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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Dale Guidi, Mary Michael, Diana Seider, Marleen Anderson, Penny Carpenter, Dick Baerman.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Financial Reports: O & P grant of $1,000.00 will be coming after Miles City meeting. Regular Commission fund balance is $1387.94.

Monument Fund: Marleen had financial report-net to statue is $123,583.52. Two more bronzes were just sold and several new brick purchases came in. Total number of bricks sold now is 311.


1. Artist's Report: The statue is on schedule. All the clay is on and will be completed by the end of February, when it will be molded. Mary got a call from a Missoula t.v. station to do a program on the statue and she will get back to them. We felt it was important to have a human interest story on the artist and the statue and the phase it is in. Diana will contact Lynette at the Enterprise about this. Dick B. will pick up bronze #57 from Mary and will do a painting of it and the artist. The fundraising is at 90%.

2. Contractorís Report: The City Commission declined our request to assist financially with sidewalks or to have city employees do the labor. Their decision was due to not having budgeted for this kind of expense; and that the job needs to have professional work, as it is such a well-done project. Acting City Manager, Darren Raney found a contractor wanting to help out. Penny just met prior to this meeting, with Jim Harvey from Concrete Solutions. He wants to make a donation (he will get his estimate in by tomorrow am). Dale and Penny will follow up on this and make the arrangements. Jim will pour and stamp the "patio" area around the statue and form up the two sidewalks that come together just south of the dock. The small sitting area will be done as a complete circle instead of the shape on the drawing.

Last bill from Moos Concrete was $4,000. We still have some donated cement to use from JTL (Dale will check on how much as per own phone conversation today- - Mr. Harvey called and offered to do all the labor for free and would be interested in being paid with a bronze for the materials cost).

Motion was made and passed to NOT do uplighting, but have another light pole placed so there will be two at the site.

Dale has a load of bricks in his truck and he and Marleen with get together to lay out the south end groupings. Dale is in contact with the mason who will do the work.

Becky met with Sandi Blake and a new bid was to arrive. She will contact Sandi and ask for the bid again.

Becky will call Hank Fabich on the irrigation to see when he wants conduit laid.

3. VIP Party for Large Donors: Becky read out loud the letter from Louann at the Chamber regarding the Gov. attending. We will ask again closer to the time. Louann's letter was highly complimentary of our "dedicated and hard working group" to make this statue a reality. July 14, Friday afternoon from 2 - 4 pm. We are all thrilled that Gary Moulton has agreed to be here. Many thanks Norm!! Penny will continue communicating with Mr. Moulton regarding his speech that afternoon and possibly a book sales/signings the next a.m. after the Dedication. He has agreed to give a presentation in the Library, 7:00 p.m. Friday night and to attend the Saturday a.m. program. The features that morning are Hal Stearns as Capt. Clark, and of course, our artist, Mary.

We still need to raise more funds for Mr. Moulton's expenses. We have applied for a $1,000 grant for the program from the State Commission, but won't know until this Thursday's meeting in Miles City on that request.

Becky brought a brochure that lists his works on the L & C journals and the journals of some of the Corpsmen.

4. USPO cancellation design was shown. Sharon Walker printed it as per our plan. All approved. Penny will get it to Kim at the PO in Lavina, to make. Envelope draft will be coming soon.

5. Dennis Springer has ordered the large plaque with Sacajawea Story on it. We added, "Sacajawea and Pomp" onto the plaque for the statue itself. Can't order the $5,000 or more donors yet as we hope to get more for that list.

6. Three more bronzes were just buyer wanted his "in an hour". Good we had some on hand!!

7. New sign with silhouette is done and up on Park Street between County Market and Bank of the Rockies. Thank you to Dick Baerman for getting the image enlarged and Penny for painting it. The red thermometer is set at about 85% of our goal.

8. Governorís Conference in Great Falls, April 10 and 11. Sandra and Penny will attend. Clint and Rita made space for a bronze on their table to help promote sales.

9. State Commission and RBC meeting is this Thursday in Miles City. Penny now unable to attend as her house is being set in Idaho on Thursday and must leave Wed. No one else is available to attend. Penny will e-mail notify Clint.

10. Mary reported on her attendance at the Chamber Dinner at Chico. Was a much larger group than she thought it would be and said it went well and many were very interested in the project.

11. Penny and Dick gave their Adult Ed presentation and it went well also. Sold one brick that night & lots of interest.

12. Mary will still get on contacting Steve Fox about making our Video of the dedication.

13. Penny updated the group on the Quilt progress and the 4th graders Exhibit program to be held in mid-May. The quilt is queen size and is going to be GORGEOUS! Penny will make the statue postcard notices to be given to the students in late March. Hopefully the quilt will be finished by mid-May. It will be Silent Auctioned off during Summerfest.


1. Rick Graetz has finally called Becky and wants to do his L & C slide show this spring. He stated he is now eligible to be reimbursed via Montana Committee for the Humanities. Becky asked him to let her know when....we suggested a Thursday night at the Library.....and Becky will let him know that.

2. A woman named Jan Nutting contacted Becky about someone speaking on the project at the Christian Women's Connections luncheon on June 28th. Due to the late date, she will call her back and ask if it could be scheduled in April or May instead. We will all be frantically busy the end of June.

3. Bill Shannon, teacher at the High School, has a small class that he would like to have help with the labor on March 7, 8, 9, and 13. Dale will call him.

4. Discussed the suggestions of both a 5K run and possibly a buffalo feed to attract more people. Diana will follow up on some suggestions for someone to organize the Run and Dale will call Ken Kastelitz about the buffalo feed idea.

Next meeting is February 27th, 5:30 p.m., West Room of Courthouse basement.

Please keep Becky in your thoughts as she finishes getting ready for their daughter's wedding; Sandra while she is on vacation & traveling; Mary while she fiendishly works on the monument; little Victoria while she tells her mother to come in, cuz, "it's dark now, Mommy"; and Marleen while she keeps the dollars, orders, receipts, messages, thank-yous, finance office and what-all STRAIGHT!!

Someone please take minutes next meeting, as I'll still be in Idaho.

Thanks, Penny Carpenter




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