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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2005

Attending: Sandra C., Marleen A., Mary M., Larry Lahren, County Commissioner, Penny C.

Minutes were approved as sent out previously.

In-kind sheets: none turned in.

Finance reports: Marleen gave the Monument fund report. We received a letter from John Sullivan from the Livingston Trust, correcting the percentage of their grant to read "up to 60% of actual cost, not 50%". The grant is for $10,000 to be paid after the second installment to the artist is paid, towards the landscaping needs. Net to statue currently is $23,557.00 plus the 9 sculptures we own ($8550.00). She received the $250.00 from Chico; Dale said he has the same from Kenyon Noble; no word yet from Chatham's. Penny e-mailed the invoice to Sally as she requested.

A bronze was sold just Saturday to a man who read the newspaper article, so net when Mary runs that credit card payment will be $25,707.00 (now we own 8 sculptures for $7600.00).

New certificate made for Billy Kaye Harms and one for Penny. Now need one for Mr. Blake...Mary has address. Marleen has envelopes still.

Penny and Marleen met with Finance office staff at the courthouse and had the files from Hillary for all the funds. Took 2 1/2 hours but outcome boils down to: some bills were correctly submitted but the numbering system is so confusing (there are different numbers for revenues and for expenses in the same accounts) that they got paid out of O & P and should have been taken out of Reg. Fund; and on some bills, the exact opposite had occurred. We also found some payments that were on our lists had not been paid out due to having been paid by Marleen from the Monument bookkeeping. The reimbursement from of $1211.00 was never credited to the regular Fund either so we were really short there. The $5,000 brochure NPS grant was credited to the "Driving Tour" fund (which was the phase one NPS grant that is now closed). Our Driving Tour phase two is funded from CTEP and that is a separate accounting from all the others.

We are now starting fresh with new accounting pages of our own and copies will be placed in Hillary's files before we return them....this should make it easier for all. And the Finance office will e-mail us all revenue and expense lists monthly. We have three accounts: 1) Monument, 2) Regular Commission, and 3) O & P now. Each of those has several numbers depending on categories. #1 is balanced well and Marleen watches. #2 is balanced and we have just under $9,000 in there; ($5,000 is for the brochures which we will keep a separate listing for on expenses); and #3 has the $1000 minus two bills paid out. We will have reports on all three at each meeting. The additional fund is our CTEP category that is handled as pay-out first; then the County gets reimbursed. We will get updated on it as we pay Sea Reach in May. Part of that bill will be paid out of our Reg. Commission account too (13.2%). Addendum for O & P can be done anytime this year so will hold off for now until more members can discuss.


1. Driving Tour: Sandra and Penny met at noon to review the panels. Minor changes were addressed and they were fed-ex'd back to Sea Reach on their account ($20.00) Katie will e-mail the proofs back and then when we agree they are right, she will send them on to production. Laurie Heupel gets the same copies also.

2. Brochure progress was reviewed at that same meeting, as Lea attended. Mary had a disc of her statue photo that Penny gave Lea. Also gave her the original Ralston print from the bank that Sea Reach just mailed back to Penny. Sea Reach has not replied with a yes or no about getting an electronic image of this yet. Lea will take it to F11 in Bozeman for scanning. May have a mock-up to review in 2 weeks, and then she will bring copies for all to see at the first meeting in May. We might get them printed in time to have out for visitors by June. May 14th is still our tentative date to install the six bases that are in storage at the County shops.

3. No update on silhouette repairs and moving to new location. (Mary arrived later and we forgot to ask about it.)

4. Sandra reported that Ed Hillman is anxious to get started on the project but needs more specific info yet re: how many yards of cement for the base, benches, etc. Sandra e-mailed Dick P. at MSU today. Ed has several folks willing to donate materials: large boulders, crane, backhoe, gravel and may be able to get JTL to donate concrete. Sandra will contact Clint Tinsley re: getting the trees removed. Penny reported we should hear by April 15th on the 2005 NPS Challenge Cost Share grant application for the landscaping project. Marleen received a nice thank-you note from one of the MSU students for the matted Ralston print.

5. Fly fishing conference: no new info yet.

6. Farmers market: Sandra talked with Jody Allen at the Corporation for the Northern Rockies and feels 99.9% sure we'll be able to have a table there as we can over the summer. They start June 15, on Wednesdays and we do not have to be there every week.

7. Sandra called Pat Mikesell and he said we could have a table there April 22 and 23.

8. Jar collection: Penny copied the list of where the jars are for Sandra; she will help do pick-ups while Penny is in Spokane. No jar at McDonalds, Fly Fishing store south of town, Truex Furniture or Senior Citizens. Would be good to get more made and out: County Market, motels, ???? Not raising huge funds but is getting the word out.

9. Parade this year is a go. Same theme as last year but without the female horse rider. Dale has a flat bed; Greg's classic pickup to pull it??? No report from Diana on Ritchie Doyle's commitment.

10. New Year's Eve Bicentennial Ball discussed briefly but too few attending to make decisions. Diana put a hold on the date for us for a while. Dale was going to chat with Bob Moore.

11. Mary arrived later and gave a nice report on her trip to the Russell Art show in Great Falls. They took the finished statue for Three Forks (weighs 250 #) as well as our small sculptures. Penny placed # 20 at the store at Golden Ratio-- Four Winds. Sold #19 and we should have two more ready at the foundry soon. Two more will follow. Still waiting on a base for #9.

12. Clint e-mailed encouraging someone to attend the State Commission meeting in Great Falls on June 2 & 3. We feel it would be a great place to show the small bronzes too if someone can go.


Sandra will attend the Quilt Guild meeting Thurs, April 7th; Carol Beadle invited us. Penny also will not be able to go to the Lolo Trail Heritage Regional Meeting on April 16th as the new grandchild is arriving next week. Discussed other ways to get the word out: Mini nickel ad? Can go to Great Falls, Billings, etc; Livingston paper classified ad? Watch for other events we can have it displayed at and the credit card machine!!

Other things we didn't talk about were:
1. Buying L & C stamps for the commerative envelope project
2. Other grants: no reply from letter to Phillip Morris; NEA application due in June.

Next Meeting: April 11th, 5:30 pm, 320 N. Main....will someone take notes as Penny will be gone to Spokane. Thanks.

Penny Carpenter,




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