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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2005

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Mary Michael, Dale Guidi, Diana Seider, Marleen Anderson, Penny Carpenter, (Becky still in Portland).

Minutes had been sent out prior.....motion made to approve. Passed. In-kind sheets made out for this meeting and some for Taste of Trail event; Penny will keep them for Becky.

Financial Reports: O & P funds arrived; $1000.00. Hillary will submit for addendum to include new category when Penny gets wording to her. NPS Grant for brochure: Sandra will check with Rita on if it's here. Regular Commission Fund: Need to set a meeting with Martha Miller at County office to go over where we are on this one. Marleen told her we would be contacting her.

Monument Fund: Net to statue now is $23,237.00 and we've purchased 9 bronzes to sell ($8,550) for a total of $31,787.00. When we sell the 9 our total will be $42,587.00. Penny contacted Chatham's and their check will be coming; Sandra contacted Chico and we need to send an invoice directly to Mike Art; Dale will contact Kenyon Noble. These three sponsors will add $750.00 to total.

Livingston Trust responded with a letter of award in the amount of $10,000 for the base and landscaping be paid as 50% of actual costs after the 2nd installment payment is made for the statue itself. Marleen will f/u on the percentage listed in the letter, as it was amended at the meeting to be 60% of the costs.

Discussed the outstanding bill with Gourmet Cellar for the wine. Agreed to purchase both cases to be used at future events for fund raising. Will pay out of regular commission fund.

Mary Michael's report: she is leaving for Great Falls as a participant in the Western Art Rendevous show there. Good luck Mary!! Has bronzes #19 and 20 to take with her. Will have one in the lobby display and one in a separate Lewis & Clark art display area. Took a packet of post cards.

Told us how the Three Forks statue and site are progressing. Is taking that statue to Great Falls also. It will be in Sacajawea Park in Three Forks and they broke ground for it this week. Now more people are joining in on buying bricks, etc. She is planning on having coffee mugs made with the image of our statue and also the small resin replicas.

Old Business:

1. & 2. Driving tour, brochures: Penny reported that Sea Reach e-mailed today and said they will be electronically sending us the first revision on signs 7 through 11. Waiting yet for info on 12 from Laurie.

Lea Chatham picked up the CD today but it doesn't have "production files" on it. Penny e-mailed Katie at Sea Reach about this & about getting the Ralston image. Lea will contact Laurie for the other images needed. She may have a proof for us in a couple weeks.

We discussed getting the bases in the ground and tentatively chose May 14th. Dale will ramrod this project and get needed equipment lined up. Will also need to call Park Electric for locates 2 or 3 days prior to digging. Bases are out at the county shops.

3. Quilt Guild called and they would like to make a bedspread to raffle for fund raising. Penny will attend their meeting on April 7th and take a bronze.

4. Silhouette: Needs to be moved around town every 3 or 4 weeks. It's in two halves currently so needs a support behind it until repaired. Dale will contact Kevin at County Market and ask about their fence to the south for the next move.

5. Certificates were made, signed and notarized for all bronzes except Penny's and the collector from Calif. Need to find out whose name goes on the second one he bought. Penny will follow up on this and get those 3 done.

6. Ed Hillman has the specs provided by Dick Pohl, MSU. No word yet.

7. Fly Fishing Conference in August. Need to find out if we get in a gallery or on a sidewalk. Follow up on this when Becky returns.

8. Other fundraising ideas: Collector's envelopes with special cancellation stamp from P.O. Agreed to try it. Penny will ask at P.O. how to apply. Penny received 720 stamps from friend in New Jersey. Commission can decide how many to purchase. Depot buying 200 ($74.00). If anyone else wants some, please call Penny.

Next community event is the Sister City garage sale. Sandra will call Pat Mikesell to see if we can have a spot there. Community Civic Center sale will be coming up too; need to call the Rec Dept. Farmer's markets will start in May; Sandra will call the CNR folks.

9. RBC next meeting is in Great Falls on June 2. Can any attend? Penny will contact Clint/Rita as no one here tonight will be available.

10. Parade theme for 2006 is to be "Clark on the Yellowstone" as per Penny's phone call to Louann at Chamber. Not sure if Ritchie can be Grand Marshall but most certainly could be in the parade. We discussed having a float and he could be on it if not Grand Marshall. Diana will contact Ritchie to reserve him for that time. Discussed having a float in this year's parade and agreed we should. Dale has a shorter flat bed trailer (and a 4 wheeler) if Greg not available with their old pickup. We'll use the silhouette again and decorate. No Sacajawea horserider.

11. Bicentennial Ball: Discussed this at great length. All agreed it was the opportunity now between 05 & 06 and we should go for it. However, it's a task with tremendous prep work and we would need additional helpers. We will try to think of someone who could be chairman of a Ball Committee rather than just the six of us putting this together. Need to promote more participation on this Commission also as we have dwindled in numbers and therefore, helpers. Ideas are good ones though: Very "special" event; dress-up, maybe even in period costumes with a prize; hors d'oeuvres not a dinner; need a band; dance cards with pencils; get a temporary license for the bar?; make nice invitations & return envelopes with tickets for raffle (maybe the bedspread? or a bronze?) items inside....even if they can't attend folks may contribute that way. Dale will talk to Bob Moore for ideas. Diana will reserve the Depot until we meet again and can get more input from other members. Other groups are looking at that date for an event and we could lose the opportunity.

Grants: Penny had a reply from the Trail Foundation grant lady asking for 5 more copies of our application...mailed them off today. Penny wrote a letter of request to Phillip Morris asking to apply for help with our project. Need to get the NEA grant in by June and the Montana Travel one in when we get told the deadline is. No word yet on the NPS grant for 05. Hilary sent the completion report in to Midori as requested.

Had a nice thank-you back from Dick Pohl for the Ralston matted print. Sandra brought photos of the Taste Event; Penny has them to get to Becky.

Next meeting will be March 28, 5:30 pm

Penny Carpenter,




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