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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2006

Attending: Becky, Dick, Mary, Marleen, Dale

Minutes: approved as mailed.

Financial: Marleen reported that our fund to date is $150,678.74. Our account balance is $27,720.74. We have 5 bronzes in the foundry and 2 of those are sold. From now on, we will take orders to sell bronzes. We still have to pay the irrigation, fencing, top soil,grading,sod,concrete repair and curb, electrician, brick mason,plaques,security system, the remainder of the payment to the artist, a payment to the artist for the increase in the price of bronze, and celebration expenses. We approved paying Mary $7,000.00 more for the price of bronze that this year had increased 222% and last week had jumped up to $6.00 a pound which would mean another $2200. Therefore we will pay Mary Michael an additional $9,200.00. We told her we would pay this after we had paid our other bills but that this was the fair thing to do. We have been blessed by having Mary selected as the artist; she has been joy to work and we are so glad she lives in our town!

Therefore: SELL BRONZES!

Time Sheets: Marleen and Becky turned theirs in but there are some slackers on this committee that are too shy about the hours that they slave away at this.

Old Business:

  1. Artist’s Report - Becky, Kent, and Mary went to the Foundry 6/8/06 and watched the first pours. It was fascinating and thrilling. Mary reported that they will finish the last of 100+ pours today and began the welding process. Becky made a cd of the pours if anyone wants to borrow it. The completion date is to be June 22nd. Mary also requested they start pushing some of our smaller bronzes through.
  2. Contractors & City
    1. Bricks- Harris will begin Sat. Marleen and Rick will entertain him in the am and Dale will take the afternoon shift. He thinks he can do one side in a day. Please do not do any rain dances for that day.
    2. Electrical- apparently we have the wrong conduit according to Fabich
    3. Irrigation-see above; he has the pump in the back of his truck
    4. Planting-Sandi Blake will let me know a schedule for next week (19th – 24th); she has to work with Fabich on this.
    5. Concrete repair – Dale will get in touch with Moos; his bid was $860.00
    6. Fencing- Nardella is working on this. Discussion was held on the placement of the fence and the majority felt it should be against the edge of the lagoon
    7. Pump – in Fabich’s truck
    8. Grading/topsoil – Dale will call J. McGee. He donated the first 2 dump truck loads @ $100 a load but can’t do that for the 3 more we need. Dale will see that we get them this week.
    9. Large rocks-Sandi Blake wants us to wait until planting is done
    10. Crane/drilling – Dale is checking with Park Electric
  3. Party for donors- Norm did a footprint of the Park as to locations of tables/encampments. We voted to have it all in the same area near the lagoon, behind the tennis courts, and under the trees. We also wanted a bit of space for each exhibit/table so that people could hear each other; therefore, we don’t want everyone under one tent. We will need 4 tents (Dick and the quilt, Mary, Moulton, and the Post Office). Mary has 2 tents she will bring and Diana has 2 from the Depot she will bring. That means that Norm, Hal, Desc, First Squad and the Shoshone will have to supply their own or be content with the shade from the trees. Thanks Norm!
  4. Bronzes: 67 are sold and we have 5 on order from the foundry; 2 of which are spoken for. Penny’s bronze is on loan at the Chamber. We are trying to get the one from Great Falls and might have a connection for it to hitchhike on down here.
  5. Blake nursery – planting within the week; Dave Petit’s class at the high school could possibly help. We are all just too old to do this kind of work and not have injuries. If you know of anyone we can call at the last minute, we sure would appreciate hearing from you!
  6. Sign up for procuring supplies for party/dedication. Sandra has delivered the cups, plates, and bunting for the float. Mary delivered the signed envelopes.
  7. Quilt – it is on exhibit at the chamber and the current bid is $750.00
  8. Sacajawea dollars- Marleen will order $200.00 from American Bank to use at the Post Office and at the tables.
  9. Footprint of park area – Thanks again Norm! Becky got a call from Bud Clark who was here scouting the Park and asked permission to park 4-6 RV’s there. Becky has requested this variance from the city for the special events permit but hasn’t heard back from them yet.
  10. Fishing Derby- June 8th: Marleen and Rick will protect the site; snow fencing will be in place to protect the plantings. The statue is scheduled to be lifted and drilled into place July 10th.
  11. Surveillance/security system- Kent got a bid for $3,000. Becky will try to get some more bids to have something in place soon!
  12. Vandalism report- Moo’s written estimate for repair was $860 which is a misdemeanor; over a thousand is a felony. One girl confessed but has moved to Florida; her records will be sent to Juvenile Court there requesting restitution. The other girl says she was there but didn’t do it. Who knows if she will confess. I don’t expect to ever see anything.
  13. T-shirts: copyright infringement- Mary reported that Summerfest used her drawing and design of the statue without permission. She has written them a letter advising that an image to be used for profit is illegal and that artists get a percentage on use of their art. She has not received a reply yet.
  14. Events: Depot, parade, sustainability fair….We didn’t even discuss this as we are so consumed with getting the statue done. These events are coming right up and we will need workers at each one. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!!!! We need some new worker bees. Dale and Gloria, Marleen, Rick, Sandra, Becky, Kent, and Penny have literally been in the trenches everyday this month trying to get stuff done. We desperately need help! Significant others, spouses, and friends are more than welcome (see above). We need to be at these events because we desperately need to sell bronzes.
  15. Newspaper stories/ad??? – Becky and Marleen are putting together an ad for the supplement to the newspaper that will come out July 14th. We want to thank all who have worked and donated effort and materials to the site.
  16. Work days/laborers – because of contractors in the summer season, we are on an hour by hour call to the Park site.

New Business:

We’re almost there……………HOORAY FOR YORK a.k.a. DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Meeting June 26 (Monday @ 5:30 in the courthouse).

The priority will be throwing together the rodeo float and the Depot and Sustainability plans at the last minute!

PROCEED On; it is one giant step forward and 50 steps backwards but there is progress!

Submitted by default,
Becky Douglass




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