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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2006

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Marleen Anderson, Dale Guidi, Diana Seider, Penny Carpenter.

In-kind sheets are due for any time volunteered.

Minutes of last meeting were approved as sent out.


Monument Fund- Marleen reported that the net to statue is currently $145,403.74. (this includes the equity we have in nine bronzes, $8,550.00 and the remaining 2,500.00 of our NPS grant). We will also receive the $1,000.00 program grant from the State Commission for our portion of Mr. Moulton's speaker fee. We need to sell these other bronzes to make our expenses.

Penny reported on the O & P Fund: Same as 5/8 meeting, $428.58.

Regular Commission Fund: Same as 5/8 meeting, $1210.44. (Hillary--is this correct?)


Artist's report: Mary stated that the foundry is on schedule with the monument. No word yet on a visitation tour date.

Contractor's report: Dale reported on many items.
A) The brick layer isn't meeting our specs. Motion to change mason contractor was made and passed. Dale will contact Bill Harris about doing the job. Marleen and Rick will assist as she has the "layout" prepared. Certain bricks need to be together. She returns on June 2nd.
B). Sandi Blake from the nursery was there today and listed all she needs done. She also met with Hank Fabich at the site on Friday and they "work very well together". Cahills are donating more large rocks and Dale will go get them.
C). Dale was having problems with Northwestern Energy so he called Park Elec. Park Elec is going to donate the wire we need ($2,000!!) We will need two small electrical panels (Cahills have one they just took out) for Mark Bassett; this will give us a covered (and lockable) outlet to plug in to.
D) Dale got John Ruggles to the site and he will excavate the tree stump out and prepare the area for topsoil.
E) John McGee is bringing topsoil (and is donating his hauling fee, yea!)
F) Dale talked with Eddy Miller and now the old posts that were alongside the road, are out. Moos is putting in a curb between the two sidewalk entrances and flag holes. (the holes are ready for the Memorial Day flags now.)
G) Jim Nardella is started on the fence. This will follow around the sidewalk on the lagoon side too.
F) Marleen called the Fire Dept about the Kid's Fishing Derby that is going to be held the previous Saturday. Urging them to be cautious around our delicate, newly planted garden site. Offered to have volunteers there to assist if need be. She left a message as no one answered.
We discussed costs (which keep escalating) and voted to not stain the sidewalks and to leave out the concrete bench in the circle area. Jane Welch got Dale a photo of the memorial bench for John Rogers and it is a mesh metal with a coating of plastic and looks very nice. (Penny will follow up on suggestion for another, if possible)
Moulton Books: Penny will place the order. Note will go out for input from members.
Footprint map: Norm working on this for placement of booths/tents in soccer area.
Surveillance camera: tabled until more information is gathered.
T-shirts. Ken Kastelitz brought a Summerfest T-shirt to the 4th graders Exhibit and it has a Monument on it! It's a great design (Sleeping Giant, Band Shell, teepees, a band, and Sacajawea. Very nice. We voted to promote that one and not do another. We will give the sample transfers to Dick B. for his use.
Crane: We will have one from Bud Anzik now as the other was not large enough to reach out as far as we needed.
Landscaping timetable: Need to have Ruggles do the excavation and then can bring in topsoil. Bricks can be being as we plant if need be. Hillary Taylor has offered to assist with this too. Penny will call Community Service Officer regarding helpers. Can also call Bob Peebles from Crazy Mountain Ranch; Sandra has his phone number.
4th grade exhibit Day went okay. Paintings have been returned to Sax & Fryer and Bank of the Rockies. Quilt is now at the Chamber. Need to get these things to more events: Farmer's Market? Sustainability Fair? others??

Next meeting will be June 12th, 5:30 pm in West Room Courthouse. Penny will be absent.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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