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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2004

Attending: Dick, Becky, Mary, Victoria, Doris, Sandra, Marleen.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Financial Report:

Marleen gave the financial report: total net $13,655.00. Funds received: $15,135.00. It was moved and unanimously voted to have Mary order 6 more bronzes from the foundry. She currently has 3 orders in but they will not be ready for 4-6 weeks. She will ask the foundry to please hasten the production of the 9 bronzes ordered. Billie Harms has ordered a bronze and we will give her the Depot one being displayed. Becky will ask her if we can continue to exhibit it at the Depot until we get a replacement.

Marleen reported on her attendance at ???, S. Dakota where she visited a museum with a full scale replica of L&C"s keelboat.

Doris reported she had filled her car with trash she picked up at the HWY. 90 sign.

Old Business:

1. Driving tour signs phase 1 - Becky reported she had put a second layer of marine wax on the signs and discovered some vandalism at the sign on the frontage road that fronts Malcolm's leased land. The sign had been "keyed."

2. Driving tour signs phase 2 - Penny and Becky edited the mockups Laurie H. sent. Penny sent them back to her and delivered them to Jackie. Jackie will send to CTEP for approval. Laurie will attend a meeting of ours in July. Laurie is making a cd for us from SeaReach.

3. Ads - We looked at the ad in the May issue of "We Proceeded On." The bill was for $400.00 and we had been told $300 by Rebecca. Rebecca is no longer there and we will be billed only $300.00 as per agreement. Mary has ads in the American Cowboy and Info Art Magazines. Mary will get us copies.

4. Raffle tickets- Sales are going slow.

5. Day in the Life "On the Yellowstone" - Becky will contact Brian about publicity needs.

6. Quilt & painting - Penny took pictures of the quilt that will be helpful to show when selling tickets. We will ask her to take one of the painting, too. There was a nice newspaper story about the quilt today in the Enterprise.

7. Driving tour brochure - Tabled .

8. Livingston Trust - Marleen reported that the committee met June 3rd. Penny got documents together to fill out our proposal. Many people on the committee were interested in the statue and suggested that the L&C Commission is early in their request for funds. They tabled it until Fall and then want a budget of every project we have done including this project.

9. State Convention - Becky will set up Wed. night with the bronze and it's info about the statue project, raffle tickets, bulletin boards, and bricks. Thursday workers at the table: 8-12 : Doris; 12-6: Sandra. Friday: 8-10 Doris; 10-2 Marleen.

Parade- July 2nd. It was voted to have a flatbed trailer with the silhouette of the statue showing fundraising progress in the parade. The quilt and painting will also be on display. People from the Commission may ride on the float. Doris volunteered and said she would dress up in her Sacajawea outfit. Sandra suggested that we use authentic costuming such as leather. Becky will contact Dick about costuming. Penny has a young woman with a baby and horse that will ride behind the float as Sacajawea and Pomp. Mary suggested using green carpeting from a mortuary and Sandra will contact them. The float will be decorated at Becky's house (1107 W. Cambridge) July 1st from 6-?.

10. Depot Art Show - We need workers the 2nd (9-6), the 3rd (9-6), and the 4th (10-5). Dick, Mary, and Becky all said they would work. Becky is signing up for the 3rd.

11. Sustainability Fair July 10th - Becky will check into this. We will need workers.

12. Summerfest - July 16,17,18 - We will need workers. Becky will check into this.

13. Park County Fair - We don't know the dates. We will need workers for this.

14. Silhouette - Mary will get the enlargement done with Dick and they will make the cutout to be ready for the parade on the 1st for decorating the float.

15. Art Shows - Mary has submitted "At the Yellowstone" to Oregon's "journeys End" show. She also sent pictures to the Omaha Herald.

New Business:

1. Sandra passed around mail from the State and L&C things of interest.

Next Meeting: June 28th

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Douglass




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