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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2006

Attending: Becky, Marleen, Sandra, Dick B., Norm, Diana, Bob E., Mary, Mike Gomez (Mike has helped us out down in the mud and trenches for the past 1 ½ weeks at the statue site. He also made the sign at the statue site that looks so nice; WELCOME and THANKS, Mike)!

Minutes: Approved as sent.

Financial: Marleen reported that we have $153,078.74 raised; $80,000 is for the monument and $50,000 is for the site. There will be add-ons to each of the above such as the increase in the price of ingots of bronze and contractor’s fees that have not been billed yet. Of the five on order, 3 have been sold and we need to sell 2 more. Mary placed an order for 5 more. If money is needed to pay for these, Sandra and Becky will pay for them and they will be placed on “reserve” and as they are sold, a re-imbursement to Sandra and Becky will be made. We need to sell AT LEAST these seven bronzes to cover expenses. A standing ovation was given to Marleen for keeping such accurate figures available daily. She is a gem and we are so glad we have her!

Time Sheets: Marleen and Becky turned theirs in theirs (as usual)!

Old Business:

  1. Artist’s Report - Artist’s report- Mary reported that newspaper articles and pictures would be appropriate on this coming Thursday @ 1:00 pm. Becky will contact the newspapers. The welding is almost complete. It was decided to lift the statue in place as soon as it is done so that Mary can complete the work on the base.
  2. Contractors & City
    1. Bricks- all done; Marleen and Rick laid them out, kept track of them, and “Amway Marleen” washed & brushed them!
    2. Electrical- Mark Bassett is working up his bill; he will bill the city for wiring the pump and light pole; Bob Ebinger will bring this before the city council. Bob will also ask for snow fencing.
    3. Irrigation- Hank Fabich, & crew, Kent, Marleen, Rick, Dale, Jane Welch all worked with him in the trenches today. It was being tested tonight at 8:30pm.
    4. Planting- Done last Mon. and Tues. (crew: Marleen, Rick, Jane, Mike, Becky, Kent, Gloria, Dale). There is a small triangle by the story rock that we decided not to put sod in because it would be hard to maintain and the water would eventually ruin the bronze sign. We will put down weed cloth, edging, prickly pear, and aggregate. Sandra Cahill will supply the prickly pear. Becky will contact Sandi B. about this.
    5. Concrete repair (vandalism) – done today by Moos Construction.
    6. Fencing- will be done by the 13th
    7. Large rocks- need 4 plaques put in (Story, donors, at the Yellowstone, latitude and longitude). The large donor rock will be titled: “Trailblazers”
    8. Crane/drilling- Dale talked to Bob Goodwine at Park Electric and they have a boom that can do this. We will need to set plywood scraps down for the truck to run over and paint lines for the tires so that no sprinkler heads are crushed. Dick will try to find scrap plywood.
  3. Footprint of Clark on the Yellowstone- Becky will do a walk through with Sandi and Ken K., and Eddie M. June 28th @ 2pm. Norm will use batteries for his computer if there is no power available. Becky will ask the Summerfest committee about Mary’s copyright infringement.
  4. Bronzes: Mary ordered 5 more.
  5. Sign up for procuring supplies for party/dedication- Sandra has delivered the cups, plates, and bunting for the float. Mary delivered the signed envelopes. Jeanne-Marie will stamp & stamp them.
  6. Quilt – it is on exhibit at the chamber and the current bid is $750.00. We need a rack to display it.
  7. Sacajawea dollars- Marleen ordered them from American Bank and she will bring them to our dedication set-up
  8. Fishing Derby- June 8th: Marleen and Rick will protect the site; snow fencing will be in place to protect the plantings. The statue is scheduled to be lifted and drilled into place July 10th. This may change.
  9. Surveillance/security system- Becky is working with 3 companies trying to get a donation. She will go ahead and order a system with a real camera and a phony baloney one.
  10. Newspaper stories/ad? – Penny and Jeanne-Marie are finishing their stories and will e-mail to Becky. It was decided to get a ¼ pg. ad in the supplemental paper insert thanking the contractors and material suppliers. Becky will submit this ad. Becky brought a copy of the ½ pg. ad Lee Enterprise did for advertisers for the supplement. We are looking forward to the “decidation!”

New Business:

