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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2004

Attending: Sandra, Hillary, and Marissa, Diana, Mary, Brian, Becky, Doris, Bob, Dale, Dick, Marleen, Jeanne Marie

Minutes corrected from Penny were read. Sandra corrected that Brian already has agreement and has been in contact with Jane I. about photos for Yellowstone Corridor.

Financial report: No report.

Time Sheets: To be turned in to Hillary

Old Business:
1. Driving Tour Signs: SeaReach will replace damaged sign. Jeanne Marie sent text for last sign of 2nd 6 to Laurie H. and hasn't heard back from her. Permissions still need to be confirmed for 3 locations. Hillary will check with Jackie on this. The brochure needs a format. The biggest thing will be the map. We also want to include the journal entries that are on the signs. Laurie said we could put numbers on the signs. We can also put them on the 1st 6 signs . There will be a lunch meeting for the brochure committee on March 15, Monday, at noon, at Mustang Catering (Prairie Ren. Bldg). Committee members are: Brian, Bob R., Bob S., Jeanne Marie, and Becky.

2. Artist Report: Mary reported that Penny will check on the contract at the courthouse. The foundry will have 3 bronzes ready April 2 and 3 more ready on April 15. Three are paid in full. The limited edition numbers will start at #6 and Penny has a list of the numbers. Mary will be going to the show in Great Falls next week and will display the sculpture. She will take out an ad with the paper and get one for us. She hasn't had the pictures taken by Tom Murphy yet as he is out of town. He will be back at the end of the month. Mary will talk to the interpretive center about placing a bronze there with info on how to order one. Becky will check with print for less and to see about having postcards with the picture of the bronze on one side and info. on the other side to be available where the bronzes are exhibed.

3. Local Displays: Envelopes with macqueete pictures and a fundraising letter were passed out for people to have. Becky will make more of these available. Sax & Fryer will display one bronze with Dick B.'s painting, "Horse Mockersons." The courthouse will display a sculpture but can't be responsible for it unless it is in the commissioner's office. The Depot will display a sculpture in conjunction with their Lewis and Clark show which opens May 22nd. 1st Interstate will display one, also. The library was suggested as a display spot. A committee will be set up at the next meeting to organize a plan to exhibit the bronzes and promote the statue. Bob S. suggested we find or hire a good sales person to market the bronzes; someone who comes across elegantly and persuasively. We need a mission statement to sell the statue to groups and convince them of its importance to the area. It is also a thought to put together package options to buy more than one bronze.

4. Ad: Penny hasn't heard back from "We Proceed On" magazine. The deadline in March 15 and the cost for an ad is $300.00

5. Sign on I-90: DOT is going to put a vault toilet at the site and will do it on their schedule. Both L&C signs are now up on the interstate. Becky will talk to LuAnn at the Chamber about the key to the 4th panel and updating the calendar. Hillary will check with Jackie for extra keys to the panel and give one to Becky.

6.CTEP: Information needed from CTEP on conditions of language before we can put bids out for signs. Hillary will check on this.

7. Summerfest: Sandra talked to Sandi Wulff and said we would want a spot for a booth where the statue will be located. Doris offered her books for the booth.

8. RBC: Bob R. sent poster of L&C that we decided would be good to put on foam board and have at our booths for displays this summer. Becky will give some the the schools. Bob also sent 2 L&C reference guides and 2 Confluence of Cutures books.

9.Community Trust Grant: Jeanne Marie did a draft application and Becky will complete the information needed.

1. Depot Art Show Application will be brought by Diana to the next meeting. It will be July 2, 3, 4 and we will have a booth there to promote the statue and educate the public. We will also have booths at the State and RBC conference, summerfest, and the Park Co. Fair.





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