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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Hall, 5:30 P.M.
February 24, 2003

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Brian Sparks, Charlie Rahn, Diana Seider, Doris Whithorn, Bob Ebinger, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes had been previously mailed and e-mailed to members. One correction made by Penny C. as it was omitted in error...discussion of O & P grant included the new guideline that from the State Commission that "reimbursement to attend meetings and conferences with an average expense ranging between $75 to $225/ per person would be maximum reimbursements of $150.00 from grant and other costs covered by donation". Corrected minutes were approved.

Financial reports were not available. In-kind reports need to be turned in to Jackie each meeting.

Bob Ebinger reported that he is now the designated representative from the City of Livingston as a City Commissioner and Lenny Gregrey has resigned from the Great Bend.

Last expenses were paid for the Kick-off event..Bronkin's $157.53, P C Weekly $55.00, Depot needs to submit invoice for $35.30.

Driving Tour Report: Jeanne can't make Monday pm meetings till after Legislature ends. We received a donation of $100.00 from the AAUW, thank-you card was passed around to sign...Penny will mail to Pres. Donnalee S. Bob E. will follow up on the Rotary offer of $100.00. First Interstate Bank has given verbal permission to use mural photo on sign at $2500.00 value. Need to get written letter. Jackie said Darwin Rabenburg asked for a letter requesting this and Penny will take one to him by Wed. Meeting this Thursday at 12:30 at Penny's office building to review the mock-ups that Jeanne has if she is available to do so.

Brian asked that we consider changing text to include the quote from the journals about Clark "carving his name on a tree......"; also will discuss pinpointing the sign locations on a Park Co. map for use with promoting the Tour; will also ask about possibly trying for Forest Service grant for brochure as we weren't successful from State Commission grant request. We were #14 on the list. Possibly could get funding if more monies become available i.e. from sale of license plates.

No word from KLB Exhibits, or Kevin Blackner, the man who said, "do the repairs and we will reimburse someone". Brian did the work. Jackie will follow up on this with Wendy.

Jackie reported that about 3 weeks ago, Ellen W. was at a D.O.T. meeting and they said they would be willing to put in a vault toilet at the Interpretive Sign site but would not maintain, clean, or pump it. She tried the Co. Commissioners, Counterpoint, Inc, Fish & Game, Forest Service and no one wants to take this on. We need to partner with someone or find a way to have this done ongoing even after our group has disbanded. (Doris offered to do a weekly cleaning herself!) Will keep searching for ideas. Penny offered to talk to the Community Service Officer regarding this as they do pick up the trash periodically there now. (as do our own members!)

We skipped to Statue discussion next as Diana had another commitment to go to. The sub-committee met and shared their work. Becky has a large folder with information; Dick Baerman wrote a letter with ideas and suggestions; Mt. Arts Council questions whether we can prove Sacajawea was on horseback?; expense has been estimated to be anywhere from $150,000 to $350,000. Art Auction and New Year's Eve "Bicentennial Ball" discussed as fund-raisers. Agreed to have a Sub-committee meeting devoted to just this subject on March 19th, 5:30 pm at Gateway Museum.

We did get the O & P grant for $2,000.

No one knew if anyone made it to the Corridor meeting in Columbus.

Sandra reported some highlight from attending the RBC and State Commission meetings in Helena, Feb. 10 & 11, and submitted a complete written report. There is concern about whether there's enough activities this year, as people are coming. Public interest in the Bicentennial has tripled in the last 2 years. Montana's Superhost will be doing a training for "front line" (service help, motels, restaurants, etc) folks in communities. We need a local "fact sheet" to distribute to gas stations, service providers, etc. of this for tourists to know about our area.

Upcoming events include the Confluence of Cultures in Missoula in May and the National Council's meetings in Great Falls.... the program and registration form for the Gt. Falls meeting was shared from the internet--- $195 for 3 days, luncheons, banquet included. Agreed that each can go on their own and submit for reimbursement up to the limit.

Becky has heard from Rick Graetz about his slide show and possibly April would work for him.

Penny & Charlie gave a presentation of the Commission's work and plans, to the Chamber Board of Directors on 2/11. Penny typed a 2-page synopsis for each Director that also included both Signature Events in Montana and that Corps II is coming in 2006. The Chamber donated folders that we can use to distribute materials when we give talks, etc. if we want. Julie offered also to "stuff" the folders if we'd need help.

Doris stated that Hal Stearns will be speaking in Butte on 2/26 on Lewis & Clark.

Jackie shared a Planning Guide from Clint by Carol McBryant on Corps II. Will review this at another meeting with more time available.

Penny passed around photos taken at the "Manifest Scrutiny" program. Sandra returned Doris' video and Penny borrowed it for Rod and Diane Boehm to view.

Penny showed a quilt pattern book for L & C as a possible fund raiser. Becky suggested maybe at the Ball.

Work on the Web-site is progressing and so far includes our stationary, the silhouette of L&C, the license plate and a mission statement. Should be up for viewing as soon as Penny & Roeby Simons can get together more.

Next regular meeting will be 3/24/2003 at 5:30 pm, Rural Fire Dept building.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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