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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Dept. Building, 5:30 p.m.
June 10, 2002

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Jackie Robbins, Charlie Rahn, Doris Whithorn, Brian Sparks, Diana Seider, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Bill Pedula, Gwen Childs, Penny Carpenter

Minutes had been distributed to all present except Doris. Copy given to her. Minutes approved.

Becky Douglass chaired meeting. Discussed first the installation of new Interpretive Sign. Everyone very pleased and proud. It is beautiful. The timber framework is made out of 100 year old fir from a warehouse in Seattle. Question was raised about the D.O.T. signs alerting traffic to the sign's existence, (Lewis & Clark Exhibit Ahead, etc). No one knew for sure what the hold up is. Also had been told they (DOT) may set up a vault toilet at the sight.

Discussed the need for trash receptacle again. Penny did not get the letter to the Commissioners, and will follow up on this now. Sounds like several of us have already been removing garbage left there.

Brian reported he will call for an appointment this week with Lynn Crawford regarding the content for the 4th panel as it must be sent away to Seattle for production. Jackie Robbins will be the keeper of the keys (at the Court House) for the 4th Panel doors.

Jeanne Marie reported on the landscaping project. She signed for Hugh Kinslow for his work for the Eagle Scout requirement. Other contributors for his project included Cashman Nursery, Livingston Ready Mix, Charlie Rahn and Hugh's father and grandmother. The plants are of drought resistant varieties. We will follow up with Sandra Blake from Blake Nursery on her donation of $50.00 in native plants. Possibly consider the Driving Tour sites for these also. On-going care of the plants is a concern. Becky offered to check with Boy Scouts, (Bob Jovick) for any interest there.

Gwen Childs brought up the Sweet Grass Festival in Big Timber, 7/13 and 7/14. The Chamber of Commerce will be having a Mini-lecture series and they wanted us all to know about it to let others know. Also asked about needing permission to replicate our sign in their area and wanted to know the name of the artist. Motion was made to grant permission, passed. Artist is Mike Mahoney in Billings.

Wendy's final bill came to $9,899.00 and has been paid. She is back from her accident but has neck injuries and must really be careful. The extra panels are stored at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum but need to laid flat and not stood on the sides. Charlie Rahn & Brian will see to this.

Driving Tour report: Laurie Heupel did not show for the meeting. Jeanne left another message regarding the next meeting on June 24th. The National Park Service has given us another year on this project and Laurie will tell Dick Williams we are going ahead with this project.

The in-kind accounting needs to be done for the match on our Grant for the sign. Suggestion made was for each of us to bring a written record of our time, costs, phone bills, etc to the next meeting so it can be coordinated into the report. Jeanne offered to get the report together.

Becky Douglass will be our representative to the RBC meeting in Glasgow next week, 6/17 and 18. She will take photos of the new sign and of the Sand Sculpture piece done at the Depot Museum and brochures for the Walking Tour in town. She also shared with us that some people have taken the Tour and enjoyed it. Becky stores the brochures. We have 180 holders for them and can put them out in stores, etc.

Doris reported that she bought a new scrapbook that will assist in keeping things for our group a little easier. Jackie will turn in the bill for this. Doris also told about a wonderful museum she toured in Kearney, Nebraska. Well worth seeing. Brian shared that a man with the Glacier Park buses was here and he got to visit with him today.

We then set the date for the "Dedication" of our new sign: it will be July 15th, Monday, at 1:30 pm at the site. Plans were made to have cake, lemonade, etc. Becky will place the order at Ricci's. It's to be a "thank-you" day, possibly will have a local color guard, involve kids, etc.

Brian will take care of the engraved plaque for the list of contributors and Commission. Agreed it should go inside the 4th panel to prevent damage. Cinnabar Engraving was chosen to do the work. Penny will invite Clint Blackwood, Executive Director of State Commission and will get the thank-you ad in the Enterprise to acknowledge all those who assisted us. This will include a notice regarding the dedication ceremony. Individual thank-yous and invites will also be mailed to each helper/contributor.

Patricia Grabow brought up the "Romeo & Juliet of the Rockies" ballet as it encompasses Lewis & Clark's journey. Patricia primarily inquired about coordinating with this committee to put it on here, in 2004. It would be for 3 weeks with performances every other night. Hoping for the Civic Center to do this. Asked if we could assist with the planning process, obtaining grants, money. It was decided that our Commission could best assist whatever group takes this on, in a supportive role only.

Jeanne Marie brought up the new traveling exhibit in Bozeman's mall currently, sponsored by "American Rivers". It is the Expedition with hands-on stations, videos, and much more. It will be here until July 10th. On June 18th from 6 to 9, an open house will be held, complete with Captain Clark (Ritchie Doyle) in period costume sharing his recollections of their journey as he recalls in the year 1825. Period food will also be served.

With still so much to do and discuss, we decided to stay with the every two week meeting times.

Next meeting will be June 24th, 5:30 p.m.
Penny Carpenter, Recorder




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