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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2006

Attending: Dick Baerman, Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Marleen Anderson, Diana Seider, Bob Ebinger, Dale Guidi, Penny Carpenter.

In-kind totals compiled by Becky. All us "SLACKERS" need to get our time turned in. (this means mostly Penny!)

Minutes: Minutes of previous meeting sent out prior: Approved as sent out.

Financial Reports: Monument Fund by Marleen - Net to statue as of today is $140,078.74. This total includes the equity we have in our remaining 7 bronzes to sell and the second 1/2 of our NPS grant for the plants of $2,500.00.

O & P report by Penny: balance still $783.00. Most of this will be for Ritchie Doyle and Hal Stearns as presenters for their travel expenses.

There will be a bill for Montana Edge for the labels we had made to invite all 4th graders to participate in the L & C Project Exhibit Day on May 18th. (4:00pm to 8:30 pm at the old Washington School).

Regular Commission Fund report by Penny: Balance currently is $1139.00. Some of this will be for Gary Moulton's airfare unless our other benefactor comes through with the $500.00 I've asked for.

Old Business:

1. Artist's report: deferred in Mary's absence. Except for the confirmation that the concrete base is indeed long enough for the legs. Yahoo!

2. Contractor's, etc: Dale frustrated, as we all are, at the lack of "getting bricks on the base". Dale, Rick and Marleen put the sealer on the first 150 bricks. Dale said the brick mason is hoping to get to it the end of this week. Remainder of all bricks have been ordered. Great job Marleen!!

The City hasn't dug the manhole yet for the pump; N.W. Energy said this will probably be a "freebie," Mel & Greg.; Jim Nardella is building the iron fence; Mt. Rail Link is building the cap strip for the top row of bricks on both ends of the base.

3. Reception for donors: Becky continues to get lots of e-mails & calls from Bud Clark and those with concerning comments, she is forwarding on to Clint Blackwood. She sent a note to Roseann Abrahamson about doing a "new story" on her and waiting now for more reply than "OK". A list of things we NEED and things we need to do was passed around for members to sign up for what they will do. Marleen getting a microphone from American Bank. Extra helpers will be provided by the Community Service In-mates and Crazy Mountain Ranch, we hope. Penny will contact Ed LaCombe and Sandra will contact Bob Peebles. Penny will bring police tape for marking off area. Penny will check on price of tent from Jill Redman and Diana will provide 6 tables for food on Friday and displaying things on Sat. Dale has a pick up and a trailer for hauling. Marleen will contact County about using chairs from Fairgrounds.

4. Bronze sales: Bliss and Marcia McCrum purchased a bronze and the last brick and gave us $5,000.00. Hooray!! We need to sell the other 7.

5. Blake Nursery: Our native plants are here. The brick layer and sidewalks need to get finished. Planting day will be in May. (?) Becky will e-mail Sandi and request an invoice so Marleen can pay the bill. Then Penny can submit for reimbursement via Carol Bronson in Great Falls.

6. Reception Invitations: We reviewed the list of names for invitations to the private "thank-you" party on Friday: bronze purchasers; major in-kind donors, etc. We estimate 200 people may attend. After much discussion, a motion was made to send one to the Livingston Trust and have Marleen ask for commitments of who will attend. A separate invitation will be sent for folks to be on the list for the Saturday Public Dedication.

7. Travel Montana Grant for dugout canoe folks was denied. Becky and Sandra attended the meeting and left after about an hour of hemming and hawing over why it wouldn't work. Becky worked over 20 hours on the weekend to complete the application for Patti Miller to no avail. Becky will follow up with Patti or Gerri Miller about what they want to do on this.

8. Procuring supplies: See #3 above.

9. Quilt Report: Quilt is now on display at Back Porch Quilt Store. Lori O'Neill is the owner and also made one of the blocks. Bid is at $750.00. It will go to the Peace by Piece Quilt Guild meeting on May 4th and then to the Chamber for display. May 18th it will be at the 4th graders’ Exhibit Day.

Dick's painting of John Colter is on display at the Bank of the Rockies.


1. Statue Site Schedule: Unchanged except we won't be having the Great Falls Honor Guard now (didn't discuss why??).

2. Newspaper insert idea is a go from John Sullivan. Jim Durfey is handling this. He needs the write-ups by this Thursday, 4/27. Becky shared that we will also have another Corps descendent...Josh Loftist is a 4th generation nephew of George Shannon. How exciting!

3. Mt. Arts Council newspaper article - Sandra brought a copy, it's great! Penny will photocopy it for scrapbook. Still waiting to see copy of the Rediscover Montana magazine.

4. Sandra brought a whole box of T-shirts if we decide to make the transfer. (Penny still needs to find out costs). Dick will take them home to sort out and count the sizes.

5. Set up logistics: Norm is working on the footprint of where everyone will be placed in the soccer field area for Saturday.

6. TV interview of Mary did come on our stations and Becky just happened to catch it! She and Kent furiously set up video and got it taped!! Great job!

7. Jane Welch - Family got a green plastic bench as a memorial for John Rogers and asked to place it in the garden site. We agreed it would look fine in the other small circle patio area, if compatible with the plans. Becky will follow up on this. Motion made to accept it if Becky okays it.

8. Dick reported on his findings regarding a surveillance camera. Radio Shack has a wireless, recording kind for $150.00. Others run more. Will talk with Darren Raney and get LPD input. The City is giving us a light.

Next Meeting will be May 8th. Becky and Penny will be absent.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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