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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2005

Attending: Becky Douglass, Dick Baerman, Dick Murphy, Penny Carpenter. Guest from Livingston Enterprise, John Nowakowski doing story on Driving Tour.

In-kind sheets: turn in to Becky.

Financial: Monument financial report unchanged from last meeting with addition of $250.00 donation from Kenyon Noble.

Regular Commission Fund: Hillary faxed over accounting sheet: Balance is $3,605.79. Paid out $33.30 for cement and $11.14 for crew refreshments.

NPS grant for brochures: Balance is $4,575.00. Paid out $250.00 to brochure designer and $175.00 for image CD.

O & P fund: Balance is $661.58. Paid out $137.50 for printing; $50.00 for registration; $60.58 meeting expenses; $54.50 mailbox rental, gas, telephone; $55.00 letterhead stationary.

We discussed the Driving Tour first so John could get going. The base work day went very well! Thank goodness Jeanne and Bob made it our we would be having to "move" some of them. All's well that ends well??

Waiting for the fabricated signs to arrive. John was given copy of statue postcard and Penny will e-mail him the brochure layouts. He has driven to see some of the first six already. Penny will call Betty Bliler about being in the story.

Penny called Laurie Heupel this a.m. and she e-mailed the NPS logo to Lea. Hadn't gotten either of Lea's e-mails. Penny also sent her the layout to look over for her input. Hoping to have these printed by June 1. Will send some up to Peggy Bourne in Great Falls for their event.

Dick read an e-mail from his friend (George) in Washington (not Oregon) and he too may send a donation to the project. The stock gift from "Bill" may be arriving later as they had been gone for a while. We'll have to be patient. Dick would like to do a thank-you painting (same plane as was on the jacket for Bill) for George and asked if the Commission could pay for it to be framed. Dick Murphy offered to see about doing it himself.

Dick turned in change from jars at Albertson's, $5.43.

The new issue of We Proceeded On had brochures in the envelope from other promoters. Penny will e-mail Carol Bronson and ask how much that would cost to do with our Driving Tour brochures. Statue info is on these too.

Discussed upcoming events: Starting June 15th are the Wednesday Farmer's Markets. Then Festival of Arts, July 4th, Sustainability Fair, Summerfest, Park Co Fair, Gardiner events in August, need to get up to Clyde Park and Wilsall, Columbus Rendevous, Park City event, Corps II in Three Forks, etc.

Becky offered again to update a fund-raising letter for mailing. Lynn Crawford is making a sign to place in the Park...."Future Home of Sacajawea Statue". Need to be able to place an information holder on it about the project.

Becky will contact Clint Tinsley to follow up on tree removal in Park. Dick Murphy had contacted John Kaiser about amount of concrete needed - roughly 48 to 52 yards. Then he contacted JTL and Jim Braley called Penny on Dick's suggestion. Jim stated that JTL will donate the concrete with a couple conditions. First was that they want a guarantee that this project "will happen". Basically they don't want to help build a base that isn't going to have a horse on it someday. I reassured him it will happen as best I could. Offered to send them an accounting of the dollars and to keep them informed of our progress. They would also like to have credit for their problem! They would like to attend the unveiling also. I asked Jim to ask the boss if he would like a bronze! He'll get back to me on that.

Dick M. added that John Kaiser also offered to do the pour...but Would like to coordinate that with a contractor willing to be responsible for the framing (structure design, reinforcement, etc). Dick would like to talk with Dale on this. Names suggested were Bob Depaso; Concrete Solutions; Norbert Herhauf?? Dick will call Dale. Sandra was going to contact Ed Hillman again also on all this.

Becky will get bids for plants from Blake Nursery and from Native Landscapes nursery.

Marleen had left off a letter she picked up in our box from Travel Montana asking for dates of events coming up for us between October 05 and April 06. We need to send it by June 1st. They were referencing our Taste of the Trail II event. Should we send in anything?

Penny talked with the Postmaster here about the commemorative cancellation and he referred our request to the gal in Lavina who heads this up. She called this a.m. and we are approved to have a "temporary station", next year on July 15th, 2006 for 4 hours at site of our choice. Becky suggested the UNVEILING! We can have as many envelopes stamped as we want for 30 days for free. Other people can only have 50. At the end of 30 days our stamp is destroyed. The stamp can be of our own design no larger than 2" x 4". It can be smaller than that, but not bigger. It needs to include: Name of Station; Date; City, State and Zip. Black and White is best and any lettering must be an acceptable FONT; not a free hand drawn-lettering. She gave me the website to view others that have been done. We have plenty of time to complete this and she was very pleased that we asked so well in advance. We plan to do 500 envelopes with the commemorative postage stamps. Need to get ideas for the design...should include the monument image for sure.

No word on Clint's condition/recovery.

Brick layout committee will meet when Becky returns end of June. Penny needs to print out letter to Bob Peebles, Crazy Mountain Ranch and continue working on grants. We did not get a grant from PPL this time and received an e-mail notice about that. We can apply again.

Next meeting will be June 13th, Same location.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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