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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Dale Guidi, Marleen Anderson, Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter and Diana Seider.

Minutes had been sent prior--approved.

In-kind time sheets need to be turned in to Becky. We are all so busy doing so much, no one has time to write it down!

Financial Reports:

Monument fund report by Marleen - net to statue is $128,088.52. This total includes our equity in bronze statues of $9,500.00. When sold, these 10 bronzes will $12,000.00. Marleen and Penny are keeping current with notarized Authentification Certificates for buyers. 57 bronze statues have been sold: 324 bricks have been sold. (408 is maximum to be sold).

O & P report: Balance is $850.00 to date. $327.00 will be used for G. Moulton airfare in July. Becky needs to purchase stamps.

Regular Commission fund balance is: $1287.94.

We received a $1,000.00 program grant from the State Commission to help sponsor Gary Moulton as our speaker the evening prior to the Statue dedication. Penny completed the application is will send it to Rita in Helena.

Becky reported on a referral from Bruce Lay. A client of his wants to help with the project. Becky will follow up on this.


1. Artist's report. Diana reported for Mary that the cutting of the huge clay form is being done now in Mary's studio. Diana is still pursuing getting a story done via Enterprise. Will also connect with Livingston Weekly. She will also approach Enterprise with doing a supplement and include Summerfest activities, for the Dedication.

2. Contractors: Becky met Hank Fabich on the irrigation system. He has suggested getting a pump and dig a well for water that will be cleaner and not clog up the system. Rick & Marleen went by when Hank was talking with Clint from the city...Clint is going to get a price and take it to a City Commission meeting next Monday.

Dale is meeting with Northwestern Energy this Wednesday. Has talked with Ed Miller and he agrees we need a well. Hank Fabich will work with Sandi Blake on getting sod. They work together often. Dennis Moos needs warm weather to do the staining on the base. Bricks were to be ready but aren't. 58 will be done by Wed. Dale approached MRL and they will donate the metal cover for the top row of bricks. He is going to talk with Quality Welding to see if they will powder coat the metal to prevent rusting. Dale will follow up will Jim Nardella on the fence and show him where it is to be placed. We need the water system in; then the grading, then the patio and sidewalks, then the landscape rocks and somewhere in there, the bricklayer will install the bricks!

The nursery said our plants should arrive April 17th. We'll need to coordinate a day and find helpers, to do the plantings. Sod laying too.

3. VIP party: Becky had a call from Bud Clark of the St. Charles Exp group and they will work out details. The Undaunted Courage group will be here too. Becky will approach the city for camping arrangements. She will also draft a letter to the City requesting July to be declared "Clark on the Yellowstone" month for Livingston.

The 2 to 4 pm celebration on Friday will be by invitation only. (Guests will be required to bring their letter for admission to the proceedings.) Please DO NOT invite others on your own. The list is getting quite long and must be done via this Commission.

Penny will contact G. Moulton about his arrival date; selling books on Saturday; and Friday program participation.

4. The Cancellation stamp design needed the zip code added per USPO request. Final sent to USPO and accepted. Voted on using the logo on envelope but adding "AT THE YELLOWSTONE" below the names. Penny will have Sharon Walker make 500 of those. Also will order 500 sheets of our stationary and 250 more envelopes. Becky will e-mail Jeanne regarding suggestion for sale pricing.

5. First plaques with Sacajawea Story is here. Need to wait on list of large donors a while yet before ordering the second one. (who is embedding these on the rocks?) Need to remember our Geodetic marker must have a rock too.

6. Bronze sales: Penny has been invited to a Board meeting at the Bank of the Rockies on 3/31. Her bronze is on display there now...moved from bank in Clyde Park.

7. Governor's Conference on Tourism: April 10 and 11. Sandra and Penny will attend. Will be sharing a table with the St. Commission and display our bronze. Will take Driving Tour brochures also and hopefully the quilt (to be sold as Silent Auction item via e-mail and at Summerfest). Voted to have last bid by Sat. pm.

8. Quilt top is completed. Penny shared photo of it. Now being quilted by Beverly Palm. Will be bound by women of the Peace by Piece Guild. Penny will take the quilt to their May meeting on the 4th.

9. Driving Tour brochures--Sandra took several stacks. Diana took several for the Depot. She will f/u on asking Kelly Dowdell of the RSVP program if volunteers could take them around to motels and restaurants, etc. Penny will take several to Three Forks Chamber/Historical group. They asked our Chamber about things happening here. Penny left message for Pam Wagner there.

10. 4th graders Exhibit Day in May, will be at Links for Learning, Washington School.


An interested lady was referred to us by the Chamber. Patti Miller and Becky spoke to her and e-mailed information to her. She has many ideas and much enthusiasm! Great addition to our efforts.

This Thursday at 7:00 pm will be our Montana Committee for the Humanities guest speaker, Rick and Susie Graetz with their slide show. Dinner at 5:30 at Rib & Chop. Reservations only through Becky.

Hillary sent an e-mail regarding a Montessori school request for a L & C talk. Dick (in full dress) and Penny will reply to her on this.

Penny sent information to Rediscover Montana magazine. He answered saying he could put in a brief piece on our Dedication as the writing was done already.

Dick brought his gorgeous oil painting of Sacajawe & Pomp At The Yellowstone". Very beautiful!! We will follow up on cost of having prints made to sell. Penny will e-mail Glacier Team at Printingforless for a discounted fee. Dick can then follow up with Mary's photographer and get a picture. In Bozeman we can have it put into electronic image to send for printing. Price of large oil will be set by Dick.

Penny will pursue getting our site Certified. Discussed the documentation guidebook for preserving our records next fall in preparation for disbanding later this year. Will make name tags.

Next meeting: March 27th, 5:30 p.m. West Room, Courthouse.

Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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