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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2004

Attending: Penny Carpenter, Sandra Cahill, Becky Douglass, Doris Whithorn, Marleen Anderson, Dick Baerman.

Minutes sent out previously. Approved.

Financial Report: Jackie absent; Marleen reported on Monument Fund: $12,370 income & pledged total towards statue. $12,885.00 income, $6,565.00 expenses to date.

Time sheets need to be turned in. Penny will take papers from tonight to Jackie. (Time sheets and claims for reimbursements.)

#1. DRIVING TOUR SIGNS - they are up!!! Was lot of fun. We've seen many people looking at them. Nice story in the paper. Brian needs to be called about the missing NPS sign (Becky will do). We need marine wax - Becky will check at Wal-mart. What do we do about the $175.00 for the CD from Sea Reach? Laurie has mock-ups that we could scan in for work on the brochures. Penny will follow up with Laurie on this. Laurie was going to talk to Brian from Sea Reach too.

#2. Phase II of signs. Laurie forgot to bring the mock-ups but she urged us to order the bases now. Penny will contact Brian at Sea Reach and confirm this. She will also contact Laurie to follow up on graphics and text as we need this to get approval from CTEP. Becky will contact Jackie and Hillary on permission letter for Old Clyde Park road site. Penny will follow up with Jackie on CTEP rule for the Chamber site.

#3. Bronze displays--public art, why should Livingston want this statue? Art fulfills your soul; Livingston is "heart of art"; heritage; legacy; sense of community; appreciation of local history; hard to compete with the local "beauty" of the area, i.e. mountains, etc. Becky made the poster for the displayed bronzes and will make three more. Very nicely done in acrylic stands. One of the sculptures should be displayed at the museum for Diana to sell if a buyer comes along. Also they will be at all our events this summer.

#4. Ads for bronzes - Doris will look in her "We Proceeded On" magazine; Marleen will watch for the bill of $300.00 from Trail Heritage Foundation. Penny reported on the article in the Omaha World Herald. Mary, have you placed any ads as yet???? Could we have copies of all you do? Thanks. We need this to satisfy the contract.

#5. Penny made raffle tickets for both Dick's painting and quilt & we each took them to sell. They are stapled in groups of 4 (10 each to each member). This will generate $1000.00 from each item towards our monument and others that get sold at events will bring in more. It was agreed that each member of our Commission sell 40 tickets of each, (under duress of course as NO ONE likes to do this but we can't rely on an auction sale). Even those absent tonight will be getting their tickets!

The painting is in the window at Sax & Fryer's along with Doris' bronze and the postcards about "how you can help" with BRINGING BACK SACAJAWEA. Penny made a banner to place next to the painting wherever we display it. Also discussed displaying the quilt (all blocks are completed now) and it will be rotated around the community following the newspaper story. This will include a picture (hopefully) of all the volunteer quilters. (Should we put both of these raffles in the Montana Pioneer?? He did a nice story for us about the whole project when we chose the artist so maybe we could buy one small ad in the June issue?? It would be helping get the word out too.)

#6. Livingston Trust - No word on that yet. Marleen reported that the recommendation from the review committee then goes back to the full committee.

#7. Marketing bronzes: Mary has agreed to do a life-size silhouette of the Monument. We will need to get a wood cutout made after that. It would then be painted to show how much money we have accumulated and how much left to go, like a thermometer. Mary called Becky but the phone call got cut off....Mary, would you e-mail Becky on this?? Thanks.

Marketing workshop on the 22nd: Becky e-mailed Bob Ebinger and he forwarded it to Cindy Fargo but no response as yet. Becky had an idea to set up a meeting for us to develop a script for marketing "script." It was suggested some member attend the 22nd workshop and be reimbursed ($45.00) from O & P. Becky will follow up with others. Baerman will check on where it will be and will attend. We will reimburse him. We decided to postpone planning a separate meeting for us until after that workshop.

#8. Summerfest plans: No news on this from anyone. We would like the silhouette for this event.

#9. Midori's e-mail stated that we have till Sept 05 to do the brochures and could ask for one extension if needed. We also have permission to use some of the funds ($5,000) towards signs if we need to.


1. "A Day in The Life of the Yellowstone": Meeting at Park County Museum, May 13th, 3:30 to 4:30 pm if anyone wants to attend this.

2. Annual Conference attendees: Becky, Marleen, Sandra, Doris and possibly Gwen. Those who attend will be reimbursed ($35.00)

3. Penny found a news article that Bob Spannring had a painting chosen for a prestigious art exhibit in San Antonio, TX, they chose 244 out of 700. Way to go Bob!!!

4. Also shared an article about the "native landscape" work in Bozeman at M.S.U. 100 native plants will help tell the story of the L & C journey through Montana. Blake Nursery was part of this. Way to go Sandi!!!

5. Dick was hoping Mary would have been here so he could talk to her about the Ellensburg Art show in Washington. Is hoping she could talk to Don Krook out there regarding his award winning painting from last year.....would he have had any prints made??

Next meeting will be May 24, at 5:30 pm.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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