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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Dept. Building, 6:00 p.m.
March 25, 2002

Minutes recorded by Becky Douglass and sent to Secretary, Penny Carpenter to disburse.

Attending: Ed S., Charlie R., Jackie R., Bob E., Bob R., Jeanne Marie S., Gwen Owens, Ken H., Doris W., Mildred Boehm, Bill Pedula, Sandra C., and Becky Douglass.

The minutes of the March 11th meeting as sent out to members by Penny were approved with no corrections.

1. Interpretive signs: Jackie reported on the March 22 meeting with Wendy on the L&C interpretive signs. Everyone liked the artwork. We did have the artist, Mike Mahoney, delete the borders of the present day Crow Tribe’s reservation. Wendy will come back with comps in color for the final approval of the signs by April 1st. Jackie will schedule a meeting to view the final proofs as soon as she gets them. Anyone who wants input should be at the meeting so that they can be sent back to Wendy immediately to ensure a timely arrival of the panels the last week of May. Wendy agreed to have a crew of 2 to deliver framework 2 weeks before the final week of May so that the infrastructure will be completed beforehand. Jackie and Charlie are coordinating this time with Wendy for a Friday or Saturday, hopefully May 10 or 11. Charlie will coordinate the ground crews necessary for the framework arrival.

The Dept. of Transportation will give us an encroachment permit. Charlie, et al, will meet the DOT at the site to approve this and stake it out. The contact is Dave Hand. They have agreed to locating 2 signs on I-90; one 1/2 mile before turnoff to rest area and another "turn here" sign. They have to talk to the Feds about this and Doug Mohler is working with Jackie on this. Bob E. stated he wrote a letter to DOT a year ago about this and never heard back.

Wendy gave Jackie a new invoice for a $10,000.00 payment due now. She said the price had gone up about $1200.00 for a change in the timber kiosk. Ellen told Jackie not to worry about it. The upcharge was dated Jan. 1, 2001. The original contract didn't have it in it dated Feb. 15, 2001. A partial payment was made to Wendy of $3000.00. The invoice was to have been 3 copies; Jackie received one. The contract also calls for monthly reports on the project. The Commission has never received any. We will pay $10,000.00 now and Ed Schilling will talk to the County attorney about contract issues and final payment. The Commission owns the text and design but not the artwork.

2. Walking tour: Doris reported that she has ordered 100 holders for the walking tour brochures. Becky reported that Middle School 8th graders will assemble and decorate the holders.

3. Trailers for exhibits: Ed Schilling reported that he will be receiving information about the trailers for the Corp II exhibit and that Sandra will be the contact person. This will be due June 1, 2002. The Fair Board will work with us on any dates we want.

4. 4th panel - interpretive sign: The 4th panel of the interpretive signs at the rest area was discussed. Sandra, Becky, and Bob R. will be the calendar/current events committee for this. Bob E. will call the Chamber and have them call Becky. Becky will contact Brian regarding when his committee’s draft for the top 2/3 of the panel will be completed so that the calendar/current events committee can meet. The bottom 1/3 of the panel needs to be completed and up when the signs go up. Events were discussed as to known local events. Sandra listed area activities and opportunities. Becky and Bob E. reported on Audubon State meeting events to be held in Livingston. A bird walk will be held at Headwaters May 18 and later in May. Everyone is invited. Call John Parker at 586-5863 to sign up. Ed pointed out the need to have Livingston events on the L & C website. It was suggested to ask Penny how to do this. Sandra suggested all take a look at the Billings website/Jeff Dietz.

5. Driving tour: The driving tour text was discussed, approved and edited with changes corrections for Jeanne Marie to send to the Historical Society tomorrow. Good job Jeanne on putting all this together! Special thanks to Bob R., and Bob E. for help in writing the signage. Ed S. said the Catholic Cemetery might be ok to use for a site if two others are not acceptable. He will talk to Father Dale next week. Bob R. drove the route on Old Clyde Park road 2x's this week and looked at the two other possible locations for the sign. There is a wide pullout on the south side of the road between mile marker 302-322 that has a great view, but it is on a curve. The other possible location in at the end of the road where it splits and there is a huge chokecherry bush with a pullout. The bush blocks the view of the junkyard. Jeanne Marie will check to see if the signages should go to the Crow Tribe to approve.

Other Business:

1. John Rogers sent an invite from the Headwaters Chapter to attend their dedication of signs on L&C at the Chamber of Commerce last week. No one from here was able to attend.

2. Doris reported that the Newspaper ad had the wrong time for the meeting tonight and didn't put it in the briefs. Becky will correct this.

3. Bob R. reported on his work with Montana State Parks Foundation. In Nov. or Jan. the history and legend of the Crow Tribe in Park Co. will be exhibited at the Depot. It will be centered on Chief Plenty Coups.

4. Jeanne Marie S. reported that her organization of the National American Rivers has a traveling exhibit that will be in Bozeman at the mall June 6 - July 10 of this year. It is a 2000 sq. foot display of the natural history of the Rivers of Lewis & Clark. It will go to the Billings mall mid July-August.

5. Gwen O. invited anyone to two of Big Timber's events: Badge Ley Hunsaker will speak at 1:00PM on March 27 at the Big Timber Elementary School. Her program will be "Beyond the Shining Mountains of Lewis & Clark." She will also speak March 25 at the Montana Historical Society and on March 26th she will have a book signing at the Country Bookshelf in Bozeman for her book, "Sacajawea Speaks."

Big Timber extends an invitation to their hosting of the Vigilante Players who will perform the "Clark and Lewis Show." It will be a dinner theater at the American Legion, April 20, 2002, and tickets are $25.00.

6. Bill Pedula from Big Timber requests that minutes be sent to him at

7. Next meeting will be at 5:30 P.M., April 8, 2002.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.




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