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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2006

Attending: Marleen, Dick, Diana, Mary, Dale & Sandra.

Minutes: Minutes from the meeting of Feb. 14 were approved as sent.

Financial Report: We are receiving the $1000.00 for our speaker Gary Moulton from the State. Penny will fill out the form for the $1,000.00. Marleen has the papers for it. Please refer to Marleen's Financial for the latest. We have 85 bricks to sell and have ordered 4, (#'s 64, 65,66, 67) more bronzes via Mary.


1. Artists Report: Statue will be cut on March 5th into many pieces and taken for casting to the same foundry where the small bronzes are being made. They came in with the lowest bid. Mary is buying a full-page ad in a Great Falls magazine coming out in March. Mary is going to Russell Art Show March 15-19 in Great Falls. Everyone who has seen the finished statue thinks it is just beautiful, especially Sacajawea's face. Diane will call the Chronicle as we have not had any interest from the Enterprise. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARY FOR A GREAT JOB.

2. Monument: Report by Dale. Dennis Moos was very upset to learn that another contractor was going to be used to do the rest of the concrete work. Diane moved and Dick seconded to have Moos do the rest of the concrete work, via contract. Passed unanimously.

Moos wanted to stain the base before the bricks go up. Marleen, Rick, Dale and Jim Dennison the brick layer were to meet Tuesday to go over the laying of the bricks. Dale, Rich, Marleen and Becky will sort the bricks.

Dye will go into the cement for the sidewalks as they are poured because a surface that is walked on needs to have the color in it.

Ed Hillman still has not submitted a bill for the load of gravel he hauled for the base. The 63 Ranch will haul boulders as needed for garden.

Dale will check on the city removing the dirt pile and the electrical work.

The new estimate from Sandi Blake is $6454.80 and includes, larger trees, sod, and several other things. Looks complete. Marleen has a copy. 50% deposit is due on acceptance of estimate. I believe we accepted the estimate at this meeting. Some one needs to look into paying Sandi.

4. Party for donors tabled. Becky. Special Event Insurance, Penny, do you know? Post office and special cancellation, Penny?

7. Dale has the bronze plaque with the Sacajawea Story. He says a corner of it looks very nice, that it will fit on one of the boulders and it is very heavy.

9. Sandra and Mary still have to contact potential buyers.

10. No ad needed to sell the bricks - are almost sold out.

11. The dry creek bed is out. Marleen moved and Mary seconded and it passed to not have it.

12. Steve Fox is in line to do the video and Mary is the contact person.

13. Becky, you will have to call for dinner reservations at the Steak & Chop for the evening with Rick Graetz talk. No one was sure which date it was. Can you do that for me?. Also someone needs to do a press release who knows the details.

14. The Buffalo feed is out as it would interfere with the venders at Summerfest. Contact Sharry Barney about the 5K run. Tim Anderson says there is no organized running club in Livingston.

15. We do not have any work for Bill Shannonís students this week and maybe later in the spring.


Marleen moved to eliminate the Canoe Carving. Patty Miller phoned Wed. to say she was organizing a history of Livingston beginning with the Clark on the Yellowstone and I told her about the canoe carver and she was interested so someone needs to get the info. to her. She has sponsors. I gave her Becky's and Marleen's names.

Dick has painted a new picture with Sacajawea at the River and has offered to have photos taken of it to sell. He is looking into the cost, etc. Itís a lovely picture. Dick thanks you again for coming thru.

We need to check the Sacajawea web site to see if it is up and running.

Adjourned at 7:00. Next meeting at 5:30 on March 13th in the West Room, City/County complex.

Submitted with many errors, typos and misspelled words, but I got it done. Sandra Cahill.

Penny's additions done on 3/3/06:

1. Sharon Walker e-mailed a draft of the Commemorative envelope & Penny sent it out. Any decision made about including the date? (Some wanted it under the triangle and some didn't in my return e-mails.)

2. The cancellation stamp is being made by the USPO. Penny will assist the PO employees at the booth during Summerfest, as needed.

3. The quilt is coming along great. The ladies needed a bit more fabric so we have another bill for $29.50.

4. The 4th graders "L & C exhibit day" will be in mid-May. Penny is sending Sacajawea postcards home with all 4th graders as the invitation to participate the end of March.

5. Best Western motel wanted Driving Tour brochures as they are mailing them out in packets. We NEED to get the rest of these distributed. Sandra and I can take some with us to Great Falls in April. Anyone else going somewhere?

6. Gary Moulton is a sure thing! We have the $1000 from State Commission (thanks Clint!!), and $500 from the Library Board. Still working on getting a donation from Patrick Markey. He sends replies that only ask for more information, so far. Mr. Moulton and his wife, Faye will be staying at the 63 Ranch (THANK YOU Sandra!!). Clark & Penny will take them on a tour of Yellowstone Park on Sun/Mon and have reservations at Lake Hotel. Moultons are paying their own expenses for this. I'm still pursuing getting a "loaner" car for them from Manny Getz. I will follow up on this now that I'm home again.

7. I will help get Sandi Blake paid the extra deposit due. We'll have to take it out of the Monument Fund, as we only get another $2500 from NPS after all the bills are paid. The additional costs will make our "match" for this grant. (I'll call Marleen.)

8. From last meeting's minutes, I read that we were focused on trying to get the City to pay for the rest of the concrete work and they said no. Then we approached a contractor that Darren Raney said wanted to "volunteer" some help. Jim Harvey said he would do the labor for a deal on a bronze. I'm surprised that we voted to still pay someone when we had the labor partly donated. I don't recall that we had a "contract" with Dennis for all the cement work but I may be confused......I thought he asked to frame up and pour the base.

I'm not opposed to the decision to stick with Dennis, except for the fact we had a "freebie" and are choosing to not use it.

9. Sacajawea website is up and running. Still has Christmas trees on it though!

10. Special Event Insurance is done. County Commissioners had it taken care of.

11. Any discussion on the Rediscover Montana magazine idea to have a story on the Dedication?

12. The woman who is writing a book called Penny and got more specific directions to our large Interpretive Site. The Chamber sent her our Sacajawea postcard and our Driving Tour brochure. All three will be in the book.

13. O & P report: Balance is $850.00. ($150 went for speakers for 2006). Regular Commission fund should still be $1387.94. One bill came in for the Weekly for $100.00 that needs to be paid.

Where are we on the net to statue fund?

Thanks, Penny.




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