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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2004

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Bob Spannring, Hillary Taylor, Diana Seider, Doris Whithorn, Marleen Anderson, Dick Baerman, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes had been sent out previously. Approved.

Financial report: Jackie gave - all funds unchanged to date; O & P actual funds have not arrived yet. Will get Doris and Gateway Office paid as soon as it arrives.

Marleen reported Monument Fund unchanged. Did get invoice submitted to Linda Hendy to get Mary paid for the first one time fee for the foundry of $650.00.

Time sheets are to be turned in to Hillary or Jackie each meeting.

#1. Contract between Commissioners and Mary..explained to Becky about needing the amounts changed on first page (I had thought it was on Jackie's computer before) and Becky will make those changes. Marleen will keep one copy, one copy to Mary, and one copy with Penny's records.

#2. Replacement sign arrived and looks good. No report from Jeanne, hopefully hearing from Laurie on designs for next six. Becky reported on the meeting we had at Mustang Catering last week on ideas for the brochure. Bob S. working on this. He brought an example of a legal-size folded one with a center focal area inside. The "map" of the route will be on the further inside with sites indicated. Ideas for the first center area included: Clark's image off one sign, the Ralston painting, the bronze. Agreed on high quality paper and color.

#3. No report from Bob R. on installation day....pick a warm one.

#4. Driving tour contact with Laurie H- deferred.

#5. Jackie and Hillary reported on the site locations still in question: No response from the owners listed for the Old Clyde Park Road pulloff. Discussed ways to get permission- suggested sending a letter by certified mail; asking neighboring owners about owner/?? The Chamber site needs the height and sign size - Hillary will follow up on this.

Water tx plant site--Jeanne Marie is putting together a packet of information for the City Commission meeting on April 5th that Clint Tinsley asked for. Penny is going to attend this meeting and will take one of the real signs.

#6. Jackie reported on CTEP progress. Next step will be getting the Bid process to Jeanne-Marie. We then send it to Vendors, does not have to be "advertised". If any would be on private land we would need to have private easements.

#7. Discussed local spots to display one of the bronze sculptures. Depot, John Fryer window, First Interstate along with the coins they will be doing; Courthouse inside the glass case. Would like to have realtors, dealerships, and other businesses be interested in owning one and then have it on display. Talked about improved "marketing" of the them. We will make small postcards with info on back for folks to pick up at these sites. Make ads and posters to get out. Could get a "challenge" going between the banks??? Or is that tacky? Penny showed a rough draft of a poster we could refine; also raffle ticket designs. Also could put one in the 4th panel on how to order a bronze. Discussed the ad for "We Proceeded On", will cost us $300.00. No rough draft from Rebecca Bogden yet. No photo of bronze that we can use yet. Penny will call Mary. Bob S will call Tom M. Other local photographers who can do this well were suggested: Libbey Caldwell and Larry Stanley. If time gets to a crunch, we may have to hire it done.

#8. Chamber had lost their key to the 4th panel. Becky will have more copies made. She made a list for next 5 months of happenings in this area to put in the panel.

#9. Depot Art Show. There is a $95.00 fee for a booth with 1/2 off for non-profit organizations. The show this summer is from the Paris Gibson Museum in Great Falls, "In My Neighborhood-the Corps of Discovery Revisited". May 22 to Oct 15th.

#10. Becky had a rough draft of the Livingston Trust application for the Monument. All agreed it said what we need and to submit it. Cross your fingers!

#11. Penny brought the start of the quilt top being pieced together....only one more block to receive. Agreed to put "CLARK ON THE YELLOWSTONE" on the filler block. Was suggested to put the members' names around the outside edge strips. Penny will f/u on this for cost, etc. Quilt and painting from Dick will be on display in various places and at each of the events to sell tickets from (State Convention in June, Depot Art Show 4th of July, Summerfest in mid-July, Park Co Fair, August.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussed the landscaping needs for the monument. Suggested that we contact the MSU architecture school for student input/project to help us. Becky offered to get a hold of MSU.

Discussed needing a sub-committee to design a promotion campaign for the sculptures, bricks, etc to raise funds more methodically. Marketing is a field of it's own and we may need help. Bob S, Hillary, Dick and Becky will meet on 4/13 at the Z Bar, (Hillary's) 119 N. L, Tues at 6:00 pm. Any others can join them.

Next meeting will be second Monday in April, the 12th, here, 5:30 pm.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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