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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Dale Guidi, Marleen Anderson, Mary Michael, Diana Seider, Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting sent out; approved.

Financial Reports:

Monument Fund - net to statue is now $129,154.04. Bronze sculptures sold-57; Bricks sold 345; Bills paid to date on garden/base-$27,806.14; First two payments of three made to artist- $26,666.67 each. Balance in fund-$36,014.56.

O & P report: Balance is $850.00; stationary ordered.

Regular Commission Fund: Balance is $1139.94. Paid out was $148.00 for the professional quilting of "Sacajawea's Journey" queen-size quilt.


1. Artist's report: Had a good Show in Great Falls; lots of people very interested in the dedication and unveiling of our Sacajawea statue; many wanted more information; sold one of her own pieces and won the "Artist's Choice Award." Congratulations Mary! Our clay sculpture is all cut up and over at the foundry. This Thursday, a TV channel from Missoula will be at her house at 11:00. They are doing a program called "Under the Big Sky" and will air in April. Mary plans to give them a good plug for our dedication. Anyone wanting to be there can come on Thursday.

2. Construction: Dale reported that the first coat of stain went on the base today. A second coat will be done and then a sealer coat applied. He spoke with Greg Bailey from Northwestern Energy and he indicated they will donate labor and materials on the wiring task. N.W. has to do the cut across the road; City Park employees cannot do that part.

Ed Miller will be digging the well site near the city pool end of the area; City manager told Clint to order the pump and they'll pay for it. (hooray!) City is also giving us a street light, one of the new kind, and Dale asked where it should be placed. We chose just west of the statue base, near the lagoon. Gary Hillman has offered to lift the bronze onto the base. Bud Anzik also has equipment that could do it.

Dennis Moos will be starting the sidewalks and patio areas as soon as the temps at night don't plunge so low. Jim Nardella is getting the fence portion built. Dale will assist in telling him where to place it. The big bronze plaque with the Sacajawea story looks great. Dale brought a preview of the 12 x 12 plaque with the title and Mary's name on it. This one goes on the base. Dennis Springer arrived with another print of it too and got to meet Mary and other members. The remaining plaque will have the large donors names so will wait a while yet to order that one.

3. Dedication planning: Dick asked if his pen pal donor could be sent an invitation to the Friday VIP party. All agreed yes. We will check on the total people at this point before adding more. Penny is making labels for Becky from the bronze sculpture buyer’s list. Invitations will be sent on our stationary. (See #9 below for more planning.)

4. Commemorative cancellation stamp: USPO Penny spoke with Postmaster Gary Carlin and Kim Tashjian in Lavina. They are communicating also and we are approved to have the Station for 4 hours on July 15th. Penny will ask for it to start at 11:00am. Envelopes have been ordered at Montana Edge. Stamp design was approved. Becky will follow up with Jeanne Marie on what to charge.

5. Quilt: SACAJAWEA'S JOURNEY is being hand bound at present. It is outstanding! The ladies who made the blocks are Carol Beadle, Glenda Mitchell, LuAn Peterson, Roxanne Goff, Phyllis Bedbury, Fran Gentry, Barbara Fenton, Billie Kaye Harms, Lori O'Neill and Suzanne Brown. Penny will send them thank-yous. It was quilted by Bev Palm and she gave us 50% off. (Please be sure to thank them personally if you run into any of them!) It will be displayed at each event we attend and will be shared around town to be viewed. Silent Auction bidding will start this weekend, if it's ready, at the Pioneer Banquet. Bids can be done in person, via phone 686-9905 or e-mail, Bidders can indicate if they wish to be notified of being over bid. Final days of bidding will be Friday and Sat, July 14, 15th at Summerfest. We will have the quilt in Sacajawea Park along with the Post Office Station, Gary Moulton and books, St. Charles Expedition group camp and educational displays.

After the Pioneer Banquet, it will be shown at the Tavern Association Dinner on April 4; the Peace by Piece Quilt Guild meeting on May 4th; Arts Festival in July and any other event we can get invited to!

