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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2004

Attending: Becky Douglass, Sandra Cahill, Dick Baerman, Diana Seider, Doris Whithorn, Marleen Anderson, Mary Michael, Penny Carpenter

Minutes read as per Beckyu's e-mail. Corrections made.

Financial Report: No accounts report via Jackie/Hillary. Marleen gave Monument report: Net on statue to date is $14,855.00 (includes the 3 pledged ones); Actual funds with all expenses paid-$10,655.00. Tax deductible receipts go to each purchaser with a thank-you from Marleen.

Time sheets need to be turned in to Becky-she will get them to Jackie. We discussed needing an accounting on the amount of in-kind time donated, could we get this from Jackie or Hillary? We will need these for both Driving Tour and brochure grants and future Humanities funding.

Old Business:

1. Mary Michael gave her report. Silhouette is drawn up and made of plywood....mighty big! Base is almost 8 feet long and will not fit on their pickup flatbed. She offered to paint it all, both sides and then make detailed painting as we gain funds. Discussed this and all felt this was asking way too much work from her...opted to ask her to paint up 15% (we have almost 15,000 of the total 100,000 needed) in black and leave the rest undone. The representation of our project and the funding is all we want.......not having Mary do that much work. She gave us a page from the American Cowboy magazine with the ad she placed, July-Aug issue. Very nice. She would like to use someone's digital camera for "works in progress" shots for website, marketing use. Becky and Penny both offered theirs.

2. Discussion moved into Parade next, due to silhouette and flat bed issue. Penny called Clyde at High Country Rental during the meeting, for a flatbed....all are taken already. However, we can do our decorating there Thursday night and can park it inside his shop portion overnight. Penny will pursue getting a trailer. We all need to meet Thursday, July 1, 6:30 pm at High Country Rental. We'll have freezer paper, scissors, paint, banner for horse, flags, bunting, green carpet, buffalo hide, skull and logs. Mary offered a 15 star flag, if she can find it. Quilt, painting and robe will have to go into cab of truck if it rains. Sandra is bringing hide, logs, carpet, freezer paper. Becky will buy paint, bring brush and will make the horse banner. Penny brought sack of decorations/bunting tonight. Becky Kossler will be riding the horse in Dick's wife's Indian dress & leggings with a large doll (Pomp) just behind the float. Dick and Doris (and Mary??) will be on the float seated on the logs.

3. Driving Tour first half: missing sign is at Bob's. Penny plans to tape it onto the base in Depot Rotary Park for this weekend's Art Festival event. Will also bring three card tables, and folding chairs. Quilt, painting and prints are at the Depot. Will get Mary's sculpture from the Chamber Thursday pm. Bob's e-mail also said the top for the NPS sign is on the base up on the Bozeman Hill so we can put that sign up asap. Sign is at Dale's.

4. Driving Tour second half: Jon Axline sent his input and Jackie forwarded it on. Will incorporate that at our next editing meeting on the mock-ups. Jeanne's e-mail said Laurie has mailed them back to Penny. Does this mean we can get bids, or contract with a manufacturer for the 6 signs now? We need to decide who we are going to have make them. Penny did f/u with the company in Billings that Melody Dobson told Becky about. Advertising Design is the name. Turn around time is about 5 to 7 weeks. Talked with Tom from there and he is interested and has done the signs for Glendive, Sidney, Billings and now Columbus. Becky will contact Jackie and find out where we stand at this point.

5. Brochures for Driving Tour: Need to get this finished asap when the second six sign mock-ups are approved. Will hire Bob Spannring this fall at his discount offer for designing. Then need to get local bids on printing. Grant is for $5,000 and expires Sept 05. Still waiting for final prints/CD from Laurie via Sea Reach for the first six. Bob needs those to work with.

Please turn in raffle ticket monies (especially checks,) to Marleen asap. Photos of the quilt are available to all who are selling tickets. Penny will get a photo of the painting this weekend and make copies. The quilt is hanging at the Depot currently (since the Showcase) and will be on display for the Arts Festival and also on the float. Same for the painting. We made 50 prints of the Ralston painting and sold one so far ($10.00). Hopefully over the next two years we will sell them all.

6. A Day In The Life of the Yellowstone-200 years: Becky will contact Brian about getting a feature article in the Enterprise through Lynette Dodson. Photo taking day is July 25th. Posters and brochures have been put out some. Becky asked Doris if she had time to put up more around town.

7. Becky gave report on the RBC/State Commission meeting held in Livingston June 17th: some of the highlights are--No more conferences in future. RBC/ State Commission meetings will continue. July 13 the TODAY SHOW will be filming in Browning, the reenactment of Lewis' Encounter with the Blackfeet; O & P grants will continue but will be reduced to $1,000 per Commission and Tribal Agency; No more project grant funds; Need to send photos of completed projects/signs/etc. to Clint; Museum of Rockies in Bozeman has a "challenge course" on L & C, a must-see they said. Get Travel Montana the info on July 15, Becky will f/u on this; Corps II Information was given. U.S. P.O. Stamp introduced for the bicentennial. Some concern about what happened to the Legacy program $, funding the significant and signature events & Corps II, mostly. Curriculum guides are in all the schools; Rendevous of Western Art in Helena (Arnie Olson @ Mt. Hist. Soc.) January, art related to L & C; 3rd week of August Rendevous ????; White Cliffs float trip in Sept; Becky contacted "Clark on the Yellowstone" about being put on their calendar for July 15, 06. Full minutes will be posted on the state website soon.

8. Louann at the Chamber gave several website suggestions for marketing the statue/sculptures. Penny will f/u on these.

9. Penny faxed the registration for the Sustainability Fair that Becky filled out. July 10th. We get the spot by the rock. Penny will f/u with the City on our site for Summerfest and times and fees and will contact Kim Knutson at the Fairgrounds too.

10. Lined out the dates and time of when we need workers: many empty slots yet so feel free to offer your help. Best to have two people for bathroom breaks. First is this weekend for the Arts Festival: Friday 8 to 12- Penny & _______: 12 to 6-Sandra & _______; Sat 9 to 12 ______ & ______; 12 to 6- Becky & _______; Sun. 10 to 1- Becky & ________; 1 to 5- Dick & _______.

Next is the Sustainability Fair: July 10 Sat. 9 to 1- Marleen & _________; 1 to 6- Sandra & Becky .

Next is Summerfest, July 16, 17, 18th: Fri 1 to 6- Penny & Becky (if you want to, doesn't start till pm); Sat 9 to 1- Doris and Dick; Sat 1 to 6- Diana & _______; Sun 9 to 12 -Marleen & _________; Sun 12 to 5- Sandra & _________.

11. Museum of the Rockies cannot display one of our Bronzes for sale....they have a firm policy of not promoting other people's items.

12. A spouse of one of our Commission members was at coffee at a cafe and an individual from the Church where the showcase was held, complained to him in a scolding tone that "one of the performers scattered knapweed seeds" and that "one of their chairs was cut" during the conference. We do not feel this was appropriate to take anything out on someone who was not at all involved with the event. They need to complain to Clint or Rita or Gail B., not to a spouse out socially. Penny will f/u on this with this person. The entire committee conveys apologizes to our member's spouse for this happening.

Next meeting will be the decorating on Thurs. Next regular meeting will be July 12th.

Recorder, Penny Carpenter




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