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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2004

Attending: Becky D., Dick B., Brian S, Mary M, Penny C, Hillary T and Diana S.

Minutes were previously sent out. Approved.

Financial Report - No report from Jackie or Marleen. Penny reported on Monument funds from Marlene's phone call: $3400 in bricks, $2185 in donations; 8 bronzes spoken for. (6 paid)

Time sheets turned in - Penny gave to Hillary. Bill for Conference Registration for Marleen also given to Hillary.

1. Driving Tour: missing an NPS sign, (Brina has looked at the Museum and can't locate it....also not there are the large replacement signs for the Interpretive Sign. Penny will check through the minutes on these. Becky found Marine wax and has done all the signs 1 time. They need several coats and the polishing takes time. Had an e-mail back from Laurie H. today and the mock-ups for the second six signs will be here this week. Penny will get them to Jackie to get to CTEP for approval.

2. Driving Tour Phase II: Hillary reported that we have received permission from T.J. and Fancy Fechser on their land for a site. Hooray! Letter sent off to them to sign. Need the mock-ups also to get going on the brochures now, too.

3. Post card holders brought by Becky. Penny will deliver to First Interstate; Dick will deliver to Sax & Fryers. Holders are already at the Depot and Diana will take one Bronze for sale and display. Mary brought two tonight. Becky will take the one for Swindlehursts after showing it at the Livingston Trust meeting tomorrow. If you see Carolyn Swindlehurst, please thank her.

Becky also brought 10 ermine skins (her Dad had them from Canada) to display with a bronze this summer. Very pretty.

4. Mary shared her efforts to promote the bronzes, at shows, in the "American Cowboy" magazine (1/4 page ad @ $1000.00). She had new photos taken of four pieces and these will be up on her website, and will also be on We are all waiting to see the May issue ad in "WE PROCEEDED ON" too. Mary will have her on display at a show in Oregon next fall. She's also working on one for Three Forks called "Coming Home".

5. Silhouettes: Mary will get one done small and Dick offered to help get it enlarged with his machine. We want to have it at all our events this summer if possible. Made of plywood.

6. Meeting with the Livingston Community Trust sub-committee is tomorrow. Becky, Sandra, Penny, Brian, and Dick will attend. Mary too.

7. Raffle tickets- Penny brought the rest in groups of 40 (4 stapled together in bundles of 10). Diana and Hillary each took one bundle of each and Diana took an extra bundle of each for the Depot to sell. Galloon jars have been made to collect the stubs.

8. Marketing meeting: Dick tried unsuccessfully to reach Cindy Fargo from the Alliance Development Corp. Did not attend as it would have been a waste of $45.00. They are organizing a "studio tour" of artists for August. Mary will follow up and be on that tour with our bronze on display. We do need to still have a marketing plan developed to promote sales. Hillary and Becky will get started on this next month. Any other ideas??? We talked about having a flat bed float in the July 2nd parade with the silhouette and a young girl with small child on horseback as Sacajawea. We have a couple people in mind. Will need to decorate, reserve a spot, and get it done.

9. Summerfest--no one has heard from anyone on this. Penny saw a small article in the paper about it. Becky will follow up with Sandy Wulf or Becky Crosby on this.

10. Sustainability Fair- Hillary will call Kelli Wade to see about participating in this (Corporation for the Northern Rockies)

11. Day in the Life of the Yellowstone-- Report by Brian Sparks. The lady from Billings came here and left brochures, posters, etc. Each took some to put up around town. Take two photos on July 25, 2004 no larger than 11x14 inches. Turn them in to Gateway Museum by Aug 20th. They will go to the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billing for sorting. Intent is to display them locally in Sept. Then later will be put into a book. Can be scenery, people, animals, whatever you want. Being creative with the images is fine too.

12. Registration for the Arts Festival was discussed. Voted to pay the $50.00 deposit and signed the agreement to be by the L & C sign in the Depot Rotary Park with our table. We will need to man this for three days, July 2, 3, and 4th. We'll be promoting the bronze, selling bricks, selling raffle tickets for the quilt and Dick's painting. Invoice given to Hillary to submit for this.

13. Discussion on where to display the quilt. It can go around to businesses; good spot would be the Depot between events. Penny has the batting and the green backing on and some of the quilting done. Jean Taylor from the T-shirt shop put the names and heading on for no charge. Please tell her thank you! Penny has contacted the Community News person at the Enterprise requesting a story and photo with the ladies who did the blocks. A suggestion was made to include a "write-up" with the quilt about the blocks and the quilters.

14. Need to get out personally with the bronzes and promote them. Takes time. When check for this last one sold comes in, we will have Mary get three more made.

15. Diana wants to sell the postcards at the Depot for 50 cents each as patrons there are already trying to purchase them. Approved.

16. No discussion or report on vault toilet at Interpretive Sign......however, there are many stakes in the ground east of the sign with pink paint on them. Hopeful???

17. Rivers Across is holding the dedication of their Interpretive Sign Project and Native Plant Garden at the museum in Big Timber on Monday, May 31st. Congratulations Big Timber folks!!

Next meeting will be June 14th (second Monday). Will need to finalize who can be attending what event over the summer. Please try to attend....bring friends!

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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