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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 27, 2005

Attending: Sandra Cahill, Diana Seider, Marleen Anderson, Dale Guidi, Becky Douglass (welcome home!!), Dick Baerman, Penny Carpenter.

Financial reports:

1. National Park Service CSC grant-$5,000.00. Paid to date: $175.00 artwork; $250.00 designer #1; 3,000.70 printing; $895.82 designer #2 + scan of Ralston image; $150.00 designer #1; $106.60 High Country; 33.30 Kenyon Noble; $11.14 crew meeting, 30 miles travel x2 Penny and Dale-Need to purchase display holders for brochures. Balance now: 377.44.

2. Regular Commission fund- paid $1223.37 CTEP sign project percentage. Balance: $2556.86.

3. O & P- $185.00 Lewis & Clark stamps; $68.00 PO box rental; Enterprise ad $19.30; $58.00 envelopes; Marleen $37.00, stamps; Penny- bulk permit mailing $86.02. Will get Ritchie Doyle paid for speaking. Balance now $208.61.

4. Monument Fund- Dale sold another bronze! Net to statue prior to that news was $38,662.00 which includes our cost for the remaining 5 purchased sculptures. With the $15,000 committed in grants, our total is $53,662.00. Need to get the red on the silhouette painted higher before the parade this Saturday to reflect this total. It's currently painted for about $29,000. Mary has ordered 3 more bronzes.

We have been given an "interest free" loan in the amount of $35,000 that will ensure the monument is built and put up on schedule. This benefactor does not care how soon we pay it back. The dedication will definitely be held on July 15, 2006!

5. Penny shipped the two bronzes to Mr. Spence upon arrival of his check. However, the clerk had calculated the shipping expense incorrectly so we will pay the additional ($52.66) now (as he did send $100.00) and he will also reimburse us the other. After more discussion we decided to order 5 more (8 total) small sculptures to have on hand for immediate sales. We also discussed having a large plaque made (similar to the one done in Three Forks for the base). Need to find out cost. Mary's small plaque maker made that one too.

Dick Baerman read the e-mail from the other possible donor regarding possibly being cash. We suggested he wait to send him the thank-you painting until the donation arrives.

6. Certificates- Penny gave Becky hers. She also has made them up for #20, 21, 25, 19 and 22. Becky and Sandra both signed these. Penny will get the seals on and have them notarized and then mail them out.

7. Penny made more thank-yous for Marleen to have on hand. Sandra offered to send thank-yous to both designers of the beautiful brochure. Penny will get her some too.

8. Dick Baerman brought a book on John Clymer paintings that he wants to donate to the Commission. Becky will take it home to have with John Roger's donated books for the remainder of the Bicentennial. These will be given to the local library at that time.

9. Driving Tour is completed. Dale will put #'s 1 through 12 on the upper right corner of each sign base. CTEP grant will pay their portion to Sea Reach and our portion has been paid out of regular Comm. Fund. (Thanks so much to Jackie and Hillary for carrying through this project on their end!) Still need to get the brochures out more. Marleen and her husband took some to the Interpretive Center in Great Falls.

10. Monument garden preparation: much discussion on this. Decided to let Dale coordinate a meeting with key players involved to make sure everyone is on board and in agreement with what is donated, what is being charged for, and when things should take place in what order. List of folks to be invited to this meeting include:
Ed Hillman, contractor/excavator; 65 McNiven Rd, Livingston, Mt.
John Kaiser, consultant for cement pour;
Jim Braley with JTL, cement donor;
Dick, Larry &/or Jim- County Commission
Eddie Miller, Park manager
Clint Tinslely, city rep
Dick Pohl, MSU professor
Bob Depaso?? framing contractor
Sandi Blake, plants/trees/ nursery rep
Bob Peebles, Crazy Mountain Ranch, labor donation

Need also to include ideas re: electrical options and crane to lift monument to base; bricklayer?

11. TIIP grant application- Penny working on, due August 1, 2005.

12. Upcoming events for booth: (Penny will make more flyers for all events) Ongoing Farmer's markets every Wed. pm. Marleen has done two and will do this Wed. also. Left over pop from Taste of Trail will be in a cooler to sell also. Funds to go in donation jar for statue.

Sat., Sun. and Monday we will be at the Festival of the Arts in Depot Park by the rock again. Dale offered to do Sat. from 8 to 6 with Becky and others spelling him off.

Sunday will be Becky from 10 to 5 with others giving her breaks. Monday Becky with Penny spelling her.

Diana said afterwards we can store it up by the museum doors as the next event is the following weekend: Sustainability Fair.

For parade: 1:00 pm Dale and Penny will get his trailer and help Greg get the silhouette down from Co. Market fence so Mary can paint more red. Will secure it for travel in parade. Sat all who can, meet at the skate park area at 1:30 for decorating the float.

July 9th: Sustainability Fair: Becky and Marleen and Diana will do.

July 15, 16, 17th Summerfest. Becky will call to see if we can have the same spot by the lagoon where the monument will be erected. Our new "Future home of" sign is there now.

Penny will call Co. Market to see if we can move the silhouette to the north corner of their parking lot by Bank of the Rockies. She will also call Kim Knutson about displaying it outside again at the County Fair.

Becky will follow up on the Fly Fisherman Conference in August. We get a table outside of the Danforth Gallery. Also will be driving groups on the tour, if there's interest.

12. Penny reported for Mary that she is now going to be in the Loveland, Co. art show and has been asked to be in the Mountain Artist's show at Chico. She also has a new book on artists and she is in it with our bronze on the page.

13. Commemorative stamp booth for next summer. Penny has info and contact person with USPO.

14. Need to plan for the dedication. A great, great grandniece of Sacajawea will be attending the dedication in Three Forks along with Shoshoni elders who will be blessing that statue. We'd like to ask them to come to ours next year. Mary will ask. July 23 at 10:00 a.m. is that dedication.

15. Geodetic survey markers need to be thought about in the garden planning work.

We'll probably be seeing each other a lot due to all the events upcoming, but our regular meeting would be on July 11 if we need one.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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