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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2004

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Hillary Taylor, Doris Whithorn, Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, Bob Spannring, Dick Baerman, Marleen Anderson, Penny Carpenter.

Sandra Cahill opened the meeting. Minutes were previously sent out. Approved.

Financial report: Monument report given by Marleen A. - $11,110.00. Expenses of $950.00 per bronze yet to be paid out. O & P Grant: Balance $1958.28. Bill submitted from Doris for 8.75 for new scrapbook (#7). General Fund: Balance $4400.64 - Bill submitted for Larry Stanley for photo, $205.00. He donated the $25.00 charge for making a CD for Printforless for the postcard; bill submitted on Becky's behalf for $245.00 for postcards.

Time sheets given to Hillary.

1. Mary absent - no report. Sandra will follow up with her.

2. Contract - New one is retyped; Ed Schilling signed it. Mary needs to sign it. Sandra will get it to her. Four copies need to be made: one for Mary, one for Marleen, one for Penny, one for Commissioners.

3. Driving Tour Phase I: Bob R. and Jack Heckles installed the second base at the Depot last Sat. 3 hrs labor each and donation of $10.50 for cement. Many thanks, Bob! No date chosen for installing the finished signs other than waiting on #6 until that base can be installed with the other bases. Need to choose a date for next meeting.

4. Phase II: Penny attended the City Commission meeting on April 5th and they approved the sign location at the waste treatment plant; Hillary working hard on the Chamber "picnic area" site; and has a lead on the owners of the land and it is hopeful that they will send a letter of approval.

5. Bob S. regrets to say that he now has an opportunity to get new housing and his summer will be taken up with this effort. He offered to do a reduced fee for the brochure work and would like to still help on it, maybe next fall. Penny will check with Medori in Nebraska on the NPS grant time-line for the $5,000.00.

6. Jeanne will contact Laurie H. and have her come to our next meeting in 2 weeks with mock-ups.

7. Raffle ticket/posters - no changes to date. Will have poster and tickets for the raffle of Dick's painting as soon as Penny returns on 4/26. Display to be set up in Sax & Fryer's window.

8. Postcards - 2000 made at $245.00 (this was a reduced price from $309.50). Each member is taking some to distribute....please don't let them lay around at home! Penny put some out at the hospital. Marleen wrote thank-you cards to both Larry and Printforless.

9. Penny brought draft of ad from Rebecca Bogden and photo for the "We Proceeded On" newsletter. Changes made in wording and will be e-mailed to Rebecca. Discussed marketing wording for other ads. Sub-committee will be working on this at tomorrow's meeting at Hillary's.

10. 4th Panel - Becky posted 5-month calendar and ordering info. on the bronze.

11. Trust application has been received and they are having a meeting this Wed. (4/14) to review it.

12. Quilt - waiting for last block yet. Penny got names of Corps members from Elliot Coues' book. (will contact Terry Kinney - Jeanie Taylor about getting them sewn on quilt border) . Plan is to have all quilters in a photo with story in newspaper about it when finished.

13. Landscaping - Becky has been in contact with the Dean of Architecture at MSU, Dick Pohl and they are considering the monument as a design competition for the fall semester class. Mary will need to meet with them on specs for the base. Lori Ryker, MSU, Architecture School, name given to Penny by City Commission. Sandi Blake of Blake's nursery wants to know how she can help.

14. CTEP report: Fancy Fesher returned a call in reply to the certified letter...Hillary sent a photo of one of the signs and info. about where it's to be located to them. 99.9% sure it's a go.

Doris brought a list of the 33 L & C programs she has given orally. Is now doing mostly Pomp. Copy of list will be put with minutes.

New Business:
State Meeting here this year, June 17,18. Think about serving at promotion booth and attending. Each member needs to register on their own and then submit for reimbursement via O & P grant. ($75.00) Maybe we can make a sign-up sheet for which day and time each member can watch over the booth and sell tickets, etc.

Next meeting: April 26th, 2004
Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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