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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2004

Attending: Doris, Dick, Marleen, Diana, Becky, Bob S., Jackie

Minutes: Read and corrected to read as follows: pg. 2/ 5ht line..."talk"; pg. 2 / #1..." having it on display";

Financial Report:

  1. Jackie reported that there is $508 in the driving fund and $4605.64 in the Commission fund. Bills for the "Happy Hour" were paid out of the proceeds and the Commission fund.
  2. Marleen reported that we received money for sculptures from the 2st Interstate Bank and Sandra Cahill. There were also $200.00 in orders for 2 bricks. There is now $7060.00 in the account at the Treasurer's office for the statue.

Timesheets: Encouraged to keep these up and turn them in.

Old Business:

1. Bob Spannring was introduced and welcomed as a new member of the commission. Bob's address is: Robert Spannring, 24 Barney Creek Rd., Livingston, MT. 59047,

2. The driving tour signs were tabled until next meeting when Jeanne Marie gets back. Jackie reported that the CTEP procedures require that we include a copy of the text, NPS approval, specs, graphics, right of ways, SeaReach specs, list of venders sent to and attach all of this to CTEP as a Federal Project. It was the consensus that we need to get this finished quickly so that we can start the process and get them done in a timely manner. Penny returned the damaged sign to Sea Reach.

3. Penny will take a photo of Mary with the bronze for an ad and will place the ad in the national magazine, "We Proceeded On."

4. Becky will talk to Mary about how many sculptures the foundry can make at a time and whether the first one made as the artist's proof is to be used by her to take to shows to exhibit and promote. If this is so, then we need to have 2 more cast. The 1st Interstate Bank is to be asked by Sandra or Becky if they will exhibit theirs and have information available about the fundraising project for the statue. The 1st Interstate Bank has also approached Sandra and Becky about selling Lewis and Clark commemorative medallions at 10% above cost and donating all the profits to the stature fund. We decided that sculptures must be paid in full before casting. Doris is thinking about ordering one. Display areas for the sculptures were discussed. Diana offered the Depot, Jackie will find out about the Courthouse, Bob. S. will approach Sax & Fryers, Marleen will contact American and Sterling Banks.

5. The Livingston Trust was tabled until Jeanne Marie gets babck.

6. The site for the statue was designated by the Csity Commissions to be next to the dock at Sacajawea Lagoon. Becky showed the map of the placement. Becky read a letter from the city planner saying that the approval of this site is subject to the following contingencies and requests for additional information:

  1. Ownership
  2. Liability
  3. Park County Commission role to sign contract and agree to the following:

Becky will contact Tara Depuy about getting the Co. Commissioners to agree to donate the statue to the city because it is in a city park. That way the city would carry liability and maintain it. It was voted that any funding that was left over after the construction of the statue be given to the city for maintenance and upkeep

7. Becky thanked Doris for delivering and writing thankyous for the "Happy Hour." She personally delivered many of them with her jerky. She is owed $2.00 for postage and Becky gave her 8 more stamps.

New Business

1. Promoting the statue and planning for fundraising awareness will be booths or tables with a sculpture at the following venues:

  1. Summerfest June 16-17 (Becky will contact Sandy Wulff). She is also to ask about plans for a beer tent and if the L&C Lager could bee represented there.
  2. State L&C Conference in Livingston June 17-18
  3. Livingston Arts Fest at the Depot July 3-4
  4. Park Co. Fair (Doris will find out the dates)

It was also suggested to find out about promoting it at the Great Falls Interpretive Center Arts Events, the Great Falls/ Russell Art shows, Cody, Big Timber, Gardiner, Bozeman, auction fundraisers, and web sites. We need people to sign up as investigators for these places.

2. Medallions from the bank were discussed in #3 above.

3. RBC meeting: Bob Raney is attending and will report on it at the next meeting.

4. Becky read thankyous from Doris and the Guidi's.

Next Meeting: Feb. 23rd. Becky, Diana, and Marlene will be gone.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Douglass




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