  1. Rodeo – July 2nd – Sunday: the parade will include fire engines, Ritchie Doyle as Grand Marshall, Katrina on horse with baby dressed as Sacajawea, wagon with Clydesdales & Charbonneau driving pre-schoolers , statue frame on flatbed, bronze Mt. truck. Becky will contact Ritchie as to whether he wants to ride in a car or walk the parade.
    1. meet @ High Country Rental @ 5pm Saturday, July 1st to decorate float. Mary and Greg will put together a frame from the dead horse in their alley and resurrected clay pieces. They will drive the cute old truck and the MT Bronze truck. Mary and Sandra will decide about a flatbed trailer. We need other decorations and a sign for the float…anyone have any ideas?
    2. decorations: we have some bunting. Other stuff??? Signs??? Flags???
    3. drivers /riders: Commission members didn’t want to ride in the parade
  2. Art walks for the summer: Penny’s bronze is at Mordam Art; Becky’s is at Tierra Montana, Sandra will put hers in the Chamber until we get some more from the Foundry. We will continue to show at these places for the summer.
  3. Depot Art Show: July 1,2,3: booth. Need tables, quilt and hanger, bronzes, postcards, Dick’s prints, shade awning, signs, workers for 3 days: Sat.: 9-5 Mary, Becky (leave at 4:45 to decorate float); Sun: 10 – 5 …Becky @ 10-12…… rodeo @ 2-4….need someone to babysit table during parade; need workers; Mon: 10-5: Becky and ?
  4. Sustainability Fair: Saturday July 8th – we have cancelled this presence because we don’t have workers.
  5. Statue Set – July 10 - or earlier if we can make it happen
  6. “Trailblazers” Party: July 14, 2-3:30 in tent @ site (everyone on this Commission is invited.)
    Supplies: tent (Penny), chairs (High Country Rental), tables (Diana) tablecloths (Diana), glasses (Sandra- 240), napkins (Diana), plates (Sandra 250), wine & corkscrews (Diana), lemonade (Diana), water (Diana), hors d’hoerves (Sandra), podium (Diana), speaker (Marleen), copies to guests of Sacajawea’s story (Marleen), clean up (everyone takes care of what they brought).
    1. Workers with jobs - all commission members will help serve
    2. Snowfencing - city will secure this area and statue site with snowfencing during summerfest
  7. July 14th @ Library @ 7 pm
    1. Supplies – Penny will call library to see if they will have refreshments from Friends of the Library; Penny will also be taking care of Gary Moulton
    2. Workers - ???
  8. Statue dedication: July 15th at 10 am.
    1. Chairs set @ 6am
    2. Podium & speakers; stage pieces from depot
    3. Veil for statue, videographer- Mary will do this
    4. Programs – Becky will do this
    5. Entrance @ 2nd Street; refreshments and bathrooms are there also
    6. Snow fencing- will secure the site immediately following dedication to protect new plantings
  9. Clark in the Park – July 15th – 11am-3pm (tables for a & b - Diana)
    1. PO with Sacajawea dollars - JeanneMarie (need cash box): Diana awning
    2. Quilt and auction/ Dicks prints - Penny
    3. L&C journals/book signing - Gary Moulton (Diana awning)
    4. Bronzes – Mary ( Mary’s awning)
    5. Prints – Dick ( Mary’s awning)
    6. Tales of the trail – Norm
    7. Shoshone - Rose Ann Abrahamson
    8. First Squad - Churchill Clark
    9. DESC (St. Charles Expedition) – Bud Clark
    10. Hal Stearns – walk about

    Dick might make some signs on stakes to put along road showing people where everything is and what they are.
  10. Churchill Clark will present a slide show at the library @ 4:30pm

JOB Assignments for the Next 19 Days

Becky- 28th walk through, contact fire Dept. to meet with DESC, contact police for security at site and on the 14th-15th at Clark on the Yellowstone set up in Park, police on bridge for honor guard, deliver cups & plates to private party, sod party and prickly pear weed cloth, decorate float, make programs, advertise MCH for Ritchie and Hal, do final reports for MCH, take care of Ritchie, Hal, Shoshone, DESC, Honor Guard, arrange for a surveillance system, make programs and get them printed, work with Sandra on emceeing, call LouAnn re: parade. Sandra- dig and deliver prickly pear, arrange with Mary for flatbed, hors d’oeuvres for private party, deliver bronze to Chamber, b&b Gary Moulton and wife, work with Becky on emceeing, bring cooled lemonade and corkscrews to private party.
Mary- arrange with Sandra for flatbed, get frame made for parade, decorate float, pull float, set up tents early the 15th at Park (2), keep in touch with videographer, arrange for horse trailer for Dale.
Penny- take care of Gary Moulton and wife, take care of quilt, arrange with High Country for decorating float, decorate float, stamps and stamp/more envelopes?, bring prints to Depot and on the 15th, laptop & phone, arrange for put up and take down of party tent on the 14th. Mike- help Dick B. make signs to mark sites at park for Clark on Yellowstone (see Becky for placement the 15th), help Dale & Norm load and unload tables, chairs, stage pieces from Depot, podium, make sign for site: “no bikes” and sign for the 14th and 15th “site temporarily closed to protect new plantings.”
Dale- arrange for crane, plywood, paint to mark tire placement avoiding sprinkler heads, contact Moos to drill when statue placed, get high voltage signs for both panels, help Mike & Norm load and unload tables, chairs, stage pieces from Depot, podium on the 14th (items will be stored in Mary’s horse trailer for overnight and left at summerfest locked and then set out again the next day), reserve a chair for Mary’s Mother.
Marleen – keep paying the bills, get speaker system to the 14th and 15th and set it up. (As this is being written, Marleen and Rick are down at the site raking and filling trenches again!)
Norm- help Dale & Mike load and unload tables, chairs, stage pieces from Depot, podium, get ice in coolers and deliver to private party, take care of 1st Squad Jeanne-Marie – work the PO table from 11-3, stamp and stamp the envelopes
Bob Raney- work the PO table from 11 -3 (maybe you can spell Jeanne-Marie????)
Bob Ebinger – bring ready made and cooled lemonade to private party, work booth at Clark on the Yellowstone and/or Depot art fair???????
Dick- spell workers at the Depot show, spell workers at the Clark in the park July 15th 11-3, work with Mike on signs, procure scrap plywood to protect the sod from the crane
Diana- bring pitchers, tablecloths, napkins, stage pieces set, 2 tents for Clark in the Park set, order and bring 200 bottles of water to private party, order and bring enough wine for private party, bring corkscrews, arrange table and podium deliveries, bowls for cooling wine.

Becky and maybe Sandra will attend final state commission meeting in Billings the 21st of July.

Next Meeting: (It’s a WRAP!!!!) How about Monday, July 24th???? (Becky’s house: potluck)

Respectfully submitted by default,
Becky Douglass (Penny is out of town)




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