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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Department, 6:00 p.m.
February 25, 2002

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Bob Raney, Charlie Rahn, Ken Hanson, Brian Sparks, Diana Seider, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter, Bill Pedula from Big Timber.
Chairman Sandra Cahill called the meeting to order. Minutes had been mailed out and were approved.
1. Driving Tour signs: Jeanne reported that she, Charlie R, Bob E, and Jackie R did the drive with State people. All sites were approved. Posts will be 4x4 inches as required. We will need to work with the Federal folks regarding the Interpretive sign site as it is off the Interstate highway. County sites can't have signs but will be close. Sheep Mtn site is very steep and will need a very tall pole. Found out the BNSF RR owns the site by C & P Packing. Newman Traffic Signs from North Dakota will make them and price range is same as we were told. Need to have subcommittee meet to work on wording soon.

2. Corridor Meeting in Billings: Jeanne attended. They had good attendance; went through what each community is doing. They have a website,, Jamie Fuller is webmistress. "Clark Days" is being expanded. The Roche Jaune group has large animal posters, unsure if they were $60.00 each or for the set. Glendive is anxious for us to get our sign done. Tribal folks were there and the changes the Crow tribe had concerns about have been relayed to KLB in Missoula.

3. Financial: Jackie reported that the O&P grant of $2000.00 will be coming soon. Letter of agreement has been signed and returned. Jeanne, Gwen and Penny will submit expense claims for the meetings they attended. Challenge Cost Share $10,000 will come via State Commission when we invoice them for our expense on the Driving Tour signs and brochures. Interpretive Sign project totals are unchanged, $22,180.00.

4. Penny reported on meeting with the contractors on the 21st:( Ed Schilling, Charlie Rahn, Gary Hillman, John Frelich). Blueprints of the site preparation gone over and decisions made as to who will do what. Gary & John will coordinate the digging, the crane and the backfill work; Ed will coordinate with Crazy Mtn ranch workers when date is set; and Charlie will coordinate materials needed (sono tubes, masonite, cement) and connect with Gary & John. Need to know more detail regarding the "4th" sign structure; how does it open? What is the backing inside? Jeanne asked Penny to e-mail Wendy with these inquires tonight. She also thought the 4th sign was referenced in a letter to Ellen that might be in Jackie's office. Subcommittee of Diana, Brian, and a 3rd party will meet to discuss this panel.

5. Motion made and passed to meet 2x's a month again for the next few months as we bring these two projects to conclusion. Next meeting will be March 11 at 5:30 pm, then April 1, 15, and 29th, all at 5:30.

6. Regional Bicentennial Commission meeting in Dillon: Feb 11, State Comm Feb 12: Penny reported as she and Gwen Childs attended. Very interesting and also a good turnout. (More details here as I have my notes as I'm typing) Fundraising efforts proceeding. The L & C license plates sold 1400 in the first month. $20 goes to the State Comm. Plate # L & C 200 will be raffled off as a fundraiser for the St Comm. Plates numbered L & C 1 through L & C 14 have been reserved for the RBC's and Tribal Agencies to use as fundraisers.

The Army Relay Run will start on May 14th, 2004 and will be through Montana between 6/11/04 and 6/23/04. On 6/27 there will be a "hand off" at Lemhi Pass and back again on 6/29 at Lolo. This is a recruiting tool but should be good for Montana.

Corps II update by Gerard Baker, NPS, Supt.of Natl L & C Trail. The funding did not come through for Corps II separately so is now coming out of his budget for the Trail. Have two trailers donated, working on getting tractors to pull them. Will also have a large tent space and outreach vehicles for programming locally. It will cost about $4,000 to set it up and take it down each time. Thoughts are to have it be in one site about a month. We need to complete the information request form and return it to Clint by June 1st.

RBC minutes will be posted on the State website. We can also have our Commission minutes posted.

2002 Project Grants: 44 grant applications were processed and scored. Awarded 13 and each at less than was requested for a total of $122,000.00.

Education Committee shared more about a) the "Confluence of Cultures" that will be held at UofM in May 2003. 1800-1806 "A Moment In Time"; b) 22-minute video, L & C in Montana; c) Guide Training Workshop in Great Falls, 5-day program, had 225 people take part.

June 23, 2003, Boy Scouts will be retracing L & C return across Mt. Six days, 50 miles each. Will be keeping journals, "leave no trace" then will be compiled into a book in fall of 03. Youth of both cultures, build harmoney and connection between youth.

Fall Conference 2002, will be in Bozeman on Oct 3rd and 4th. Gran Tree. John Langenheim from Bozeman will be coordinating...Gwen, Penny and Marilyn from Columbus offered to help. (Others are more than welcome.)

Next RBC and TA meeting will be in Glasgow on June 17th at 12:30 pm (Mon) at the Cottonwood Inn.

Penny passed around the CASE STATEMENT paper that Sara Groves developed for marketing purposes. Sara had sent a letter out asking for updates on RBC project but did not hear from all of them yet. Working on fundraising with Marketing company. Will have both designated giving and non-designated giving. Rest of State Commission minutes are on website.

7. Bob Raney reported that he talked to Elias Goes Ahead, from Pryor, about doing his "show". Wants it at Depot Center in fall or possibly this spring. Bob will f/u with him.

8. Bill Pedula reported that the Rivers Across group plans a dinner and show on April 20th. "Clark and Lewis Show". $25.00 each at Legion in Big Timber. Need 180 people to earn $1,000. If 140 people come they will break even. Can contact Gwen Childs or Sandi Blake or get tickets at the banks in Big Timber. If 5:30 time is difficult for Big Timber people, we may change time. For now we'll cover local topics first.

Ladies have done a L & C Wall Hanging Quilt which will be in the Museum. Have started work on another one, Clark along Yellowstone. Headwaters made paper forts of L & C forts as a money make, also maps. Still planning on putting visitors sign at museum. May improve sign about L & C in City Park on McLeod St. May raffle a picnic at Little Timber Creek, raft trip down the river. They meet on the first Monday of month at 5:30, Dalmon Hall, one block south of Big Timber IGA.

Meeting adjourned, 7:30pm

Penny Carpenter & Jackie Robbins, recorders.  







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