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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
February 28, 2005

Attendance: Brian Sparks, Diana Seider, Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes: Sent out recently; corrected to include Brian as attendee. Approved with correction. (Marleen's in California; Becky's in Oregon; Sandra's in Florida)

In-kind: forms for this meeting turned in to Penny.

Financial reports: Net to statue now $24,540. Bills paid to Pretty Good String Band; Depot. Need to pay Fred $40.00 and no bill to dishwashing girls. Diana will follow up with Gourmet Cellar on left-over wine and what we used. Bill not in yet from Enterprise for ads.

Hillary gave us a copy of the letter from State Commission announcing we were approved of the O & P grant for $1000.00. Also a letter that came later stating that we can expand the use of these funds to cover speaker and presenter travel expenses and honorariums. If we desire to reallocate the funding section of our 05 grant, we must submit a revised "Section 3: Proposed Budget". (sorry folks, I read it wrong and thought it was to amend for more dollars....oops)

Regular Commission balance is from Dec 08, 04 only. Other expenses have come out of it but that amount was $4802.35. Linda Hendy has left the county finance office but we still need to have a meeting with them to figure out just what our balance is and what has been paid out of it.


1. Driving Tour: We received an e-mail from Sea Reach on Saturday with the first text revisions they have made. I sent them on and typed up my thoughts. Waiting to hear from Jeanne and others but we need to send them a reply soon. The money for the bases was received by them. They are in contact with Laurie on the images for these.

2. Brochure: Staying in touch via e-mail with Lea. They are working on the brochures. Needed electronic images to save dollars by not re-doing those. I referred her to Laurie; apparently she was referred on to Sea Reach. (Phone call from Katie this am clarifying that she needs the Ralston image from then electronically. Katie will talk to her boss about providing that and for what charge, maybe none.

3. Urban Renewal: Reported on the e-mail received by Becky from Lynn Chan. Some concern over the "natural lake look" of the lagoon being less so with a statue there. Still where it's going.

4. Grants: O & P as above; no reply on Challenge Cost Share new application; Hillary and Penny met Monday am to write the "completion report due from the first six signs grant (01 to 03 for $10,000). Hillary is typing it up and Penny will get her the photos and newspaper clipping to send along. No word on Livingston Trust meeting...maybe when Marleen returns from Calif.

5. Taste of the Trail: Discouraged about the low turn-out. Speaker and program was wonderful. Five sponsors have paid, waiting on checks from the other six. (total was 11) 2 bricks- $200.00; 2 prints-$20.00; Donations at door-$270.00; Donation from beverages-$120.00. Cookbook proceeds of $24.00 needs to go to Diana at Depot. Penny has folder for the Humanities report and will send it in.


1. Silhouette is at High Country Rental and will need to be moved and repaired. Maybe County Market fence to the south of the store? Dale, can you ask about this as I think you were the one who mentioned them? Or would anyone else care to? Other suggestions are needed.

2. Fund-raising ideas: Making the envelope with the special postage date from the USPO was discussed. All in favor. Need to find out how to proceed with this. Maybe Jeanne can help after Legislature ends. Quilt guild ladies want to make a bedspread to auction off or raffle, etc. All approved. Carol Beadle will contact Penny about their next meeting date. Discussed having a New Year's "BICENTENNIAL BALL" next Dec. That date has opened up for the Depot. Could have the quilt auctioned that night. Would be a good event and could raise money. More discussion next meeting.

3. Had an e-mail from Mary and she has two more sculptures #21 & 22 I think. #9 will be following shortly. Authenticity certificates all signed by Becky and Sandra and notarized. Marleen provided large envelopes. Penny will distribute & mail as needed.

4. Tentatively set late April or early May as time to put last six bases in the ground. They are in storage at the county shops.

5. Next RBC meeting will be in June 2, 3 in Great Falls. Please speak up if you'd care to attend.

6. Sandra will get the specs on the landscaping from Dick Pohl, MSU and get them to Ed Hillman, contractor.

7. Mentioned Fly Fishing convention in August. More discussion next meeting.


1. Discussed 4th of July theme suggestion for summer of 2006- Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, with Captain Clark (Ritchie Doyle) as possible Grand Marshall or at least "special guest" in the parade. Penny will contact LouAnn at the Depot. Letter will be sent to formally request the Chamber Board to consider this. He will be a speaker for the Arts Festival event and we will have to submit another MCH grant request for then.

Next meeting will be March 14th, 5:30 pm.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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