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Great Bend of the Yellowstone Lewis & Clark Heritage Regional Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rural Fire Dept. Building, 5:30 p.m.
July 8, 2002

Called meeting to order at 5:32 P.M.

Minutes approved.

Present: Becky Douglass, Jackie R., Ken H, Doris W., Dick B., Charlie R., Bob E., Bob R., Jeanne M. S., Brian S., Laurie H., Lenny G., Big Timber.

Old Business:

  1. In-kind donations- fill out sheets each meeting and turn in to Jackie or Becky

  2. Financial report- Jackie left in office and will go retrieve

  3. Driving tour - Laurie Heupel -NPS - Sea Reach near Portland: signs at $8633, including 6 bases of 24" x 36" signs. She had the art work (a mock up) of Clark on the Yellowstone (which is portrayed in a painting in the bank in Livingston) . She brought pictures from National Geographic and also can shoot some of her own photos for graphics. Laurie's recommendation for signs was Sacajawea, Bozeman pass, and the most visited sites. A discussion was held on the picking of sites for signs. Originally 12 were planned but there is only money for 6 this year. A vote was taken to select the sites as follows for this year:
    1. Bozeman pass frontage road: south side
    2. Gravel Overlook along Frontage road (one sign)
    3. Water park
    4. Sacajawea park (two signs)
    5. Judson Park

    Laurie stated that the NPS uses the spelling of "Sacajawea" and that we are in compliance. The tour wars picked on choosing site considering turn-around safety and also a driving tour without large gaps in mileage. Laurie said we could put a small sign within the sign giving directions to the next sign for people that don't have a driving brochure. She will look into this. Laurie presented a sign to be given to the Depot Assoc. for Judson Park and will also give one to be installed at the Bozeman pass location. Big Timber requested a sample sign to look at and Laurie will get one for them. Laurie said that Dick is back from vacation now and knows about our situation. Jeanne will write a letter to him stating that we are changing the project for this year due to cost of signs. We will erect 6 signs this year and drop the brochure. We will reapply for more signs and the brochure monies for next year. Sweet Grass Co. is interested in doing a driving tour, too.

  4. 4th panel- Brian S., - Lynn's computer won't print mail, but she will get this rectified and will mail the proposal to Seattle tomorrow for an estimate. We have $1100.00 max. for the sign. Maybe it will be here for the July 15th dedication. There is a question about Cinnebar Engraving for the donors and Brian will contact Penny in Spokane about this. Becky will make a calendar of events as set by the Chamber of Commerce for the summer so that something fills the panel. Further design will be incorporated when the top 2/3rds of the panel is completed.

  5. Grant reporting: Jackie

  6. Final grant report: Jackie was unable to stay and report due to a conflicting meeting.

  7. We reviewed the grant report. Penny and Becky had met with Jackie to prepare this. Many in-kind donations were not reported. Penny had gone through all the commissionís meetings and had documented hours spent. Jackie reported that Amy Baird wanted more specifics such as listing each donation and expenses and who they were for, in-kind donations such as the clean-up, Park County Jail, etc. We should count mileage as 35.5 cents a mile. The driving tour was discussed for in-kind donations and it was estimated that it was a minimum of 50 miles round trip. The group tours took 3+ hours and the individual 2 hours. Corrections were discussed and were made to the report. Becky will send these into Amy and notify Jackie. It was emphasized to again fill out in-kind donation sheets at every meeting so that accounting will not be such a huge job at the end of a grant period.

  8. Regional L&C meeting at Glasgow: This was partially reported at last meeting and tabled. Becky reported the Commissionís meetings and asked for feedback on various items. We are encouraged to sell our region and the packaging with contacts. The sale of license plates is also encouraged and was explained. Any contacts for media are to be sent to Clint Blackwood or Becky. The budget was explained and we are compelled to get grant reporting in on time or be penalized. Corps II was again revisited from the last meeting. Becky sent a follow-up letter to Carol McBryant and Penny sent digital photos of the site selected. Livingston very much wants this event of Corps II and not the smaller footprint even though we realize we are in contention with Bozeman for the visit.

  9. Brochure holders and scrapbook- Doris was paid out of operational grant

  10. Dedication- Becky has arranged for cake and lemonade. Clint will be contacted to speak. Becky will give a welcome. It will be short and sweet in the sun (?) with refreshments. Monday, July 15th (the day Clark passed through) at 1:30 at the parking area on I-90 will be the dedication. Jeanne will do a press release.

New Business:

  1. Doris will do a program for the Christian Women's Club on "Pomp". She also promoted having Sarah Horvath paint a mural at the underpass in Livingston of L&C and their boat. Brian questioned the boat, as it wasn't used here. This was tabled until further meetings and Sarah was complemented on her abilities but suggested that any mural painting be open to competitive bidding. Doris would pay for her paints but she would like additional funding.

  2. Bob E., is concerned about the signs to promote the kiosk on I-90 from the DOT. There still is no mention of anything but a parking area. He had contacted DOT 1 Ĺ years ago and they said they would do this. Those people who committed are no longer there. Jackie is working on this.

  3. Next meeting is July 22nd at 5:30 P.M. See you at the dedication!!!

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Douglass: recorder




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