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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2003

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Charlie Rahn, Doris Whithorn, Dick Baerman, Jackie Robbins, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Penny Carpenter.

Guests were Laurie Heupel, NPS and Carol Bronson, Executive Director, L&C Trail Heritage Foundation, Great Falls.

The minutes had been sent out and were approved. Treasurer's report: O & P Grant arrived 4/11 for $2000. So far expenses have been $150.00 to Penny and $150.00 to Sandra for the Great Falls National Council Conference; Haines photography for the thank-you gift to Laurie. We will now pay $150.00 to Doris for attending the Confluence of Cultures conference in Missoula. Regular commission fund balance is $5,024.15; Driving Tour fund balance is $6,560.25. Final bill from Sea Reach will expend this amount for the first six signs.

#1. Discussed a Mt. L & C Commission letter regarding a final report needed from the Driving Tour NPS Challenge Cost Share grant. Carol told us about an Interim Report Form on the internet we can use (she developed this) from the NPS website. Jeanne offered to take care of this.

Laurie reported to us that our signs are being made at Sea Reach but he's running a little slower than hoped. May not have them here for July 15th. She brought the installation video for the bases (gave it to Charlie). Work day for this is Sat., June 28th. Laurie and her husband will be here to help out.

We need to get DOT final agreement prior to the 28th. Rob Bukvitch, Jackie has his number, will be asked to meet with Charlie and Bob Raney (Jeanne volunteered him) to double check on 4 signs sites along Hwy 10.

Laurie also told us that we were chosen as one of 10 sites for the GPS markers. Hooray!! These are National Geodetic markers, imbedded in the ground for people to find them as they travel. They are about 6 inches in diameter of the Jefferson Peace Medal image (one in Monticello is about 12 inches). She needed the name of one contact person so this can be coordinated. We have a local GPS person, Carrie Heupet, and Jackie will coordinate with her. The marker will be placed in Sacajawea Park near the bandshell next to our #6 driving tour sign. We need to meet with the City Commissioners and Jim Woodhull for final agreements on #5 and #6 placements. Concrete will be furnished for this marker. We will have a press release on it too and photos. We will also send info. to Rebecca Young who does the Foundation's newsletter. Jeanne offered to draft a letter for the City on these two items and will e-mail it to Jackie.

Laurie suggested that fund raising could be possible by making a custom "pin" to sell of the peace medal image as we will now have the GPS marker in Livingston.

#2. Penny sent letters to Laurie regarding use of our second NPS grant monies for signs and to request the triangle trail signs for the Interstate near our big sign. Laurie said Dick Williams has these letters now. Midori at NPS is being updated on our project all along.

#3. Carol Bronson passed out brochures and information from the L&C Trail Heritage Foundation and talked with us about possibly being a Chapter. Also told us about the Resource list soon coming out for speakers, presenters, etc. Doris told her about giving talks, and she does one on little Pomp and his life. We are interested in the list for our Tent of Many Voices presentations. We will also have help from Patricia with NPS from Corps II.

#4. CTEP grant was submitted within the deadline with Co. Commissionersí signatures. Our project was rated #1 and the Emigrant sidewalk project is #2. Maps were included with the grant request for the second six driving tour signs and where they will go. No one knows when final DOT decisions will be made.

#5. Superhost Training- Sandra said she talked with Jerri Miller from Job Training and they need to know names of who would like to attend. However we don't know when they will have it. After discussion we suggested they set a date, and a deadline for registration and if they don't get enough names then they could cancel it. (Later we saw in the Livingston paper it is to be Wed., June 18 and will be offered in the morning and again in the afternoon.) Increased frustration in that our local chamber members seem to have little or no interest in L & C Bicentennial.

#6. Doris reported on attending the Confluence of Cultures. Her son-in-law did pass away that same week so she attended partially. The opening ceremonies, a presentation on York (she very much enjoyed), arts/culture. Was very disturbed by an evening event called "Evening with a Comedian" who used vulgar language and who "bashed" white men severely. Said she doesn't know yet why she didn't get up and walk out.....several people did leave. (Doris called me later and offered to purchase a recording of the "proceedings" for $20.00 for us to pass around to listen to, on her own. I agreed it would be good to get and we will discuss it at our next meeting for reimbursement to her.) We thanked Doris for attending, especially during her family sadness that week as no one else could be found to go.

#7. Penny reported that she and Doris had met and sent out over 40 of the "Call for Artists." To date we had one post card response, one letter from the Belgrade foundry and three returned letters, marked "unable to deliver." The post card was read to the group and it wanted to know if we really needed the horse included as it would be much cheaper without. That artist is now out. The Belgrade foundry passed it on to several of their current client artists.

It became 7:00 pm rather quickly as we had so much to discuss, and we didn't get to some other items. We had to leave as the Fireman's meeting was starting. Next meeting on June 24th needs to be held somewhere that we don't need to rush out of.....Penny offered her office building, 320 North Main (right across the street from Alpine Yamaha on the north side of the B street underpass). Please meet there on the 24th and we can discuss changing sites or not. We would have to change our ad in the paper after this meeting....for the 24th we'll put a sign on the Rural Fire door.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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