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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2004

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Doris Whithorn, Dick Baerman, Brian Sparks, Guest Artist Mary Michael, new members Bob Peterson & Hilary Taylor, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes corrected to read "July" instead of June for Summerfest 04. Approved as corrected.

Financial report: Hilary Taylor, Assistant County Planner
1. Commission Fund Balance: $4,605.64. Proceeds from January event deposited - $755.00; all bills paid.
2. Dirving Tour Fund Balance: $508.22
3. Organization & Planning grant notice received-$2,000 for 2004. Gateway Office supply bill for thank-you note paper (22.00) and Doris for postage (5.40) will be paid out of new O&P funds.
4. Monument Fund - Sandra brought another donation for a brick that cam in the mail. _______ total.

1. Driving Tour signs: Penny reported Sea Reach is making a new sign to replace the damaged one. Questions on how they will hold up, since this damage happened, were brought up. They are supposed to be enduring. Discussed Jeanne-Marie’s suggestion for content on last sign, i.e. plants/vegetation with quotes from Clark out of the journals. Motion made and seconded to have this be the sign. Penny will e-mail Jeanne to go ahead. Need to get going on the brochures now too. Small group meeting will be set up at next regular meeting to draft brochure. Hilary made suggestion of making a “tape” to purchase for the tour in the future to accompany the brochure. Great idea.
2. CTEP ( Community Transportation Enhancement Program) funds: We needed to get the wording finalized on the last sign and then can proceed. Hilary will get together with Jackie and Jeanne-Marie to f/u on this. Laurie Heupel (Natl Pk Service) is already helping with images.
3. Statue Project: Hilary brought the contract for Mary Michael from the commissioners. She offered to read through it during this meeting. Sandra reported she and Becky met with Gretchen Maurillo at First Interstate Bank on Feb 18. They are pleased to be able to display their bronze sculpture when it is ready. It will be in a nice, old oak cabinet with the medallions they are having made. Information will also be there to tell people how to order them. Discussed other places to have it displayed. Depot and Courthouse for sure.
4. Penny contacted Rebecca Yound via e-mail (sent a photo) on how to write the ad for “WE PROCEEDED ON”. This will cost $300.00 and March 15th is the deadline for the May issue.
5. Richard Ellis called and came by to pick up his proposal materials from Penny.
6. Sandra thanked Doris for her great job of thank-you notes….each with a personal typed note, for their part in the Taste of the Trail event. Doris submitted the bill for postage….given to Hilary for Jackie to submit out of O & P fund.
7. Brian has taken on the “Day in the Life of the Yellowstone” on our behalf, with the blessing of his Board from the Museum. These photos will be taken on the 25th of July. Helpers will be Diana S., Bob E. and Sandi B. Sandra has a copy of the agreement sent to Jane Indreland.
8. Mary’s bill for the first bronze and one-time payment to the foundry was discussed. She offered to have that one as her own so we need to pay just the $650.00 foundry, one-time fee for now. Penny will notify Marleen. Three bronzes have been ordered. Doris paid for hers at this meeting so all three are paid for. Discussed ordering more and decided on three again. Discussed saving first few numbers back (1 through 5 was chosen) for future sale & collectors. The ones ordered now will have numbers 6, 7, and 8. Doris requested #6; 1st Interstate will get #7 and Sandra will have #8. Hilary made a list of all 100 for ease of recording. Penny will get copy to Marleen and keep one. Mary had read through contract on we need to adjust the 12% to read $260.00 and insert the $40.00 for the wood base (page 3). She signed the last page as did Ed Schilling. Mary understands that if the funds are not raised, all donations will be refunded and the monument will not be built. All present were in agreement that this will NOT be the case, even if it takes longer than July, 2005. Other fund raising ideas were suggested: native plants to sell at the three events, books of Leandra Holland, Lager beer from Helena, bricks, having canoe maker from Columbus (Walt Marten). Possibly teepees from Ellis’ too.
9. RBC meeting report: Had e-mail from Jeanne that Bob had all the info and was out of town. Also that she was ill & would have the info at our next meeting.
10. Sandra had emailed and sent a letter to Arlynn Fishbaugh, Ex Dir of the Montana Arts Council. Bill Frazier of Big Timber is the Chairman. Asked for an article on our artist and monument project.

Summerfest contact Sandra Wulf was called by Penny. They will be meeting to start plans for that event. Becky was unable to attend due to a conflict with the meeting with County Attorney that day. Sandra asked Penny to give Sandy her phone number. Discussed what to have at this event and at State Conference and the Arts Festival at the Depot. Dick Baerman brought a new painting he is donating for a raffle item…..Horse Mockersons is it’s title. Sax & Fryer offered to display it in the window of the store. E-mail from Bob Spannring said they also offered to display a bronze with information on how to order one. Dick will put together what to say with them and Penny will make a poster.
11. Penny brought two of the quilt blocks to show. Also reported that Glenda Mitchell agreed to make the last block…..outline of the bronze for both this quilt and the larger bedspread size one. Penny will meet with her next week with photo and fabric for sashings. Penny offered to make raffle tickets similar to ones from license plate last year, for the quilt and painting. Decided on $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Each book will have 30 tickets ($100.00 if purchased in threes) and would like to have at least 10 books sold for minimum of $1000.00. More would be okay too!
12. No one able to attend next Yellowstone Corridor meeting in Miles City on the Saturday, 27th.

We discussed the upcoming Fish of the Expedition at the local Fly Fishing Federation Museum...great project. Might be able to display a bronze ther. Also will check with the Museum of the Rockies on showing it there. Penny will contact Sheila Benson who works there.

Hilary will ask Jackie if she's heard anything more on the vault toilet for the Interpretive Sign pullout.

4th Panel needs updating badly. We need to stay on top of that and keep changing it as events are planned. Also need to show a photo of thbronze there with info on how to order one.

Need to meet to start the Driving Tour brochure...we were awarded that $5,000 last April and we dont' want to lose it.

Next meeting March 8th, 5:30 p.m. 320 N. Main
Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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