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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2005

Attendance: Becky D., Dale G., Marleen A., Mary M., Diana S., Penny C.

Minutes of last meeting sent out: Approved
Time sheets turned in to Becky.
Finances: No report for O&P (Feb. 15th is State meeting) or Commission Fund. Marleen reported for Monument project: Net to statue to date is $23,654.00 plus 8 bronzes purchased. This includes the two pledges.


#1. Artist report: Mary said all the bronzes in numbered sequence are now caught up. Will have three more by Feb 18th.

The silhouette had to be moved from the Chamber and she and Greg took it home. Greg & Penny moved it to Clyde's High Country Rental but on the way the wind took it out of the pickup so now it needs "rehabilitation".....for now it is wired in two halves to the fence at Clydes. It will need to be moved and fixed in a while.

Mary had a bronze accepted for the Charlie Russell Show and sale in Great Falls March 16-20th, a running horse....way to go Mary! Plans to take postcards and info on both of her Sacajawea projects. (Ours and Three Forks) She will be at a show in Sedona, AZ in April/May. Loveland, CO show in August. She will be looking into smaller, resin reproductions for tourist trade, etc. to raise funds.

#2. Driving Tour: Penny reported on the meeting she and Jackie had with the Commissioners so they would understand about the CTEP grant and the second six signs...funding, placement, bases, etc. They were very supportive also of the statue project. We left a bronze and bricks with them for a while.

No reply yet from Laurie on mock-ups or from the Clymer museum on using the Buffalo Gangue print. Penny will contact both again.

#2. Brochures: Brochure designers working. Lea stays in touch.

#3. Urban Renewal: Becky reported she and Dale went to their meeting. They would have liked to see the power-point presentation but hadn't indicated that would be okay. Dale contacted the neighbors of the statue about night lighting and none had any complaints. Sent letters to P. Grabow and L. Chan regarding this. They will post it on their website. Also, Larry Raffety from Catalyst (supporting the arts group) said they will be supportive also. Sandra needs more specific specs from the landscape designers for a contractor who wants eagerly to go out and get bids and donated labor.

#4. Fly Fishing National Conference: will be in Livingston Aug 9th-13th. Becky met with Molly Semanik. They have 600 people pre-registered already! Expect maybe 2,000+. Becky volunteered to do Driving Tours, etc. We have a booth reserved and will need members to man it. We will ask if we can also have a table in the downtown area when they do their "FISH WALK". Would be great to have the artists do "FISH " if it could be put together in time. More than we could take on ourselves right now.

#5. State Commission meeting will not need an RBC rep. Jeanne will attend the reception the evening before if possible. Next RBC meeting will be in June in Great Falls.

#6. Grants: no word yet on Livingston Trust meeting. Marleen will keep us posted. NFS grants will NOT happen, no funding; no reply yet on NPS CSC grant application; waiting to hear on O & P awards. No reply from the PPL application.

#7. Becky reported on Mt. Sky Guest Ranch winning state honors and possibly we could tie this in to them via "education". It's true history.

#8. Taste of the Trail II: reviewed all that's been done--event is Feb 18th. Ads/ posters/ tickets will be finished up this week. Will have posters for Middle School presentation too. Sponsors list not complete yet; will have engraved bricks on display as well as the quilt and bronzes. Press release hopefully this next Tuesday and a community news story next week. Volunteers lined up and names will be on program. Voted to hire Elizabeth and friend for $50.00. Need $40.00 for Depot sign painter. (2 signs). In-kind donations: Sax & Fryer, poster materials,$20.00; Aslerlinds cabin, $150.00; web-site fee $125.00; Crash repair painting signs, $150.00.

Need to include food donors also.

Penny has folder to do Montana Committee for Humanities reporting.

New Business:

Becky will do the Chamber requested letter for their nomination of Tourism city of the year. Also will order more stationary as we are nearly out.

Next meeting: February 28, 5:30 pm, 320 N. Main.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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