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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2005

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Jim Durgan, County Commissioner, Dick Baerman, Diana Seider, Marleen Anderson, Penny Carpenter, Lea Chatham.

Minutes were approved as had been sent out.

Becky reminded all to turn in time sheets.

Brochure presentation was first: Lea brought samples of the project to date. Had been e-mailed to all previously. Looks terrific. Many good comments from members. Made additions of: getting the NPS logo from Laurie Heupel to put on it; stating "brochure partially funded by NPS"; copyright 2005; Discussed setting them out with a $0.25 fee at Chamber and elsewhere. Lea will contact Laurie and get back to us. Should be able to have them completed by June 1st. Invoice submitted for $250.00 for Lea's time up to April.

Driving Tour: Sill no response from Sea Reach about completion of panels and delivery. Penny did request to have the bill sent by 5/15 to get it paid in time for the Grant. (Had a message at home later that evening that they are finished and will be here in two weeks! Thanks again Laurie Heupel for all your help on this accomplishment!)

Plan is to install the bases this Saturday, 5/14. Penny reserved the bobcat and auger at High Country Rental; has the Community Service officer with inmates arranged to assist with labor; will buy the cement tomorrow and try to get sand/gravel (this was donated from Ruggles Excavation the next morning); will bring water for mix; shovels, hoes and level. Need to get bracing 2x4s. Becky offered to call Dale on that. (Te next day Becky got the call on her father & left for there for his funeral). Marleen and Sandra offered to assist. Penny called for "locates" from the 800 number that arranges all the utilities, ATT, PK Electric, Montana Power, Qwest, gas, etc. Jim Durgan will contact the county shop and make sure the bases are ready to pick up. Penny will get them and take to Clyde's. Discussed getting a newspaper story done when the panels arrive and are installed.

Monument Project: Marleen gave the financial update. Net to statue is now $34,322.00. Mary has been paid the first of three payments out of that figure. We have 8 bronzes paid for to sell currently. One potential buyer right now. Other donors are known but no money yet. Dale had wanted to get some of the bricks ordered but he has had surgery and is recuperating. Marleen and Dick picked up money from some of the jars. Marleen will count and deposit this.

Dick reported on the donation of stock coming from the connection in Oregon via his painting on the jacket. Not sure how much. Contacted Mel Kuipers and he was able to find out through Dick Murphy that the county has the mechanism to accept securities as donations and Dick gave the info to Penny to pass on to Dick Baerman. This was done. Discussed getting a newspaper feature article about this and all it's "connections" to Livingston and history.

Becky reported that one tree has been removed from the park. Penny had talked with Lynn Crawford from Delta Signs and she will donate a sign that will say "Future Home of Sacajawea Statue" to place at the site. Penny will e-mail her.

Becky sent the MSU landscape booklet to Sandi Blake for review. She feels the estimate on plants may be real low and we agree. Sandi still wants to donate plants to this project. Her donation previously that has not been used is $50.00. When the Boy Scout plants got mowed down at the large sign, we decided to wait and use Sandi's plants later on.

Finance report: O & P balance is $901.10; Regular Commission fund is $_________; NPS brochure grant is $4,575.00. CTEP grant will pay off the panels.

Discussed the Commemorative Cancellation on our Commission envelopes with the L & C stamps. Penny called the Postmaster to ask for this and he was out. Will f/u on it this week.

Discussed the Pony Express Ride and agreed right now we have a lot on our plate--was tabled.

Parade for the 4th this year will be as discussed. Penny will contact LouAnn at Chamber to get us registered.

Farmer's Markets: will have our table there; Marleen will do June; Becky will do July, Aug __? We will put a "packet" together of supplies to have present at each. Postcards, Ralston prints, a money jar, bronze statues, and information sheets on the project.

Fish Walk is Aug 11th; we get to have a table in front of the Danforth Gallery on Main. Becky will be driving guests on our L & C Sign tour. Sandra is offering their Ranch guests an opportunity once a week to take the tour also!

Festival of Arts: We have paid our registration of $50.00. Will need members to staff that table also. July 2, 3, 4th.

Sustainability Fair is July 9th.

Penny brought a page from the Billings Gazette with area events and dates that she will send out too. We may want to have a table at some of these.

We discussed getting a bronze sculpture to Great Falls for the big event there in June and there does not seem to be any interest from the Interpretive Center to have one there. Also, no one from here is available to take one. Liability seems to be an issue.

Becky brought our GEODETIC SURVEY marker!! It will be positioned in one of the larger landscape rocks at the Monument Site. Warren Latvala of Clyde Park brought it and they will install it. 686-4452. Thanks again Laurie Heupel for helping make this possible!!! Many years ago is when she suggested we apply for one, so we did, and here it is. HAPPY DAY. We'll keep it in Penny's office for now.

We discussed the note from Dick Pohl at MSU, offering to come over to Livingston if needed to assist a contractor with the design. Sandra will call Ed Hillman and see how he is recovering and what he thinks. Dick Murphy called John Kaiser and got the amount of cement figured out that would go in the base and he also talked to JTL construction. They might donate the cement it will taked! Hooray. Biggest concern is finding someone with the know-how to frame it up, the "S" shape will be a challenge. Jim suggested talking to Norbert Herauf, who is semi-retired but knows cement work. Discussed forming a brick sub-committee to draft out the plan for placing bricks. Becky would like to be on it and Marleen offered too. Becky will call Dale to see if he will also. Discussed the New Year's Ball idea again. It's a great opportunity but our group is too small and too taxed out. The Tavern Association had been suggested to someone and maybe we could talk to one of them about it....David Waylander or Mary Weamer were ideas? No one offered to f/u on this right now. Discussed the need to update our fund-raising letter and get it out in June or July to the summer residents and others with resources to donate. Becky will alter the one we had before then we can do a mass mailing. The data base has been updated so labels could be made easily. Discussed the upcoming class reunions for possible brick purchases.....also, "in memory of" ideas. Classes of 1960 and 1961 will be here this summer. No one volunteered to take this on right now. Marleen brought "supper" for us - salmon, muffins, etv. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and work!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Becky in her loss and for her safe travel. Also, our prayers are with Clint for his challenges with his health and recovery. These events are both very difficult and draining, physically and emotionally. We will be thinking of you both.

Next meeting will be May 23, 5:30 pm. Saturday at 8:30 am for the installation of the sign bases at Clyde's High Country Rental.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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