask about having a table at the Patsy Cline show this Sat at the Depot. He'll get back to Diana on this.

4. The quarterly Regional Bicentennial Commission meeting in Helena will not be held this Feb. However, there will be a reception the evening before the State Commission meeting and Jeanne will try to attend. (Thanks, J.)

5. Grants Status: Humanities-all is a go, advertising must comply and a report submitted after the event. Penny will coordinate the ad and posters with folder from Becky with MCH requirements.
CCS NPS for 2005- Penny submitted it prior to the Jan 14 deadline. Cross your fingers.
PPL grant program from the Colstrip mining- Penny submitted the application by internet.
NFS- still no word from Ron Archuletta on when aps will be out.
Livingston Trust: Marleen reported that the sub-committee hasn't met yet but there is a hope they may be doing it day after tomorrow (WED) before John Bailey leaves on a vacation.
O & P 2005- no word yet.

6. The majority of the meeting time was devoted to planning our next event: TASTE OF THE TRAIL II, Pomp's 200th Birthday. Hal Stearns will speak at the Middle School at 11:00 am. Becky will be with him. Penny will contact Margo Aserlind about having him put up at their guest house on 9th St Island if possible.
Members worked VERY hard on getting sponsorships for the event: Chico; Golden Ratio; Tire-Rama; Liv. Enterprise: Chatham's; DA Davidson; Kenyon Noble; Rib & Chop; Parisi Plumbing for certain. Maybe yet are: Bank of the Rockies; Cardinal Dist; Eyecare Prof; First Interstate (they are now a "yes"); Sky Credit Union. PLEASE CALL ME IF THERE ARE ANY MORE CONFIRMED- hoping to get the ad/poster out by Tuesday.
Food sponsors: Shellenberg's Deli for salmon; Food Co-op for watercress, raspberries and artichokes; Homemade Kitchen for buffalo meat balls; Martin's cafe for pork & corn meal casserole; Pinky's for corn muffins; Albertson's for pop; Sandra for hardtack, boiled dog, colt tartar, portable soup, & roasted onions.
To work on yet are: Sleeping Giant Brewery for L & C Lager- Penny e-mailed them but no reply yet; coffee-Dale(coffee houses); birthday cake/ camas bread(Bittersweet Cafe or Tea House)-Penny; Fish House Punch (Yankee Jim's) -Penny; trout(Clark's Crossing)- Penny. Diana has bowls, napkins, etc. Elizabeth and friend will hire on for dishes and cleaning. We will try to set up the day before if possible.
Sandra booked the Pretty Good String Band to play and she will call Chuck Holland and invite him to attend and sign books. We still have books at the Depot that he left for sale.
Penny developed a request form for sponsors and will make an "invoice" for them to have as a receipt. Sponsorships are $250.00 and include 6 tickets and a brick for the monument. She will also print out the recipes/ large labels for the tables/ Bill of Fare and complimentary tickets.
Diana is having Fred redo the sign and will hang it on the fence until we can put it on the main sign stand.
Sandra contacted Yellowstone Public Radio, Penny contacted the Briefs person at the Enterprise, KPRK and Montana Travel Website.

New Business:

There is also a new organization called Catalyst, from the Livingston Art & Culter Center that Hillary Johnson from Star Web is part of that Becky will look into.

The Fly Fishing Federation has a new person, Molly Semanik, who is coordinating the national conference that will be here and putting together a "FISH WALK". We will meet with her to discuss other options we can be involved to promote the monument too.

Also, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch supports things for kids and we will talk to them about this as benefiting kids too.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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