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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2004

Attending: Becky, Dick B., Marleen, Hillary, Doris, Brian S. Sandra and Shona Campbell visiting.

Becky Douglass opened the meeting. Minutes were previously sent out. Approved. No financial report, but basically the same as the 13th. Sandra presented a $1000.00 donation from someone she knows. Time sheets were given to Hillary.


1. Plans were made to meet this Sunday, May 2nd to install the driving tour signs. Becky will email everyone to meet at the Depot at 11:00 am and bring a lunch. Signs are stored at Penny's office. Will need tools.

1a. Old Clyde Park Road. No reply from Fancy Fechser but Hilary will follow thru again.

2. Hillary will email status of CTEP

3. Statue project: Mary has signed contract, Hillary brought 5 copies, one for Marleen, one for Mary, one for PC Commissioners, one for Penny and one copy for L & C files. (Penny that way we have them in 2 places.)

Sandra picked up 3 completed bronzes from Mary, #6 is Doris Whithorns and is at Sax & Fryers, #7 is Sandra Cahills and # 8 is the First Interstate Banks on display in the lobby. Becky will do the display information for both Sax & Fryers and the bank. Three more are ready at the foundry to be picked up just as soon as the County has cut the check and gotten it to Mary Michael.

4. We proceeded on ad is okayed by Sandra and she hopes its ok. Copy of final draft will be attached to the minutes. The ad will come out in the May issue of "We Proceeded On." Cost $300.00.

5. Second phase of the driving tour signs could not be looked at because Jeanne-Marie and Laurie H. weren't at meeting. Need to follow thru on this.

6. Driving tour brochure. Needed to know if Penny has heard back from Medora on the time-line for the grant. Ad marketing committee met April 13th, Bob S., Hilary, Sandra at Zbar. (very nice and we need to thank them for the space for a meeting.) Many great ideas were tossed around and the one that stuck was that we needed to have a slogan, motto, catch line of why the city and community wants to buy into the Statue. And we need to have some professional help to sell it. Bob S. is moving a house this summer and will not have much time for the brochure but will work on it some and asks for 1/2 pay for 1/2 time. (Did I get that right Bob?) Hillary has notes from the marketing committee meeting she will share with anyone interested. Bob S. will check on clinic to teach marketing.

PCADC is having a clinic on May 22 in Livingston called Marketing for Artists - $45.00 fee. Perhaps someone needs to attend.

7. Quilt and painting raffle: need tickets printed and posters.

8. Marleen gave a report on the Livingston Trust and their acceptance for consideration of our request. John Sullivan, John Bailey and Mark Pesa are that committee to review our request.

9. Report sent to State Commission office by Sandra about input on the Grants, (we are for them) and a calendar of events for us thru Summerfest.

10. Sign up sheet for the State meeting work table was passed around. Penny has signup sheet if anyone wants to add their name to it for June 17 & 18.

11.C of C wishes our help to obtain L & C highway directional signs for both sides of the Chamber. Everyone present was asked if they had time to take this project on and no one did. Sandra will tell Luann. The Chamber will approve the site for our sign at their picnic area.


We have received media kits from the State done by Went advertising and Hilary has them. Both audio and video on the State and Corps II. We can dub our own PSA onto them. Shona Campbell is knowledgeable in this area but is working for the Fly Fishing Federation to curate their displays and may not have time to help. Maybe MSU Students could help.

Marketing ideas expressed were: 1) A video of Mary molding the bronze and talking about it; 2) Having Mary ride in the parade on the 2nd of July as Sacajawea and holding Pomp; 3) Hosting a cocktail party and offering the bronze for sale at it; 4) Art West Magazine offers a free ad and Western Interior & Design Magazine would be a good spot for our ad.

Next meeting May 10, 5:30 at 320 N. Main Street

As recorded by Sandra Cahill.

Note: Wednesday, Sandra took her bronze around to American Bank, Sky Savings and Sterling and left information. Everyone thought they were beautiful. Also took it to Dr. Wiltshire and he was interested. Really pitched that all the banks should help out with this art project and that Dr. Wiltshire please, share the info. She will do the rest of the banks as time permits.




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