6. Dick reported on his painting: proof from looked okay and we got it ordered (on Penny's charge card). We are getting 250 11x17 inch prints for $279.00. Will be able to pick them up on Friday. Dick will start signing and numbering them. Discussion followed on how much to charge. Decided on $30.00 each and that will include the carrying tube. Will take some Friday to Bank of the Rockies board meeting and Sat to Pioneer Banquet, along with the original; price is $2800.00. John Colter painting at First Interstate will hopefully be moved to Bank of Rockies for awhile.

7. Rick & Susie Graetz slide show was very enjoyable; good crowd. Marleen sent 50% of the book sales to the address and included a thank-you. Becky wrote them a thank-you and also submitted the Humanities grant report. We made $120.00 from our half. That was unexpected and very nice of the Graetzs to do. All liked the photos and the talk.

8. Blake Nursery had given us a $50.00 gift certificate for an earlier project that we hadn't been able to use. Becky will contact Sandra and ask about using it now.

9. Sandra and Diana attended the City Commission meeting 3/20 and were granted both our requests. July has been proclaimed "CLARK ON THE YELLOWSTONE" month for the City of Livingston. Permission was given for the St. Charles Expedition group to camp in Sacajawea Park near the soccer field area. Becky will send a thank-you letter to the City Commission.

10. Bronze sales: Sandra got a call back from Kathleen Kaul, Murray Hotel and requested more information. Penny has been asked to give a presentation at Bank of the Rockies this Friday at noon. Need to sell 9 more! Penny & Sandra will take 3 to Great Falls' Governor's Conference April 10-11.


1. Becky will follow up with Patty Miller on article for the Mt. Arts Council magazine.

2. Norm will be available again after April 1. Becky will follow up with him on several points.

3. Meals for the Graetzs will be reimbursed to Becky out of jar funds.

4. Penny and Dick will follow up with Hillary Taylor on doing a Montessori presentation.

5. Becky will follow up with referral potential donor from Bruce Lay.

6. Sandra talked with the Billings news group person, Pam Walter, about the tabloid they will be doing on the Clark Corridor and CLARK ON THE YELLOWSTONE upcoming activities. The contact person here is Joe Warren, at the Enterprise.

7. Sandra showed a brochure from the NRCS --a map of the soils and plants in Montana from the Expedition findings. They are available for free. Local Chamber office has a supply. Very nicely done.

8. Sandra read a letter from the State Commission regarding the final meeting to be held in Billings on July 21. They will be honoring with certificates at a luncheon, some of the hard working state Commission members. It will be held at the Mansfield Health & Education building.

9. Diana reported that the Senior Volunteer program does have helpers that will distribute our Driving Tour Brochures. They will split up the town, take some to Bozeman and to Emigrant area. Wahoo!!! Penny will contact Kelly Dowdell back and make arrangements to transfer them from Jim Durgan's office to the RSVP office on 2nd St. (we are doing it, this Thursday, 10:00am). Our local chamber had a request for brochures from Three Forks Historical Society and the Chamber there. Penny has talked with Pam Waggoner and will be meeting here in Bozeman to get them brochures and postcards of the statue.

10. Becky has the geodedic marker. Will contact the geological group to have them install it in the garden rock and take the GPS readings, etc.

11. Penny still needs to send in the Certification application to NPS.

12. Sandra shared interesting newspaper sections about the Bicentennial. Photo on front page was a depiction of the "vote" the Corps took on where to camp for the winter in Oregon. Wonderful painting by Gary Lucy. was a website on the papers.

13. Dick brought his newest image painted on a hard board for the Summerfest T-shirt contest this Friday. It is WONDERFUL! Head shots of Sacajawea and Pompy......"earliest arrivals". We might have to use it somehow if it doesn't get chosen!!

Next meeting will be April 10th....(Sandra & Penny will be in Great Falls).

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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