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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Hall, 5:30 P.M.
January 27, 2003

Attending: Becky D., Sandra C., Charlie R., Dick B., Doris W., Diana S., Jackie R., Penny C.

Minutes from the last meeting had been mailed. Charlie moved to approve; Dick seconded.


1. Kick-off Show report: Everyone felt it was a huge success. Lots of positive comments and feedback. Probable attendance was 250. (Thanks to the eight folks from Big Timber for coming!)

An accounting of the proceeds and expenses were reviewed. Still need to settle the final bill with the Depot of $35.30 and with Bronkin Distributing. Everyone worked very hard and very well together to pull this off in such a short time (& over the holidays) and we need to commend ourselves! And many thanks to everyone who helped out the night of the performance, too.

Diana & Penny wrote and delivered thank-yous to the business sponsors along with two complimentary tickets. Diana also wrote thank-yous to others who supported & assisted with the show and we signed them at this meeting. These were: Rich & Molly Semenik who brought the projector and helped with it's set-up; Dennis Aig who loaned it to us from MSU; Bill Dow who replaced the "missing heads" from his sculpture; Dan & Kathleen Kaul who donated Bill's room for two nights; Ken Nelson, member of the Band who helped with the microphones, wiring and electronics; Ryan Whithorn who video-taped the program; and Bob Frisbey & the "Pretty Good String Band" for all their extra effort in researching the music of the period and came dressed in period costumes just for this show.

Doris made video from the camera tape and mailed one to Ritchie along with a cassette tape of the talk given in Bozeman about Little Pomp. Penny has one copy, Doris has two more and Sandra borrowed one of these to view.

Diana shared that Ritchie called her on his way to the other side of Billings and stopped to pick up one of his props. He said he and David had an "absolute great time" here. And because of all the information he gleaned in doing this show he is now preparing a "CLARK ON THE YELLOWSTONE" performance. He would like to have testimonials from our group on the show we had. Becky will write to him. He is also going to record "sounds of the trail" soon in this area. We also booked them for our July 15th, 2006 time when we will have the Corps II Exhibit.

2. The license plate raffle was won by Dude Tyler and he was thrilled. Charlie R. will contact him about the 2nd plate for his vehicle that is available. We made $420.00.

3. Driving Tour: no response from call placed and message left at Sea Reach regarding the bases for our 7 signs. Penny will call again tomorrow. Penny will check with Bob Ebinger as to whether Rotary decided to contribute or not. We did receive a response from the Board of Realtors and they declined. We're not sure when Laurie Heupel will be here next or if final drafts are done. We need to still work on more funding for the second 6 signs and the brochures. Next meeting will have more followup on this as Jeanne Marie is in Helena at the Legislature.

4. Discussed a "time-line" for the proposed project of building a Sacajawea statue. Becky reported that many people during and after the Show, were very interested in learning more about this project. We need to make decisions about what we want, how much it would cost, how would we contact artists for proposals, etc. One consensus is that we should strive to have it in place prior to July of 2006. Suggested sites of Sacajawea Park, the south end of Main St, in the park near the Depot were made.

Many ideas were suggested and we agreed to start with gathering information by contacting local foundries & artists, the museum in Cody, the Montana Arts Council and have a sub-committee meeting later this week. Becky, Charlie and Dick agreed to meet to get some direction going on this. Diana offered to call Cody. Others present want to help later on.

5. The 2nd Annual Corridor Conference will be Feb 22 (Sat) from 9:00 am to 3:30pm. We need to submit items for the agenda to Jeff Dietz in Billings asap. Can anyone attend?

6. The next Regional Bicentennial Commission meeting is in Helena, Feb 10 & 11 and we are required to have a representative there. Grant awards will be announced then. Sandra C. offered to go.

7. The National Council meeting is in Great Falls April 13-16. Becky and Penny are planning to attend.

8. Penny reported that Roeby Simons offered to let us put up a "one-page" coverage of our Commission, activities, etc on the Livingston Website if we would like to. Discussion followed and we would like to do this. It will have links to other L & C sites of interest also. Penny will talk with Roeby and go with this.

9. Charlie agreed to be the one to call and schedule our meetings each month with the Fire Dept.

10. We discussed other fund raising ideas:
(A). The "Art Challenge" sounds like a good one and now would be the time to get a letter drafted to send out for artisans to have plenty of time to create a piece. This would be either a donated work, or a share-of-the sale-piece for display and auction (?) next spring or summer, 2004. All works would be themed around the Expedition.
(B). Holding a "Lewis & Clark Ball" at the Depot on New Year's Eve, a gala event, that would include "Captain Clark and Captain Lewis in attendance." We penciled in the date with the Depot pending more discussion.

Next meeting will be Feb 24th, 5:30 pm, as the 10th is when the RBC and State Commission meetings will be held.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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