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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2006

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Marleen Anderson, Dick & Betty Baerman, Norm Miller, Jim Durgan, Mary Michael, Penny Carpenter.

Minutes sent out prior were approved.

In-Kind Sheets: Needed for Grant accounting. Turn them in to Becky.

Financial Reports: Marleen reported that net to Statue currently is $133,005.74. (This includes our equity is the remaining bronzes we purchased.) We have 11 bricks out of 408, left for sale. (as of this typing of the minutes, ALL are sold! hooray!) Claim for First Day Cover envelopes to be paid. Mary will need partial payment for foundry bill.

O & P Grant: balance is $730.00. Claims for stationary and travel to be submitted for payment yet.

Regular Commission Fund: Payment of $148.00 for quilting was made out of Monument Fund and will be switched to Reg. Commission fund. Balance will be $1139.94.

Many items left to pay and some we aren't positive of the amounts: Grading, irrigation, sod, edging, tent rental, video of dedication, brick mason, refreshments, etc. We estimate needing to raise about $7,000 to 8,000 more. Discussed costs of surveillance cameras and how this will be done. Dick will talk with daughter and son-in-law for ideas.


1. Artist's Report: Mary said the molds are done at the foundry. Garrett Sheen has bronze #64 for photo purposes at the Enterprise. May do coverage of progress at the foundry. #61 needs to go to the Chamber as the one there is now in Great Falls at the Portage Cache gift shop in the Interpretive Center. #62 and 63 are at Mary's needing plaques. 65, 66, & 67 are in finishing stages at the foundry.

Mary is going to the "Horse Roundup" in Three Forks on 4/29 and will have a booth at a friend's store on Main Street. Will take Dick's painting and prints, bronzes, and driving tour brochures. The TV interview aired in Great Falls and Missoula, but not Billings (pre-empted by golf tournament). Laurie Heupel said her husband may be able to get us a copy of the video.

We discussed using Dick's t-shirt entry on our own promotional shirts & posters. Penny will find out cost for making transfer; Sandra will see if they have t-shirts already.

2. Contractors: Marleen, Rick and Dale will put sealer on bricks this next Monday. Moos sealed the base. Bricks need to be installed; then do sidewalks and patio area; then do irrigation. Dale left word with Becky that he left a message for Northwestern Energy on the electrical. Waiting for a call back.

3. Large donor reception & dedication plans: Becky gave out copies of the letter of invitation for private party. Reception is for purchasers of small bronzes, large donations of cash & in-kind service people are invited. Becky has list. Marleen and Rick will serve as greeters at the gate. Discussed having a small card for admission sent out with the letter. No decision made yet.

USPO transparent covers needed for commemorative envelopes. Motion made and passed to sell these for $5.00. Penny will follow up with P.O. on the covers.

Norm will coordinate the logistics of who sets up where in Sacajawea Park. Will make a diagram for each section. Agreed to have all fund/money handling tables close together to utilize Mary's credit card option.

All members need to be thinking about WHERE we can get the things on our needs list. Marleen will call Diana about the speaker system. Tent, table, chairs, cups, podium, police tape, printed programs, quilt frame to display it, signs on stakes for booths, cash boxes, Sacajawea dollars, etc.

4. Discussed having the bronze left in Great Falls. Motion made and passed to accept the agreement Penny and Sandra were able to make with the manager there. The exposure is what we need.

5. Sandra reported on the Governor's Conference in Great Falls. Quilt was very popular and appreciated. Bid is now at $750.00. Sold one print and got lots of people visited with. May have one interested person in a bronze. Also may have a bronze buyer here from a dinner at Pine Creek the night prior to this meeting.

6. Plants can't be shipped yet, till warmer. That is helpful on this end!

7. Becky, Kent and Sandra had 2 1/2 hour meeting with manager of Phillip Morris, Crazy Mountain Ranch. Discussed needing funds for ongoing care of statue and garden. City will have a special account for funds we transfer to them for care. Marleen received letter of city's tax-deduction status that donors needed.

8. Invitations: Becky working on list. Penny working on labels.

9. Geodetic marker- Warren Latvala and Becky met. We will have a small marker made for this. Needs a rock, half-buried with a flat surface to install it in. Norm will talk with Gordon Rigler too.

10. Pioneer banquet report: Sandra told that we sold 4 bricks, 2 prints and got two bids on the quilt.

Other Business:

1. Becky picked up the stationary and the Commemorative envelopes. Need to get stamps applied on a few to start. Penny will follow up with Kim T. on the stamp.

2. Reviewed the schedule of Dedication Day program. Also reviewed the list of booths/exhibits in the Park that afternoon. Much to do, setting up, taking down, etc.

3. 4th Graders' Exhibit Day will be May 18th, 4:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Washington School. Betty and Norm applied the labels (Montana Edge made) during this meeting. Penny will take them to Carol Goosey next week.

4. Newspaper insert stories: Becky writing these. Interviewing people; Ken Kastelitz for Summerfest stories.

5. Montana Arts Council: stories for articles are out. REDISCOVER MONTANA story by Greg Lemon coming out in June (I think).

6. Grant for Dugout Canoe folks: written by Patti Miller. Needs help to be finished. Brainstormed quickly on where we've advertised and how this will help tourism. Becky offered to complete it over the weekend. Needs to be presented 4/18. (Patti garnered several pledges to assist with the $ match so we felt we needed to finish it.)

Next meeting: April 24, 2006, West Room in Court House at 5:30 p.m.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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