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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Dept. Building, 6:00 p.m.
April 8, 2002

The meeting was called to order by Jackie Robins.

Minutes were read and approved.

Present: Jackie, Doris, Charlie, Bob R., Seanne, Ken and Becky. Becky arrived late and began the meeting and took the minutes.

Old Business:

1. Final color proofs - Jackie reported that she talked to Wendy immediately after the meeting on Thursday and said that the commission had no changes as to the final color proofs that arrived on the bus the 4th of this month; they were promised to be here the 1st. She authorized Wendy to put the proofs into production. When Jackie talked to Wendy this week Wendy said she hadn't talked to her crew; they're out of town. Wendy didn't want to come here twice as had been planned when Wendy came to Livingston with proofs. The date had been set up then to erect the structure on the 10th or 11th of May depending on when local volunteers would be able to work. Wendy had said then that the date didn't matter and that she and crew would come back on the last week of May to put the panels in the structure. Jackie told Wendy she would get answers from the commission tonight. Jackie e-mailed Wendy and called her and got no response. Jackie talked to Tara and Ed about no monthly reports from Wendy. Wendy told Jackie she would be gone the 25th of May to attend her daughter's graduation from Berkley. The Commission is very frustrated with Wendy and her lack of communication, changes, and timeline. The commission wants to know if there is any recourse. Wendy is not abiding by the contract. It was recommended by Tara and Ed that when we pay the bill for $10,000.00 to include a note that states "as per the contract," we may still owe the $1200.00 addition for the cedar frame add-on. Jackie will continue to keep trying to reach Wendy and get a firm date for the 11th or 12th of May. Charlie said that either date would probably work but Saturday would be preferable with the volunteer labor and equipment from REA and Hillman. It was finally decided that Jackie should tell Wendy that any Saturday in May is fine with all of us; for her (Wendy) to pick the date on the Saturday that would work for her and we erect the structure and the panels all at once as per her wishes. Wendy needs to be here the 11th or 18th of May as she didn't want a Friday. June 1st is too late for the completion of the grant extension as per contract.

2. Proofs for historical signs for driving tour-Jeanne reported that the Montana Historical Society liked the narrative for the signs. Their suggestion was that we change "Pomp" to explain that this was a nickname. It has been done. The signs are white on brown. Jackie said that we had to have L&C logo on the signs and she will ask for a new bid. Jackie sent the application for permission for the logo from NPS to Dick Williams in Omaha. He said we had to get approval from the Park Service. The application to be certified to show the logo comes from Dick. Jackie will send copies of the sign to him. We want the logo white on brown. We have to wait for Laurie to come back from vacation. She hadn't responded to e-mail sent to her. Another question about the signs was whether the text "funded by the NPS " had to be in such large type. Do we need any other logos for this?

3. Brochure for driving signs: Jeanne reported that we need a map of the driving route and narrative. Graphics and pictures were also suggested. This is tabled until we hear from NPS on approval of signage.

4. Timeline for 4th panel: Becky will contact Brian as to when he, Doris, and Diana would be ready to present the plan and layout. The Calendar committee of Bob R., Becky, and Sandra will then prepare a calendar of events and brochures. Doris suggested we list the plays in town.

5. Site preparation for signs: Charlie reported the REA and Hillman drilling could do the work all at once as per Wendy's wishes but they want to do it on a Saturday. Jackie will talk to Wendy and let us know what she says. Charlie said that they won't use concrete as recommended by John Frelich and Hillman.

6. Hingston Roach Tourism & Recreation Survey - Becky did this online as to community wishes.

7. Walking tour brochures: Doris reported that the holders for the brochures have been ordered and the schools will get these to decorate when they come in.

8. Newspaper coverage on signage: Thanks to Jeanne and Bob R. for getting the interpretive panels on the front page of the Enterprise this week.

9. Becky will contact the newspaper again about having the meetings listed in the briefs on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month listing the meetings at 5:30 p.m.

10. Next Meeting: April 22, 2002 @ 5:30 p.m.




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