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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2005

Attending: Marleen, Sandra, Dick Baerman, Becky, Dick Murphy, Diana

Minutes: Forgot to have these corrected and approved.

Time Sheets: Turned in to Becky.

Financial:Marleen reported on the statue funds. There is a net $23,557 and 9 bronzes made but not yet sold which would amount to $8550. $25,707 is the corrected balance; there is $26,662 in the bank and Becky turned in a check for a brick from the middle school 8th grade history students. It was noted that the county does not pay for the bronzes in any way; the funds are all private donations. Dave Viers had his bronze delivered and it is paid for. Received the money from Chico's sponsorship; Chatham's sponsorship $ isn't in yet. Dale has the Kenyon Noble sponsorship money. Dale has just had a knee replaced and is home and doing well. We miss having him here but are pleased with his progress report! Penny, Marleen and Jackie spend many hours straightening out the county accounts with the treasurer of Park County.


1. Driving tour: After many corrections and mailings back and forth, Katie Butowicz at Sea Reach has said they will be later than the May 11th date Penny had asked for but will try very hard to have them by the end of May. She offered temporaries at a cost but Sandra and Becky felt this a waste of time and money. Sandra e-mailed her an ok on the time. Many thanks to Sandra and Penny for all the hard work getting these signs made; it hasn't been easy!

2. Brochure: Lea Chatham is in touch with Penny and will present mock-ups the first meeting in May for our approval: May 9th.

3. Silhouette repair and moving: The silhouette blew down March 28th and Mary has put it back up. Becky will call County Market and ask if it can be moved there. Mary and Greg will move and repair it.

4. Becky will contact Dick Pohl for better construction plans for the landscaping. Ed Hillman needs more detail to give to contractors.

5. Becky will contact Molly Seminik and the Fly Fisherman conference and ask if we can have a table for the Fish walk near the Danforth.

6. Farmer's market: Starts June 15 and will run every Wed from 4-7 It has been approved that we can have a table there. We need help with this once a week. Marleen will do June and Becky will do July and August.

7. Garage sale: Sister city sale at the fairgrounds April 22 & 23 (Friday night and all day Sat.) Sandra got this approved for a table there. Marleen will help and Becky will help if here.

8. Jar collection: these people will be responsible for collecting jar $ every 2 weeks before the L&C mtg. And handing it over to Marleen.

Marleen - Ben Franklin, Sax & Fryers, American Bank, Pamida, Gateway Office, Gil's, Ricci's, Ron's Barber Shop, Sterling Bank, UPS store Dick B. - Albertsons (3), Country Motor Inn. Becky- Chamber of Commerce *we need to make new jars!

9. Rodeo - 2005 parade will be the same theme as last year for our float. Becky will help, Sandra will supply buntings, buffalo hide, skulls/horns, Mary & Greg will drive the truck and bring flag, Dale or Dick M. will supply flatbed to put silhouette on. 2006 parade will have Ritchie Doyle as the grand Marshall (Diana has said the Chamber approved this and she will apply for a Humanities grant to fund it) and the theme will be "Clark on the Yellowstone."

9. Festival of the arts - July 2,3,4 at the Depot Park. Sandra will fill out the form and send in the $50.00 fee for a non-profit. Becky and Dick B. will work there; Marleen also but won't be able to on the 2nd (Happy Birthday, Marleen). Sandra can man the booth during the parade.

10. Lewis & Clark Bi-Centennial New Years Ball 2005. Dale will talk to Bob Moore. Discussion was held and it was felt that just our organization doesn't have the manpower to do this. We need an organization that would like to do a community project and this would be it! Put on your thinking caps and talk to your friends about this. More discussion on ideas of help will be tabled until next meeting.

11. Artist's report - Mary said 2 bronzes were left at the foundry and 3 are at her house. She is working on "We Care Chiropractic' to buy/and/or display one. She had great press for the 3 Forks statue installation. It was moved by Marleen and seconded by Dick B. and voted unanimously to pay Mary the first installment of our statue: $26,666.67. HOORAY; she can now begin work on it! Dick M. suggested getting the Enterprise to do progress reports on it. He will also contact Scott M. at the Bozo Chronicle. Becky suggested putting a sign up at the site in the Park explaining about the statue.

12. RBC June 2 mtg.- so far no one can attend. If you have the urge, it would be a grand opportunity to showcase our bronzes (1-4:30 Holiday Inn, Trail's End Rm., 400 10th Ave. S., Great Falls). They are also meeting in Fort Benton the next day, 622-5316 at the Agriculture Center. Also, can anyone attend the Lolo Trail Heritage Foundation meeting at Lolo on April 16th, 2005?

13. Sandra did attend the quilt guild meeting and asked them if they were interested in doing a quilt. Some expressed interest. They need to know patterns, size, and time it is needed by. Penny will contact Sandra.

14. Scrapbook - Does anyone have this or is interested in continuing it?

15. Becky still feels the Great Falls Interpretive Center needs to showcase the bronze.

16. To advertise in the mini Nickel classified Becky suggested she ask Kent to help with this. Penny will do the classified for the Enterprise.

17. L&C stamps- tabled until Penny gets back.


1. Becky will give a power point presentation on the statue landscaping to Rotary next Monday the 19th (Penny, Do you have the large matted pictures?)

2. CONGRATULATIONS to Mary and Penny who are new Grandmothers to bouncy baby boys!!!!!!!

3. Park Co. Commissioner's email: They need to receive copies of minutes.

Next Meeting: April 25th @ 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: Becky Douglass




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