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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Dept. Building, 5:30 p.m.
June 24, 2002

Members present: Becky Douglass, Dick Baerman, Brian Sparks, Diana Seider, Bob Raney, Jeanne Marie Souvigney, Jackie Robbins, Penny Carpenter

Minutes of the 6/10/02 meeting had been dispersed prior to meeting (except for D. Baerman's), minutes approved.

#1: Interpretive Sign dedication will be July 15, at 1:30 pm, Monday. Theme of "Clark Passed Here". Penny will send Park County Commissioners an invitation. Also will e-mail copy of thank you/invitation letter that was sent to all who helped to Jeanne Marie--she will notify the media. (Dwight Harriman at Enterprise). Dick B. offered to wear his buckskins. Executive Director of State Commission, Clint Blackwood, will be attending and hopefully he will say a few words for us. (Please?) Becky will take care of ordering cake and lemonade.

#2. Jeanne gave an update on our "Driving Tour" project. Laurie Heupel from NPS was present and was extremely helpful. A fiberglass imbedded sign is required. She gave us many options, resources, and estimates of cost. She will also help with the design and layout in partnership with us. An Oregon outlet, Sea Rech (Brian O'Callahan) can do a 24x36 inch sign for about $1600, delivered to us. Would also include 5 or 6 paper copies and would cost about $150.00 to imbed at later dates if needed for replacements.

We could get started with the first 6 signs and then continue with another application process in the fall for the other 6; need to continue to gather matching funds. Sub-committee will meet to choose which 6 to start with. Diane S. and Dick B. will talk to Darwin Brabenburg at First Nat'l. Bank about permission to use the mural they have there for one of the signs. Laurie will do some mock-ups for our next meeting. Also will bring two other L & C signs for us to have in this Community.

#3. Penny reported that thank you letters have been sent to all person involved with getting the sign up, contributions made, landscaping, etc. Also included in that an invitation to the dedication ceremony July 15, 2002. Newspaper thank-you ad was also done. Park County was not included as an "oversight" but because it felt like we were thanking ourselves. Will make sure Park County is thanked in the next ad about the dedication.

#4. Brian reported on the 4th panel progress. Brought samples to pass around and choose background color. Coffee tone was the preferred choice. Hopefully will be here for dedication but may not be ready. Commission feels that sub-committee has done an excellent job!

#5. Regional Bicentennial Commission meeting in Glasgow reported on by Becky. Due to having Laurie from NPS here, we were running out of time and will have more presented next meeting too. Corps II was discussed first and we did have a proposal submitted to host it at the Park County Fairgrounds; large area, restrooms, packed gravel surface, Yellowstone River runs by south boundary, mountains beautiful just beyond river...much like it was when they were here still. Becky sending a letter in support of proposal and digital photos will go also to Carol Bryant. Laurie shared the health concerns for Gerard Baker; we will all keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Jan 14, 2003 will be the kickoff at Monticello. 26 agencies and NPS; 1978 the Trail was established. Corps II has a "large footprint" component and a "little footprint" one. Livingston is gateway to Yellowstone Park and would be a great site for the large footprint. Costs $5,000 to move it; takes a 26-member crew; 2 days to set it up, 1 to take it down. Two-week stay is planned at each chosen site. Will be scheduled for the trip west and the return east. We would recommend being included on the return to coincide with Clark's trip down the Yellowstone in 2006. The Signature Events will get Corps II for sure. On July 3 of this year, President Bush will hand the letter of Jefferson's to NPS.

Agreed to table rest of RBC report.

Grants report discussion: Amy Baird is now doing the follow-up work on the grants given out. We need to have ours in right away. Jeanne did a great job of writing the narrative component. Penny offered to go back through the minutes to assist with our in-kind time records. Each member is to have their report in to Jackie by Wed., June 26th at noon. Penny will send urgent e-mail about this tonight after the meeting. (Done.)

Penny Carpenter, recorder




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